Hump Day Hits the Road with Tucker Andrews

Hello ladies, would you like to come back to the Wildernest? Photo: Zimmerman

Tucker Andrews is a confusing guy. Not in the sense that he speaks nonsense all the time or that he wanders into random trailers in the middle of the night. He is confusing because you will meet him, shake his hand and he will look you square in the eye. All the while, you will swear you just met some awesome 35-year-old guy who has done everything under the sun. The reality of the situation is that Tucker is only 20 years young. His wisdom is far beyond his years. He can drink you under the table, get up the next day and blow your mind away on the hill and he will have you laughing the whole time. “TJ Shcroder” as we like to call him, is a one of a kind human being. He arguably has the best turn in snowboarding and the best outlook on the hick-ass snowboard bum lifestyle in the industry. Read up and get learned on Grandpa Tuck in this week’s humpday. –Patrick “P Magic” Harrington and Sean Black

S: What’s happening’ my man!? What are you up to right now?

T: Well, I’m driving up to Crater Lake with Blake Paul right now and we’re about 40 minutes outside of Bend. We’re doin’ this interview on the road man.

S: Well that makes sense because you’re a man of the road. Lets get this started I’m gonna get ‘er rolling with the question that everyone wants to know the answer to but everyone is too afraid to ask….What’s up with the chin pubes?

T: Ah…the chin pubes. I don’t think everyone wants to know about those, it’s probably just you. I had a feeling you were gonna bring those up.

S: Well how long are they these days?

T: They’re like the average chin pube size…you know…about a solid inch. I don’t know. I just grow em out cuz I can and I don’t really know what they’re all about…but they don’t really need to have a purpose. I just have em on my face just cuz I do. Hahaha.

S: But you didn’t have those chin pubes when we first met. You were a young little guy back then; not quite the man beast that you’ve turned into.

T: Definitely. I know I’ve changed and that comes with the traveling…comes with the goin’ to new places and pickin’ up new things…meeting’ new people.

Wilderness tweakage. Photo: Aaron Blatt

Blake Paul (from the background) : Pickin’ up a bunch of babes to (indecipherable chatter)

S: What was that? Pickin’ up a bunch of babes and bongs?

T : That was Blake Paul. He said picking up babes to bone I guess.

S: Have you been banging lots of babes on your travels?

T: Not really man. No. It’s kinda hard to pick up babes to bone when you’re broke and you live in your truck. Girls don’t exactly get sopping wet when you ask ’em to come back to meet Betsy and stay in the Wildernest.

S: Wait, who is Betsy and what is the Wildernest?

T: Betsy was my first truck and the Wildernest was awesome. It’s like a little vacation home right on the back of your truck. You just park anywhere and pop that bitch up. It’s a canvas tent that goes up in a heart beat and you can just live in it. It wasn’t that good for the wintertime though. I got the Wildernest with intention of living in it all of last winter but I didn’t end up using it that much. Those things are super old and it had a bunch of holes in the canvas. It was just too cold. I slept in it a couple of times in Seattle, but I tried it up on Snoqualmie pass and I woke up with puddles all over me and all over my stuff. Everything was just soaked.

Not soaking wet at Snoqualmie. Photo: Zimmerman

Interview by Sean Black

S: So last year with the Wildernest, that was your first year of being homeless…

T: Yes. That was my first official year.

S: And now you’re on your second year of being homeless?

T: Yes. Yes. Bein’ on the road and it’s goin’ good.

S: Waking up soaking wet on the top of Snoqualmie pass sounds like a con of being homeless. Tell me about some of the pros.

T: Well, the pros would be the freedom value. Man, you just get to do whatever you want. You know, you just get to make last minute decisions and just go…you just go with it. You get to do fun things all the time. You get to go wherever you want and if stuff is good in one spot, you just stay there and roll with it.

Why avoid rocks when you can tap them? Photo: Zimmerman

S: Where have your travels taken you to this year?

