POW Gloves, Holden Outerwear and Spacecraft Collective Sold to Separate Buyers

According to an article on Business Wire, Columbia Pacific Advisors has offloaded Spacecraft, Pow and Holden to three separate buyers.

POW Gloves was sold to Rojo Australia, a snow apparel company based in Torquay, Australia, with strong international links in the snow market globally. Rojo has retained the executive team and is working on a business-as-usual approach for all markets. POW Gloves, a leader in cold weather gloves, was fostered out of the love of snow and outdoor activities and the need for no-nonsense hand wear that is built to last.


Holden Outerwear was sold to private investors. Holden Outerwear was founded by professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel with a mission to create apparel built on values of quality, style, fit and environmental awareness. Both LeBlanc and Zergebel will continue with the brand under the new ownership.


Spacecraft Collective was sold to Omen Longboards, a skateboard company based in Lynnwood, Wash. Spacecraft Collective makes headwear, apparel and accessories, merging art with outdoor activities.

Full Article here.

Site Check: Holden Outerwear 15/16

It’s not summer anymore, but there’s no snow to be found. That means the only thing to do is check brand websites every day waiting for the new collection to drop. To make things a bit more interesting we’re going to be reviewing sites as they come out and ranking them so that by the time season gets here we will be able to crown a best and worst brand website of 2015/2016.











Holden. They moved to LA, had a bad time, and moved to Seattle. If they do what all my friends who move to Seattle do then next season they’ll be telling us all what huge Sounders fans they are and how they always have been. But what are they telling us this year?


Timeless? Credit where credit is due, Holden’s stuff does manage to not look dated quite as quickly as some other styles, But shouldn’t something have to be more impressive up front before we call it timeless? I’m not saying the stuff is bad, but I can’t think of any way to describe most of this year’s collection other than “normal clothes”.


Really, good on Holden for this one. They’re using bio-degradable packaging this year, their lamination process is solvent free, and taking PFOA out of their durable water repellent really is awesome.  But being eco-friendlier isn’t the same thing as being eco-friendly. Like that hottie at the bar is friendlier after you buy them a few drinks, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get friendly.


Is this an argument against change? Is Holden really taking a position against change despite being a part of a progression-obsessed industry and operating with a business model that counts on people buying a new jacket every year whether they need it or not? That’s a bold move, let’s see if it pays off.


But this is the real money right here. Corey Smith started Spring Break with a jig saw and some plywood, and now he’s got people paying $700 for a board and $600 for a onesie. If that isn’t some kind of snowboarding American dream, I don’t know what is.

So how’s the website? It’s fairly easy to navigate, looks pretty sharp, and unlike a lot of the competition all of the product information is up and appears to be accurate. They get bonus points for the Spring Break collab and for moving to more environmentally responsible manufacturing and shipping. But points off for friend-zoning the planet and taking a stand against change. Using my mostly arbitrary grading rubric I’m going to say that Holden gets a 62 out of 100. Which puts them at the top of the leaderboard, mostly because they’re all that’s on the leaderboard.

Rank Brand Score
1. Holden 62

Holden Stussy Collection Seattle Launch

Herschel Supply Co Teams with Holden

Bags. They come in all shapes, sizes, color-ways and materials. Some of us carry black plastic bags to try to look hip or because we are poor. Others carry fancy bags made of dead baby animals that cost “Daddy” lots of dough. But, one thing is for certain. We all need bags because we must carry our stuff and honestly, you might as well do so in a comfortable and fashionable way. Herschel Supply Co helps make that happen, and now that Holden has jumped onto the Herschel wagon, we’re even bigger fans of the brand. Here’s a word from them…

Herschel Supply Co Announces The Winter Collection

“Waking up before the sun, warming up the car, scraping frost off the windows, and picking up friends. The Herschel Supply Co Winter Club Collection embodies the spirit of people living a winter lifestyle and stays true to our timeless design. This series of technical product offers practical and functional bags with a classic look and fine regard for detail. The Winter Club Collection features two backcountry bags, a fully drainable multipurpose gear bag and the Holden For Herschel Supply range designed to pack, hold and organize everything needed for the journey ahead.”

