The 2013 HCSC Dodgeball MVP'S

5 employees hand selected by us are given ridiculous nicknames with made up facts

High Cascade Session 4 Edit

Body Merrill is a mad man.

What You Missed Summa '10

Nothing like standing around in full outerwear, in July, under the sun, for what seems like eternity... From mid-June to sometime in August the lift line at Hood is on standstill in the early morning. But for once, waiting in line isn't…

How to Give Away a Snowboard

Our humor is occasionally confused with disrespect, hatred and plenty of other negative feelings, but we promise all that nasty stuff we say and do is just for kicks. After all, without a little spice wouldn't things get a bit dull? A tad…

Sneak Peek: Peep Show + VideoGrass

Peep Show's fine young talent striking a pose. God damn camper's have it good, especially those at the High Cascade Snowboard Camp  VideoGrass session. Don't believe me, well; who cares, because these kids aren't only snowboarding all…

Ian Hart Wins HCSC Spin Cycle #2

[imagebrowser id=87] For the second year in a row, a man named Ian climbed into the golden washing machine as the champion of the High Cascade Spin Cycle Classicâ„¢. Last year, that Ian was Ian Thorley. This year, that Ian was Ian Hart.…

Learn Something—Methods with Kyle Fischer

, Hell yeah INTERN JEFF you made a video!!! Anywhere, now that we've called out Intern Jeff check this new video series "Learn Something" and get after some freaking methods. Kyle Fischer will teach you how, and if…

Brandon Hobush Sits Down for Humpday

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah the young and shy Brandon Hobush has let his riding, and nothing but, pave a nice little future for himself. Shy as hell Brandon is one of the nicest and most humble kids I've come across, and his incredible…

Fireworks Forever

, It'll be dark soon and the bombs will start to blow, but for now enjoy these fireworks from Ian Thorley, Ted Borland, Ben Bogart, Matty Mo, Scotty Lago and others.

Humping the Shutter with Aaron Blatt

"I learned handplants today."-Aaron Blatt.           photo. Owen Ringwall While playing the role of East Coast school boy, Aaron Blatt combined his love of design and photography to earn a degree, have fun and kick-start…