T: This year I was in Mt. Baker for about a month for the Banked Slalom and then….actually I went to a bunch of places this year. I went to Montana and snowboarded there for the first time at Whitefish and Big Sky. I went to Jackson Hole for the first time. That place is pretty frickin’ sweet and we caught some pretty awesome powder while we were there. We went to Tahoe and hung out in South Lake after that….a bunch a new places I’d never been to before.

S: What happened to you guys in Jackson Hole? I heard the Pow and Chow crew was beefin’ with T-Rice.

T: Oh, the Pow and Chow / Art of Flight Jackson Hole Beef!? There’s no beef man, that beef got squashed. Pow and Chow slapped a sticker on the Art of Flight trailer. It was all in good fun. We didn’t think they would mind. There’s a mural of Craig Kelly on the back of the trailer and since the Pow and Chow sticker is a speech bubble saying “Pow and Chow” we thought it would be funny if Craig was spreadin’ the good word of pow and chow. I think they got a little heated but we didn’t mean anything bad by it. It’s just funny because apparently someone though that Pow and Chow was a crew, but it’s really just Tim Eddy and his GoPro and those guys are all strapped into helicopters filming with Red cameras and million dollar budgets.

S: After you went to Jackson Hole, you headed over to Mt. Baker for the Banked Slalom. You told me you beat Bode Merrill. Is that true?

T: I think I did beat…I think I beat ’em. But…that’s like all I beat him at….ever. So, that’s like the one thing I got.

S: What other pros did you beat at the Banked Slalom?

T: Uhhh…I don’t know really. I seriously don’t know. I know that I beat Blake Paul. I beat Blake Paul’s ass this year. Besides Blake, I can’t remember.

S: Well I’ve got the list right here in front of me and it says that you beat Mikkel Bang, Danny Davis, Sammy Lubke, Bryan Fox, Ben Lynch, Curtis Cizek, Scotty Wittlake, and Zach Leach, who is your team manager. I mean, hell…you beat Zach Leach by 17 seconds.

T: Yeah I mean…I fell like you’ve gotta’ be beatin’ your team manager at least. You know….hahaha. If you’re not beatin’ your team manager. It’s probably a different story for those dudes who are on Nitro, because Knut (Nitro TM) is fast as shit. But in my case, I feel like it’s a good thing if you can beat your team manager. Hahaha.

Shredding the white wave. Photo: Manning Shredtography

S: Haha. With all of this traveling and soul shredding, where do you stand with filming a video part?

T: I’ve just been trying to do it all man. I’ve been lucky enough to link up and get involved with the guys that played a huge part in Aaron Robinson’s “Manifest.” This year we’ve been busting the camera out as much as we could. I’ve been filming for “Of Life and Love” with Blake Paul and Yoder and everyone else who made the “Manifest” movie. It’s going to be another movie based on one of Aaron’s ideas. It’s gonna be another boardin’ flick about rollin’ around, riding mountains, and doin’ snowboarding for all the right reasons.

S: Well that’s why I respect you man. You’re broke as shit and you’re stinky, but you still manage to keep the dream alive, make ends meet, and have a great time.

T: Haha. Thanks man. I don’t know. There are tons of ways to go about making a living from snowboarding but I like this way. This way is fun man. You still get to do a lot of snowboarding for yourself but when the camera comes out you’re still just doin’ the same thing.

Handstands are awesome. Photo: Blatt

S: Well hell yeah man. It’s good to see you doing well and doing so while veering away from the beaten path. Any last words?

T: Well I have to say thanks to tons and tons of people. I want to thank anyone who has let me stay on their couch…anyone in Salt Lake, anyone in Jackson Hole. Thanks to Lib Tech, Airblaster, and Poler. And finally, I want to thank my parents because my parents are badass.

S: That’s great and all, but if it wasn’t the end of the interview but the end of your life. What would you really say?

T: If I had one minute to live, my parting words would be…um…damn that’s scary to think about. I would say, just rock and roll man all the fuckin’ way. And keep the dream alive, all you bastards out there. Get barreled and fuckin’ ride powder!

Photo: Zimmerman