C Sessions 4.11

Apparently even though every other snowboard site has already posted this and we assume you’ve all watched it, the dudes at Mt. Snow specifically requested a post to hear all the wonderful things you fine folks have to say. So, don’t let them down.

Featuring: Max Lyons, Timmy Sullivan, Rory Bruder, Kyle Wager, Emma Graham, Shaun Murphy, and Levi Gunzburg

Filmed & Edited: Dylan Demers
Songs: “I Can Feel It” – Carl Carlton, “Weatherman” (instrumental) – Jim Jones

UKC’s Ugly Adventures Trailer

Ugly Kidz are making a web series of their travels last season, and this oughta get you up to speed. Hop in the RV and take a ride with a bunch of hippies who like to board. Get to know them a little better here.

Frat Bros and Hippies Are Taking Over Snowboarding

Our longest running Intern, RJ Sweet just graduated from High School. Now that he’s edumacated, we’ve decided he can be trusted to do things on his own, so we sent him up to Hood to deliver an exclusive report on what’s trending. This is what he came back with.

High Cascade and Windells are two of the most widely known snowboard camps in the world. With snowboarders coming from all over the world, the camp crowd is a good indication of what sort of trends might be catching on. Some are exciting. Some are scary.

The two camps have created a dreamworld that makes it possible to snowboard year round on some of the most fun and creative parks. But hold up there turbo – not just anyone can enter this portal of endless fun. There’s only so many ways you can get in and these are your four best shots at getting yourself into paradise.

1. Be really fucking good at snowboarding
2. Know the right people in snowboarding
3. Have really deep pockets
4. Apply to work instead of snowboard

In the recent past we’ve seen gypsies, thugs and hipsters dominate, but this summer different trends in snowboarding are on the rise. First, there has been a very large increase in the Fratbro population at summer camp. The tank top ratios have sky rocketed, as well as the numbers of snapbacks. As for the rest of the general population, most are straight hippies. Dirty smelling, nature-loving hippies, keeping it classic with some soul carves and doobies.

We’re all boarders and to each his own but, what side are you on? Fratbros or Hippies?

Every Third Thursday: Solar Snowboard

The sun shines brightly on this month’s episode of Every Third Thursday. Dave Lee and Signal Snowboards team up with Powerfilm Solar to create a solar-powered snowboard! At the Signal Snowboard factory the flexible solar panels are adhered to the snowboard top sheet and then wired into a converter mounted between the bindings. With the build complete, it’s time to test out the voltage off the grid. Snowboarder Tyler Flanagan straps in and charges the Mammoth Mountain jumps while charging his electronics at the same time-this electrifying new board passes the test. It’s a blast!

Bush Bangers

Newly-promoted Yobeat cartoonist and UVM graduate Stanley said we should post this. Who are we to argue?

Rejected Edits: April Fools?

I’m so sick of, “Why are you hating? At least they’re out there boarding.” So what? This is snowboarding. It’s a fashion shit show and constant dick sucking contest to be the coolest. That’s why Rejected Edits exist. With no names, no flair and nothing to talk about these edits still get their 15 minutes. Plus, come on, this is Yobeat, it’s either this or we just make fun of Shaun White all the time.

Its on tv internet episode 2.6 from Bakkå röfjälle.

Why it Sucks: GoPro’s and poles, it’s never going to be ok. Also, you guys slam a lot, and the lumberjack doesn’t have gloves on half the time. Gloves folks, they are your friend. As far as the video, the park shots are boring and stupid. I don’t care that you nailed a trick on some bullshit feature.

Why it’s Rad: Sweet nicknames, obviously. The random spot shots are great. The handplant to cartwheel slam, awesome. And oh yeah, slams, we love slams.

Why it Sucks: I hate fake sponsors. I highly doubt Electric paid to have this edit made. I also hate the intro music, and well, all the music. The smoking shot around :50, come on, is there any better way to claim, “I JUST GOT MY LICENSE!” Besides that stuff, some of these shots are just total crap, but hey, at least you’re out there, and I suppose that’s a good thing.

Why it’s Rad: Editing. Yeah sure it might be filthy, but it’s rad filthy. Chop and Screw, opps and uh… I’m into all of it. Plus with a title like “KKK” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see future titles.

american bad ass from chuuch be easy

Why it Sucks: Well, your music choice is for shit. Who kills the audio? The sweet sound of snow smashing should never be covered over. Also, what the fuck is with the ending? Holy shit, is this a teaser? Better not be…

Why it’s Rad: Content. Jumping off chairs is always cool. Powder is always cool. Cloudy winter days are awesome.

Chemical Mess on dat Earl. from Chemical Mess .

Why it Sucks: Hippies (read: dreads), slow groove tunes and two inch stances are not going to fly around these parts. Does that make me shallow? Bet your ass it does. But watching you slip and slide around the hill making sparks with your knees pisses me off. Oh, and the weed ender, cool, you smoke weed, so does my grandma.

Why it’s Rad: Well, simple really, the riding is rad. Even if it is on some bullshit park features.

Terrible Tuesday: Nature’s Airbag

Randy Vannurden, Sean Black, Mark Dangler, Phil Jaques, and Brandon Hammid enjoy an all natural air bag session with absolutely no energy drink sponsors.