This is the Holden/Herschel collaboration line. It looks good. It works better. It’s on my Christmas list.

Simple, black and fully functional. From 35,000 feet to back of the classroom you can’t really go wrong here.

There’s even something loud for all of you dudes rocking the loud and proud color-tones out there.

And finally, some desert camo to stand out in the frigid hills and fog coated forests of any mountain resort.

Always remember to pack like a badass.

With a Herschel bag, people will be jealous of your style and that might stroke more than your ego.

Check out the full Herschel line and what the brand has been up to at now.

Holden is Moving to LA

So stop calling them hipsters, huh? They’re highly sophisticated fashionistas now.

Holden Outerwear announces the company’s relocation to Los Angeles, CA —Scheduled to open in early July 2012, the move represents a significant commitment to the brand’s long-term strategy of extending Holden from Summit to Sea with a four-season offering.

Known in the industry as a market leader for apparel with progressive aesthetics, timeless quality and eco-friendlier options, Holden’s four-season offerings will debut in Spring 2014.

Holden was conceived with a singular goal: To make the most functional and fashionable apparel possible, allowing consumers to be healthy and happy in their pursuit of a life well led. CEO Ben Pruess said, “Holden represents a set of products, values and ideas not fixed by a location. We are a reflection of the global community that inspires us. This move is part of our quest to extend our product offering, allowing more people to enjoy what we make.”

Rooted in mountain culture, Holden’s commitment to snow sports and its Northwest heritage will remain intact and continue to be an intrinsic part of the Holden ethos. Winter products will still be conceived, tested, and designed in the conditions they are built for by Holden’s talented group of team riders, including Scotty Wittlake and Darrell Mathes, and its passionate employees, including co-founders Scott Zergebel (creative director) and Mikey LeBlanc (marketing director). “Having spent the past ten years in Portland making the best snow products, this move is an exciting way to extend the Holden experience outside of our focus on the winter lifestyle and into year-round goods. LA is going to be about new energy, new products and new friendships.” says Holden co-founder Mikey LeBlanc.

Holden’s new address will be:
1300 Factory Place, Suite 305
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Holden X Pow

Everyone knows there’s nothing more hip than pretending to care about things besides yourself. Holden has joined forces with Protect our Winters (not to be mistaken with Pow gloves) to “spread environmental activism.” Get concerned, dude. Buy a Tshirt!

Portland, OR/USA – February 16th, 2012 – Holden is proud to announce our new tee shirt collaboration with Protect Our Winters (POW) to be released August 2012. Holden artist John Phemister, aka Goo, has designed a unique collection of tee shirts featuring abstract watercolor art titled “The Four Elements”. All proceeds from this collection will go towards POW’s recently launched Coal Kills Snow coalition. The project is dedicated to shutting down coal mines and spreading education about environmental destruction from mining practices and coal burning. Coal is the number one contributor to global climate change. To stop this, Holden and POW have come together to ensure there is snow to play in for our future generations to come. Holden X Pow tee shirts will be available at and selected shops.

“Holden is exactly the kind of partner that we love to work with. They understand that business can lead the environmental solution and we’re really excited to focus the proceeds of this partnership on an environmental issue in their backyard, that should be top of mind for all of us”, said Chris Steinkamp, Executive Director of POW.

“Holden continues to seek out ways to improve our process. Working with POW gives us a whole new way to help. While we are doing what we can to make our products better, we can also take action to raise awareness and help stop others who are not making the best choices for the earth with the help of POW”, said Holden CEO, Ben Pruess. “Chris (Steinkamp) and Jeremy (Jones, Founder of POW) have really shown such a passion and made an impact in fight for change. We wanted to support them in the ongoing efforts. At the end this is the
only play round we have and we would like to pass it on.”

