Skiing and Snowboarding -- Worlds Apartheid

If I wanted to see someone spinning around holding onto poles: I’d go to a strip club.

Ian Hart Wins HCSC Spin Cycle #2

[imagebrowser id=87] For the second year in a row, a man named Ian climbed into the golden washing machine as the champion of the High Cascade Spin Cycle Classicâ„¢. Last year, that Ian was Ian Thorley. This year, that Ian was Ian Hart.…

Humping the Shutter with Aaron Blatt

"I learned handplants today."-Aaron Blatt.           photo. Owen Ringwall While playing the role of East Coast school boy, Aaron Blatt combined his love of design and photography to earn a degree, have fun and kick-start…

HCSC Prints: So Hot Right Now

The crew at NXTZ is so excited about it's new limited edition HCSC micro mesh tube, they shouted the entire press release. Between this, the Celtek gloves, and the other special edition HCSC stuff we don't even know about yet, looks like camp…

Ben Bogart's Hump Day

Rollin' Dirty... Ben Bogart is one of the few snowboarders that has figured himself out. He hasn't followed any trends regarding his pant size, or eyewear choice, and has always snowboarded out of pure enjoyment. While so many snowboarders…

Hot Dogs and Hump Day with Cory Grove

Everyone needs more tubular meat in their lives. Meet the founder of the already legendary Cobra Dogs.

High Cascade Goes International

HIGH CASCADE SNOWBOARD CAMP SHREDS SNOWPARK NZ!       High Cascade’s going down under and getting inverted this September 27 — October 4 at SnowPark NZ. We’ll be importing HCSC’s famed all-inclusive camp…