Yobeat’s Holiday Gift Ideas For Broke Ass Boarders

This time of year can be a challenge when you selfishly spent all your money on your own passions, so what’s a broke boarder to do? Never fear! We’ve come up with a list of stuff you can get for under $50 that will make you look like you care about your loved ones this holiday season. And as a bonus, all the brands are for snowboarders by snowboarders, so you can feel good about your purchases.


The Hobo Cat Cap.

MSRP $30

I want this, so I assume other people would enjoy receiving it as a gift as well.

Buy it.  


Stinky Hunter Socks

MSRP $14.95

These socks are fly-fishing inspired and way cheaper than actual fishing equiptment. Give te gift of happy feet.

Buy it


Arcade Cortez Belt

MSRP: $26

Comfortable and functional, what can we say, Arcade Belts rule.

Buy it.


Crab Grab Mini Seaweed Traction

MSRP $10.50

Looks like real Seaweed!

Buy it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.03.55 PM

Dang Shades OG Shades

MSRP $25

Also available in a six pack, in case you’re all about that one stop shopping. Everyone needs eye protection.

Buy it.


Nolan Apparel Hood

MSRP $40

Nolan Apparel is straight outta Tahoe, and may be responsible for the track pants trend, but we don’t hold that against them.

Buy it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.07.05 PM

Side Surfers

MSRP $14.99

Give the gift of extra eye protection. Everyone needs their eyes.

Buy it.


Yobeat Lighter


You know we had to throw one plug for ourselves in there, and we know you can scrounge up 3 bucks. Shit maybe you could even afford a coozie too.

Buy it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.16.17 PM

Howl iPhone Gloves

MSRP $20

Give the gift of constant connectivity.

Buy it.


The Coal Taylor Beanie

MSRP $40

My personal favorite although Coal has hats for just about every style there is. Give the gift of a warm head.

Buy it.


Airblaster Terryclava

MSRP $23.99

Hoods may be all the rage these days, but the classic Airblaster Terryclava will not do you wrong.

Buy it.


Mizu Camp Cup

MSRP $15.95

Mizu makes about 1000 different water bottles, so rather than trying to choose one, we’re featuring this neat camp cup. Remember, summer is just around the corner and drinking out of a cup is so much classier than drinking straight from the bottle, so give the gift of class.

Buy it.


Poler x Chocolate Anderson Skate Deck

MSRP $50

For the wannabe skateboarder in your life.

Buy it.


The Arkives – V.01 

MSRP: $25

A book!? Don’t worry, we’d never encourage you to read, and this one is mostly pictures anyway.

Buy it

Durell Williams Remix

Much like “Ignition (Remix)” by R. Kelly, Durell Williams’ welcome to Howl remix comes harder than the original.

Footage from Mayday, DAE & Video Mixtape.

Joe Sexton on HOWL

HOWL is really excited to welcome Joe Sexton to the family. Howl is also working on a collab glove with House Of 1817 which will be Joe’s pro model glove for fall 13. Rad.

Welcome to HOWL