Holden Teams Up With Tanner Goods to Make SX-70 Polaroid Camera Case

Portland, OR/USA (February 6, 2012) Holden is proud to announce our collaboration with Tanner Goods to produce camera cases to be included in Holden X Impossible camera kits. Made with vegetable tanned English bridle leather selected locally from American sources, the hand stitched camera case will age beautifully with character gaining color and distinguished marks over use. Designed to hold the SX-70 Polaroid camera, the genuine leather camera case features an additional pocket sleeve to store an Impossible X Holden Polaroid film pack, all while offering users a stylish way to carry and protect their Polaroid kit. A leather flap with a brass knob closure encloses both the camera and film pack to keep everything safe and sound.

The camera case will be released Fall 2012 and available only with the Holden X Impossible SX-70 camera kit. A limited run will be made and will be sold on, at exclusive boutiques and at Holden X Impossible art shows worldwide.

“Working alongside Holden on the SX-70 leather case is, in essence, everything we love about a collaboration. Aside from all of us being fans of the Polaroid medium, the camera itself is one of those iconic designs that is one of our all-time favorites. It’s a great opportunity to craft something equally as beautiful to be paired with the SX-70. And while Holden and Tanner Goods create products for different markets, we both share a few important ideals: durability, utility and craftsmanship,” said Sam Huff, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Tanner Goods.

“Sam Huff and his talented team of craftsman at Tanner Goods, are the type of brand that inspires us. Not only are they locally based and making an impact in our community but they are great people too”, said Ben Pruess, CEO of Holden. “The idea of timeless quality is exemplified not only in the beautiful camera case we made together but in all their product. Working with and supporting local artist is a real joy for Holden, we design our products to try and capture that hand made and loving feel that brand like Tanner products have. The results of craftsmanship are not only seen but felt in both our brands.”

About Tanner Goods
Our small team of craftsmen produce every piece by hand in our studios here in the Northwest. We utilize the same tools that have been put to work for decades manufacturing heritage leather goods, and in many cases have sought out antique equipment that produce the best results. All of our sewing is done by a heritage saddle maker who started as an apprentice in the industry in 1964. For the past 45+ years he has been honing his craft, and has been generous enough to pass along his knowledge and skill to the rest of our team.

More information on Tanner Goods can be found at

About Impossible
Impossible has been developing and manufacturing brand new instant film for Vintage Polaroid cameras at the former Polaroid production plant in Enschede, The Netherlands since 2008. In order to carry instant film production into the 21st century, Impossible had to find new solutions for replacing and upgrading problematic or unavailable components of the original Polaroid film formula.

Impossible films push analog instant photography beyond all traditional limits and offer a broad range of new possibilities, characteristics and results. Impossible prevents millions of perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete, changes the world of photography and keeps variety, tangibility and analog creativity and possibilities alive.

More information on Impossible can be found at

About Holden
Holden outerwear, is the modern, independent outerwear brand. Timeless quality, market-leading style, innovative ideas, eco-friendlier options and an openness to be yourself– are the principles that set us apart.

Based in Portland, OR and Founded by renowned professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel, Holden grew out of a desire to bring street fashion to the mountain. Holden fills the void in the market for progressive aesthetics and companies with a conscience.

2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of Holden widely recognized leader in style trends, fabric and technical innovations, and environmentally committed outerwear. From inception, Holden has sought a singular goal: creating products that make people happier and healthier in the pursuit of a life well led.

Thank you for being you.

[email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected]

SIA 2012: Day 1

Sandwiched inconveniently in the middle of the season, SIA is happening, again. Wait, did that sound bitter? Cause I didn’t mean it that way at all. In fact, the Yobeat crew is super stoked to be back in Denver for another round of shmooze, booze and product peeks. Day one is a wrap and here’s what we learned: People are still starting new companies. PR people still think the brands they work for are revolutionizing the sport. And it’s always good to see old friends. Since I’ve already written this story a few times, I’ll just spare you much reading and let the pictures tell the rest of the details.

Brad Steward and Terry Kidwell’s combined ages top 100. And if you’re under 20, you probably don’t know who either of them are. Weird.

