Kody Williams Injured / Fundraiser

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Yesterday on Monday December 19th Canadian shredder Kody Williams sustained a head injury riding in Vancouver. He was taken to a local hospital and remains in the ICU. We’ve gotten reports that he’s in a medically induced coma and his family are on route to Vancouver to be by his side while he receives care.

His friends have set up a GoFundMe to help with costs. Hit that up here, and donate anything you can, or just send overall good vibes his way.

We will update further as we can.

Donate here.

Read Kody’s Hump Day Interview from last fall here, to learn more about him.

Get Well Soon: Jeremy “Lemi” Landy

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We are sad to report that life-lover, snowboarder and all around good dude, Jeremy Landy fell and hit his head on a rock April 20th, at the Gremlin Games. He was airlifted to Reno and is currently in stable condition.  Halsey Beldon posted this info on Facebook.

I have an update on Jeremy Landy. I just got off the phone with his nurse. Jeremy was flown to Renown Regional Medical Center yesterday. He currently is “very drugged up” to quote the nurse. He has some bleeding on his Brain and the surgeons are watching him closely and hoping they do not need to operate. He knows his name when he comes conscious, and has 5 broken ribs on his left side. His vitals are stable. A long way to go but positive news. To mail him cards and well wishes here is the address:

Renown Regional Media Center
1155 Mill Street
Room number S119

I hope this helps everyone. I will be calling the nurse on Wednesday again for another update. Keep praying for our homie.

We’re sending positive vibes to one of the most positive people in snowboarding! You got this.

A fund has been set up to donate towards the lofty cost of his recovery. If you’d like to help: Click here.

Donations for Danny

If you haven’t heard by now, co-founder Danny Toumarkine suffered a traumatic head injury while riding in Montana on a filming trip on January 4th. Currently, Danny is still in intensive care. His friends and family have set up an website where you get updates on his condition, and give donations to help aid in his recovery. There will also be a fundraiser in Danny’s hometown, North Conway, NH, tentatively scheduled for three weeks from now. Needless to say, an injury of this nature is not cheap.

If you would like to donate on Danny’s behalf I know that our family and Danny would both be forever thankful for your support. This whole process is not only painful and scary but it is also incredibly expensive. The other day Danny was life flighted to the hospital and yesterday they administered a $12,000 drug called FactorVII. It is estimated that Danny will be in the ICU for another week to 10 days but could be as long as 3 weeks. After that he will be going through an intense rehab program. It is probably going to be a month or two before we even leave this hospital.

If you’d like more info, or to donate, please visit If nothing else, take a minute to check out the site and think some positive thoughts for Danny’s recovery. Get well soon, Danny!

Readers Choice Awards—2010

Remember when double-corks were a big deal, Shaun White won the Olympics, dudes broke their necks and that blonde Euro decided to flip three times? How about when Videograss trashed Portland or the East Coast was blanketed by a blizzard? Is it all slowly coming back, or were you one of the many to suffer a head-injury? Well, it’s time to choose what we actually cared about from one of the wildest winters yet.

Feel like there should have been another category? Feel like your opinion wasn’t heard? We don’t care, and that’s why we have a comment section. Battle it out down there.

Hope and Support for Kevin Pearce


Kevin Pearce was seriously injured on December 31st after decking out at the Park City halfpipe. Details are sparse, but he was knocked unconscious doing a double cork and taken to a SLC hospital. As with any head injury, only time will tell and we’re hoping for the best. For now, you can show your support and stay up to by joining the facebook page set up here. Read more

Get Well Soon Lucas!


Lucas Magoon is in “serious condition, but stable” in the ICU of Renow Health Hospital in Reno after a fall skating. The folks at Boardistan did their reserch and found out he is NOT in an induced coma as was previously reported on Twitter. Lucas is not only a great kid and amazing snowboarder, but the richest man in Rutland! If we prayed, our prayers would go out to Lucas. Get well soon buddy!

Update: 9:00 PM Aug. 13, word from Lane Knaack is that prognosis for Lucas is good. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Update from EStone: 9:21 PM. Hey Everyone I just got off the phone with Lucas’s nurse. He is not in a coma. They are keeping him heavily sedated to minimize the chance that he will move around and cause his brain to start bleeding again. The bleeding has stopped and the swelling is going down. They will try to take him off the ventilator in the morning and bring him out of his lucid state. Lets all pray for him tonight.

Update: 11:10 am, Aug. 14. Lucas is awake and off the ventilator. Friends say he is “awake and confused.” He is still in the ICU and under constant watch, but is doing much better.

Update: 3:27 pm, Aug 14 from E Stone: I just got a very positive update from one of Goon’s friends at the hospital. He is awake and is showing his classic Gooner personality. He has a long way to go but is on the path to recovery. For anyone who does not know it was a skateboarding accident. Pending his insurance situation we might be hitting you all up for a donation. Thanks for all the positive Vibes.