MiloSport Trick Tips: Fs 180 Sw Bs180 Method with Griffin Siebert

Take a seat with GSiebs and get ready to rethink the way you look at a cat track. Are you buttery enough? Does your board flex when you grab? Learn a frontside 180 butter switch backside 180 method. With Griffin’s expertise, you’ll be doing this trick easier than you can say it. Guaranteed.

film/edit: Seamus Foster

B Proddi Productions: The Full Length

Turns out the 21 editions of #BProddiProductions on Instagram were merely 15 second teasers for the full length movie, so to all you sad suckers that don’t follow Blake, here’s what you missed over the last year.

Hijinx by: blake paul, tommy gesme, spencer schubert, forest bailey, colin brophy, sam taxwood, forrest burki, butters, kyle martin, colton feldman, aaron blatt, mark “king” wilson, will smith, max warbington, nils mindnich, garret warnick, chris grenier, hans mindnich, rob balding, jon ray, jasper kahn, griffin siebert, jeff richards, dave marx, jon stark, gigi ruff, danny davis, jake shats, and a grasshopper.

Bet You Can’t: Griffin Siebert

Honorary Tranny Finder Griffin Siebert is tasked with performing a switch back blunt 270 on a bridge. If he fails, he may fall in the water beneath and be subject to ridicule from the huge Yobeat public. If he succeeds, only one of those things may happen. So which is it? You’ll have to watch and see!

The First Ever Sagepalooza!

Even though Sage Kotsenburg is not old enough to remember Lollapalooza, that’s seemingly where he got the name for his custom event at Mammoth recently. More importantly, Sage apparently crapped his pants hitting one of the jumps. Now that’s entertainment.

With an open schedule this spring, Sage Kotsenburg had the opportunity to invite some of his closest friends for a no pressure, progressions session off several custom built jumps at Mammoth. The goal was to have tons of fun, learn some new tricks and make a video out of the experience. Click the video link above to watch it all go down!

If you like this video, or the fact that Sage is named after an herb, or you just like clicking on things, you can go be a fan of Sage here.

Terrible Tuesday: Griffin Siebert

If you don’t know who Griffin Siebert is, get familiar. Griffin got hurt mid season with a hooked edge into a tv set. He was out for a while but still found enough time this season to log some park hams.

Griffin Siebert and the Same Girl

Smooth jamz, smooth laps. Griffin Seibert knows his way around a snowboard park, if ya know what we’re saying.

Terrible Tuesday: Park City Session

The Weather was harsh for Park City’s Opening but that didn’t stop the homies from coming out in force. I made an “official” edit for Opening day and tried to keep it short. This contains all the other shots I would have liked to use, crammed into one nice little edit for you.

Riders: Sage Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Blaze Kotsenburg, Stevie Bell, Littlest, Louie Vito, Sam Taxwood, and Aaron Biittner.

FunBlock’s 5 Dudes, 1 Park City Opening

Park City opening weekend 2010. What a bunch of marks.

Riders: Griffin Siebert, Blake Paul, Blaze Kotsenburg, Sage Kotsenburg, Sam Taxwood

Shorts and Shades with Celtek

Check out Celtek Clan members Sage Kotsenburg, Blaze Kotsenburg, and Griffin Siebert wearing sweet outfits during the final days at Park City here before it’s posted on every other site! Yay Internet.