Windsurfing is just one of the new sports CAPiTA is taking up for 2012/13. The other, single-blading seems slightly more dangerous, so we don’t want to post a picture of it in case you try it, get hurt, and then want someone to blame.

Touch-tech is hot for 2012. This DAKINE glove will enable you to Instagram while boarding and if that’s not a selling feature, we don’t know what is.

Mikey Leblanc is trying out a new brand of professionalism this year, which is a bummer, because working in the new insulated slippers is comfortable, but not professional.

You can take Holden out of Portland, but you’ll never get the Portland out of Holden. Heart Coffee was french pressed on the spot, and Solstice Supply’s Justin Clapick was happy to indulge.

Mikey and highlights of the 2012 Holden line, most of which he described as “not ugly.”

Scotty “The Body” Connerly has a new gig with I.N.I. Cooperative,which uses materials such as hemp and has Bob Marley licensing, but isn’t about smoking weed, rather sustainability. Jah man.

Nike. Still making snowboard boots.

Boas on helmets? Yep, genius. In case you were wondering, the one-size-fits all kids Pro-Tec helmet fit me best anyway.

The big news over at Vans, socks are back for 2012! Yay, socks!

Ashbury’s got a whole damn wall of goggles now.

FUNhat co-founder and current Yobeat Brand Partnership manager Justin Parkhurst described the Coal booth as “heaven.”

Draplin’s got a Michigan Yo-Merica sticker. Do you?

The models Salomon/Bonfire hired to hang out were kinda dull.

Seattle heavy-weights Sean Tedore and Peter Line.

Did ya hear Travis Rice is on Union now? Luckily they make a binding to match every outfit he has!

Not gonna lie, the highlight of my day was getting free Chuckbuddies. You know you’re jealous.

And now for you gear nerds,  here are lots more pictures of the stuff we checked out today.

[nggallery id=152]

Holden Attempts the Impossible

Holden Outerwear is proud to announce our partnership with analog instant photography savior, The Impossible Project. To celebrate 10 years of creative and cutting edge outerwear, Holden is teaming up with Impossible to create a photography collaboration that will serve as our creative backbone and the visual language for the Fall/Winter ‘12 season’s marketing platform. Holden is proud to support Impossible on their mission to bring analog instant photography back to life by offering limited edition Holden X Impossible camera kits, which will include a Holden customized and refurbished vintage SX-70 Polaroid camera, Holden X Tanner Goods leather camera case, and custom Holden X Impossible co-produced instant film and filter presented in a custom wooden box.

To activate this collaboration, Holden chose 10 well known photographers to use Impossible film to shoot and capture their vision of our independent lifestyle through instant photography. The photos will be traveling in a multinational exhibition throughout galleries worldwide and at the most prestigious art show in the Americas, Art Basel Miami Beach. Choice photos will be used to create a limited edition Holden X Impossible tee shirt collection. Additionally, there will be a consumer instant photography competition, hosted by Impossible, where one winner will have their work featured in the exhibition (details on the competition to come.)

The Holden X Impossible camera kits and shirts will be available at, selected boutiques worldwide, and Holden X Impossible exhibitions next Fall.

Ben Puess, CEO of Holden said, “If you have ever seen a holden ad or website, then you know our love of analog photography goes back to our inception. As big fans of the medium, we could not be more proud to be working with The Impossible Project to help continue to further promote and support an art form we cherish. The Impossible team are the champions of a lost art and we are happy to showcase the immense warmth and creativity in their film. Our community, our shooters together with our friends at Vice, will work through out the season to capture a vision of the Holden “life well led” means. The best thing is that not only will we end up with some great images and gallery shows but we will be able to actively encourage others to find the timeless-in-an instant moments that make life so fun by offering the film and camera.”