Rerun Week: Best of Terrible Tuesday

Each week we bring you Terrible Tuesdays. Sometimes, they’re well, terrible (don’t say we didn’t warn you.) However, sometimes, they are a bright spot in a week of snowboard porn and homey vids. Here are a few of the highlights — Tuesday videos that changed lives, fulfilled dreams, or just were kinda funny, over the past twelve months.

January 5th, 2010: How to Go Snowboarding Alone

It’s not just a lack of friends, sometimes it’s fun to go snowboarding alone. This was before we all had GoPro’s too, note the shadow of the camera, this took serious upper arm strength.

February 9, 2010: How to Be Bad on the Mountain

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. (But it’s arguably the best video we’ve ever posted on a Tuesday.)

April 27, 2010: Get A New Hobby

People really seemed to enjoy this video of a bunch of hippies doing hippie shit. Whatever.

[media id=119 width=555 height=320]

May 25th, 2010: How to Get Ready for Spring

The things that Tim and Hondo will do for free beer never cease to amaze us.

October 5, 2010: Sean Black’s New Gloves

Would you believe (FULL DISCLOSURE!) this video scored us even more pairs of these sweet ass gloves?

November 29, 2010: The Facemask Test

They’ll be more product tests to come in 2011. Let us know if there is anything specific you’d like to see us test using slo-mo and beer!

Download The Peace Process RIGHT NOW


I Heart Snow’s 2010 production the Peace Process is now available for HD download for the rock bottom price of $4.20. Now we know what you are thinking: snowboard movies are free on the internet, but for your money you get glitch-free, high-definition watching of some of the best snowboarding that went down in the east last season. So support your fellow snowboarder and go download the Peace Process. If you need to be teased, do that right here:

Download at

Pick Up Garbage: Get Free stuff from Rome SDS


Now that the snow’s gone, the mountains are showing their once-buried bounty from the season: watches, coffee cups, cell phones, Chapstick, ski-poles, trail maps, and other crap that doesn’t really belong out there.

So, here’s the deal. All you have to do is, head out to your local hill this weekend, fill a trash bag full of trash, take a photo of yourself with said trash bag, and email it along with your full mailing address to [email protected] We’ll send you a copy of Any Means and some stickers for the effort. If you don’t live near a mountain, head somewhere you care about, skate park, fishin’ spot, drinkin’ alley….wherever and pick stuff up there.


We know it’s not a lot, but it’s something, and as cliché as it sounds, you’ll probably even feel good for doing something good.

On a side note, anyone who’s ever lived in a mountain town has heard legendary stories of fields of iPods, digital cameras, Rolex watches and giant diamonds just sitting out under the lifts waiting to be picked up. There’re some good finds out there for sure, so grab your buddies, or your dog and get hiking.

Puff Puff, Pass: How to Celebrate 420 Boarder Style


It’s no secret that a good number of snowboarders enjoy smoking marijuana, pot, weed,  herb, nugs, bammy, chronic, ganja, grass, or whatever you want to call it. Well today’s their, possibly your, big day! At some point it was decided that April 20th would be National Pot Smoking Day. A day dedicated to smoking weed, and getting high. But why? And how is the snowboard community celebrating?

First and foremost let’s educate ourselves. April 20th is more than just a stoner holiday, it is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday. So while you are stoned contemplate the fact that you are celebrating Hitler’s birthday. Ooo, bad vibes bros.

Back to smoking weed. The code, 420, has many believed origins. Some rumors point to 420 being a police code involving mary-jane, others point to a group that would meet at 4:20 p.m. to get high, but the most convincing is a rumor based on the growing season. April 20th is a great time to begin planting pot for summer. Weed plants need dry heat and all that other unpleasant nonsense to grow, so why not plant in the late spring? Either way, 420 exits and is super exciting for many folks. But how does this relate to snowboarders again?

The Grenade Games is one way. Hosted on 4/20 rumor has it people smoke weed is smoked at this event openly and recreationally. Now of course this may be a myth because we all know athletes couldn’t possibly function while under the influence of illegal narcotics. On the other hand it is entirely possible that there is some truth to the matter. Below are a few pairs of Grenade gloves, our main source of evidence…


Official pot smoking gloves. Perfect for cold bongs, hot joints, and looking like you enjoy the chron.

Another way snowboarders celebrate 4/20 is by sitting around and smoking a lot of weed. While many of these people will end up getting lost in their couch, some may actually go on to take a walk, eat food, skateboard, or roll another fat blunt. A brave few may even go snowboarding, but smoking on the chairlift is a total drag and the smoke shack is mostly melted away by now. Thus forcing participating members to save their doobies for later, which isn’t acceptable on 4/20. Other snowboarders, of the hippie variety, will enjoy games of hacky-sack, frisbee, and other hippie shit Yobeat does not approve of.

So if you are celebrating Yobeat has a few do’s and don’ts for how to go about your day. If you aren’t celebrating you should stop reading now, this information isn’t for you.


-Avoid the Fuzz. If you don’t end up in jail you’ll receive a hefty fine.

-Have food within reach, who knows what you may end up eating otherwise.

-Be productive, and with your friends, otherwise you’ve become that sad stoner guy everyone makes fun of.

-Enjoy yourself.


-Wear a nug-rug.

-Brag about how stoned you are, or how cool 4/20 is, your non-stoned friends don’t care.

-Buy a bad bag, it’s a recession and money shouldn’t be wasted.

-Say the words chill, vibes, or love.

-Smoke alone, do you really want to be that guy?