How Did You Get Sponsored?

Your favorite pros share the secrets of success

How to Make a Season Edit (Awesome)

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We lay down the secrets of making a mildly entertaining Internet snowboarding video

Sponsor Me Battle: Corey Schara vs Josh Nelson

This week we have a battle entirely from the frozen tundra of America (AKA the Midwest.) Corey Schara hails from the land of cheese, while Josh Nelson resides in America's high five. Icy conditions and sub-arctic temperatures didn't keep these…

Get Ready for the Season Part III – Get Those Sponsors

Even though you’ve survived the past few seasons without sponsors, but in this economy, it’s time to start locking down those boxes of free product. Right now is the perfect time to hit up companies, as most TM’s are just sitting around…

Yobeat's Secrets for Going Pro

Finally the Olympic shit show has ended and we can refocus on the important stuff–being cool, getting a sponsor-me-tape squared away and keeping current with snowboarding's ever changing scene. Luckily for you a top secret Yobeat document…

How to Keep the Dream Alive

This is from the 90s. I was sure I would "make it" and be as cool as JP was soon! If you are reading this site, there’s a good chance you do now, or at one point, wanted to be a pro snowboarder. I know I did. All the glamor, travel,…

Etnies Will Sponsor Anyone!

We just got this press release with the headline "ETNIES PUTS THOUSANDS OF HOMELESS ON FLOW." Now, we are not sure how homeless people filmed and edited sponsor me videos to score free shoes with their limited means, but apparently they did!…