Holden Gets Sporty

Holden is proud to announce its first ever sportswear collection for men and women. Slated for Fall 2012 delivery, the collection is inspired by and built upon the brand’s technical know-how and its heritage as a Northwest-based winter outerwear brand. Including street jackets with technical attributes, sweaters, layering, a men’s water repellent denim line, and more, Holden Sportswear provides a whole new way for our consumers to experience Holden off the hill. This collection shares the brand’s core values–creativity, individuality, timeless-design, and eco-friendlier choices–and it’s designed to merchandise with our winter range seamlessly.

To celebrate Holden’s transition into a multi-season brand, we have partnered with two icons of streetwear: Stussy and fine luggage maker Herschel. The result is a selection of premium collab items (including our “Stussy by Holden” collection) that delivers everything you need from the mountaintops to the city streets.

“Holden’s roots are in snowboarding, but the truth is, most of our snowboard-specific pieces are already great crossover items,” says Nikki Brush, Holden design and development manager. “We see folks everyday rocking Holden jackets on the mountain and then taking them to the street. That’s why our sportswear collection is a natural evolution. We’ve remained true to the Holden aesthetic, but we are also dedicated to giving our consumers a level of performance that you just won’t find on most day-to-day sportswear.”

Holden’s philosophy is about embracing and supporting a considered life. We strive to make the best products we can to help you feel happy and healthy in your own pursuit of the activities you love.

The Holden Sportswear collection will be shown at Agenda in Long Beach, CA on Jan 5th – 6th, ISPO in Munich, Germany on Jan 29th – Feb 1st, and SIA in Denver, CO on Jan 26th – Jan 29th.

New Holden CEO is “Kind of a Big Deal”

When you’re friends with Party Time Nate (official Holden mascot) you totally get the scoop on this stuff before everyone else, over and over. So we knew about this before the press release, but we had to keep it a secret. It was really hard for us, because like Mikey, Scott and everyone else quoted in the press release, we’re SO EXCITED.

Holden, maker of premium snow and sportswear, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Pruess as the company’s first CEO. Effective immediately Ben will oversee Holden’s direction and strategic development as well as daily management of the organization.

“We are all very happy to have Ben join us as a leader and a team member of Holden,” says company founder Mikey LeBlanc. “We’ve been successful at building beautiful and enduring products, but as we grow we need to improve on communicating the brand message and values. Ben will be instrumental in addressing this issue as well as tackling a wide variety of brand initiatives in the coming years.”

Ben brings over 20 years of professional experience in the sport and street wear business to Holden. Ben’s track record is one of positive results, from hard goods to soft goods, across action sport and fashion channels his skill set and leadership has produced some of the markets most impactful product and marketing successes.

For Scott Zergebel, also a Holden founder and its Director of Design, “Bringing Ben to Holden shows our commitment to turning a great brand into a great business. Ben’s experience and thoughtful perspective are a natural fit with Holden’s DNA. We are proud to have him on the team — it is a very exciting step forward for us.”

Most recently, Ben was Global VP of Adidas Originals where he helped oversee that division’s impressive growth to become a key revenue driver for the Adidas group. “I am truly excited to join Holden: it is a move that reflects the culmination of my personal and professional goals.” says Ben Pruess.

Ben joins Scott and Mikey at Holden’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon, USA. “I look forward to working with my new partners to build upon the foundation that Holden has laid to build a better brand and business. We are all committed to making the best products for the lifestyle we love. The work the team has done in establishing Holden as a leader in the outerwear market is a credit to Mikey and Scott’s vision. I am enthusiastic about the steps we will take to help Holden reach the next level.”

A Tribute to Andy Wright’s Illustrious Career

The fine folks at Holden have embarked on a project to tell the story of the illustrious career of Andy Wright. As a photographer who’s been taking pictures of this shit since longer than you’ve been doing this shit, Andy probably has some stories to tell. If not, at least this teaser was pretty funny.

Check out Andy Wright’s work in the pages of various snowboard publications or at

SIA 2011 Day 3: A Marketing Analysis

At this point we’ve seen enough boards, boots, bindings, outerwear and accessories that it feels like it’s already 2012. The boards have things like ollie bars, scoop bases and kick jammers (we made those last two up). Outerwear is more more tech (or in some cases less tech) and will hopefully keep you warm and dry on hill. You can get a goggle to match absolutely any outfit, and a helmet too. Bindings are more adjustable than ever, and boots are the lightest they’ve ever been. And collaborations are still hot. But what did we really learn at SIA? We learned what will sell this year. See the above pie chart for the highly scientific break down.

Now check the gallery for photos of new gear from Bern, Banshee Bungee, Holden, Salomon, K2, L1, Nike Snowboarding, Nitro, Ride, Rome and Technine.

[nggallery id=115]

Save Some $$$ with Yobeat

It’s Black Friday. All over the country (and probably world) townspeople are spending dough, looking for deals and beating their brethren in the face with everything from handbags to this year’s Tickle-me-Elmo for a shot at big savings. I personally think these people are an example of everything wrong with society, and I refuse to allow you good, hardworking people to be bent over by the long held secret of Black Friday. So, don’t stress, grab your debt/credit card and snag the same savings those morons got up at 4AM for.

Deal #1:

Just in case you’ve missed it, the top right corner of the homepage now has an amazing deal for ya’. Some place I”ve never heard of called Solstice Supply but Brooke and our AD team know about is giving away 15% off of anything if you use the promo code: Yobeat. It sorta makes me wet my pants–check it out.

Deal #2:

That photo is a little huge right? That’s because you need to pay attention right now. Everyone knows that you can’t go pro, can’t have fun and can’t even go snowboarding these days without a camera. More importantly, you better have a camera that you can get all kind of “artsy” with, you know, for cool points. Well, it’s your lucky day, the camera many pro shooters swear by for behind the scene action is now being sold at an unreal price. This fucker shoots HD video, great photos, and has every manual control you would want. Check the Panasonic GF1 out at BHphoto now, it’s on SALE for $600!

Deal #3:

You’re not cool these days unless your store has an online store, luckily Tactics Boardshop has had one forever. They’ve got all the goods you want, plenty that you don’t and this weekend they’ve got you covered with some great deals and an amazing clearance section. Get to the SALE now to get ready for the winter with 686, Holden, K2, Dragon, Ashbury, Capita and all of that other shit you love.

Deal #4:

If you haven’t been to Exit Real World in a while you’re blowing it. Don’t be a sucker any longer, these guys have all sorts of amazing shit, like:

Airblaster Sumo Suit, once upon a time this bad boy ran for $80, Exit now has it for $49. Warm up the right way, grab this thing today HERE.

Holden Standard Snowboard Pant, once $150 and now only $75! Everyone knows that wearing Holden gets you lift line blowjobs and offers from Team Managers to join their global pro team–seriously that shit happens all the time. Anyway, pick them up HERE.

Deal #5:

Exit, Tactics and Solstice all have enough deals to put your Dad into the red, but there’s always more to be found on the internet. Here are some links to even more savings:

Urban Outfitters: They’ve got some real deals going on and we know you shop there, don’t act like you don’t.

Best Buy: Yep, electronics matter in your life. From the TV that gets you laid to the editing software that gets  you no where, Best Buy is having a great sale and if you need stuff with wires in it, it’s the place to be.

Amazon: Books are cool, DVDs are cool, everything you want to buy is probably cool to at least you, find it all on this stupid site. Why would I push it? They’re huge, like too huge, and that means this weekend they can afford to have a huge sale. Get your brain working again, go buy some books.

Hump Day Halloween Spectacular

Party Time Nate as “The Hoff”

Halloween is this Sunday. Do you have your costume picked out yet? If you’re like me, probably not, and on Saturday you’ll schlep on over to Goodwill and end up with whatever ridiculous getup is leftover. But this year, why not plan ahead a little bit (seriously at this point it’s only a couple days) and figure out what to be right now! To help, Party Time Nate donned several costumes made almost entirely out of snowboard gear you may very well already have, or at least if you have to buy, you’ll be able to use again before next Halloween. So this weekend, don’t settle for the same half-assed costume, break out your gear and get creative.

Costume Idea 1: Canadian

To complete the Canadian look, you’ll simply need to don all denim (a Canadian tuxedo, of course) and a Canadian flag. Put a tooque on your head, and you’re good to go. In this look, Nate is wearing the 686/Levis 3-Ply Jacket with Holden Stella Denim pants, and a handmade YoBeat beanie. We made the flag with colored pencils and a piece of white cardboard. If you really want to make this look official, we suggest drinking Kokanee rather than Hamms.

Costume Idea 2: Jed Anderson

Yeah sure, you could go as an unnamed “snowboarder,” but isn’t more fun to go as a specific snowboarder, such as Jed Anderson? Chances are, you already have this look dialed as Jed is easily the most imitated rider this season, but if not, here’s what you’ll need. A helmet (doesn’t matter what brand cause Jed doesn’t have a helmet sponsor, but Nate is wearing a Bern Berkeley) a hoodie so you can put your hood over your helmet, Ashbury Goggles, Nike Boots, and some nice tight pants. Please note, Nate is still wearing the same Holden women’s pants, but if you want to make it official, you’ll really need The Sissy Pant from Airblaster. And yes, dressing as Jed Anderson also counts as dressing as a Canadian.

Costume Idea 3: Scuba Diver

Put your base layer to use for this extremely comfortable costume. All that really matters is it’s tight and black, but to create this look Nate donned some women’s underwear. He’s got the DAKINE Realm 1/4 zip and Realm pant. His hood is actually the Coal U.H.B. and then a regular old mask and snorkel complete the look. Simple.

Costume Idea #4: Lumber Jack

You know you wanted a plaid jacket for this season, and here’s the perfect excuse to get one. Pair it with some jeans and a nice warm beanie, make an axe (they probably won’t let you in anywhere with a real one) and boom, you’re ready for action. Of course, Nate is wearing the Holden Women’s Matador Jacket so if you want to be a real lumberjack, something more manly might in order. The Spacecraft Watchman beanie completes the look.

Costume Idea #5: Rocker Dude

What better way to be metal this Halloween than with a YoBeat Bathory T? Nate’s headband is actually the belt from that Holden Matador jacket, and he’s still got on women’s pants, but any tight jeans will do.

Halloween Costume Idea #6: Mummy

The Airblaster Tereclava may very well be the most useful item you could get for Halloween. Here it is paired with a basic bathrobe and just like that, Nate is a super scary mummy.

Halloween Costume Idea #7: Sheep

See what we mean about the Tereclava? Add some ears and Nate is a sheep!

Costume Idea #8: Wrestler

Spacecraft definitely makes some zany facemasks, and the Tron Mask is a must have if you want to be a wrestler. Add some long underwear bottoms and take your liners out of you boots to make stylish wrestling shoes, and you’re set.

Costume Idea #9: Biker

Leather is hot for 2011, and with a few accessories, your faux-leather snowboard coat can turn you into the most badass biker on the block. Nate is rocking the Holden Motorcycle jacket with the same Stella Denim pant (although if you wanna go all out, some Leather pants such as the Strummer would be key) and the look is completed with a DAKINE Convertible Balaclava “converted” into a doo-rag. Add some Ashbury Day tripper shades for that extra badass element and ain’t no one gonna fuck with you.

Costume Idea #10: Astronaut

If you’re of the snow thug persuasion, or were a couple years ago, you can turn your over-sized snowboard gear into a spacesuit with little effort. The keys to making this costume work are less in the outerwear itself (Nate is rocking a two-year-old Holden Wallace Jacket and Bonfire Radiant Pant and you could certainly improve on the color combos) but the real kicker (no pun intended) is wearing your snowboard boots. While Nate has on the Nike Zoom Force One’s a pair of the DK Double Tongue’s would really set this look off. As for his helmet, it’s an old kitty litter bucket. Again, you could probably do better.

That’s all we came up with, but there are plenty more. This year, put in a little effort and maybe you’ll even win a gift certificate or something for how bitchin’ your costume is. Happy Halloween!