Matt Kass’s Hump Day

In Seaside he’s know as Crab Jesus. If you don’t know Matt Kass, you’re about to.

Matt Kass was a pro snowboarder before anyone had heard of Danny Kass, but you’re more likely to know him as the co-founder and long-time president of Grenade LLC. Matt helped start the brand and grow it into a multi-million dollar business, which employed most of his friends. My career at Grenade started shortly after I bought a house and was freaking out about how to pay for it. Matt offered me a job at Grenade, and I spent the next year of my life doing whatever needed to be done, and generally being part of something pretty cool. A lot has changed since then, and Matt Kass more or less disappeared from the public eye. Ousted from the brand he started, and considered dangerous by some and a joke by others, Matt moved to the Oregon Coast, where he lives with his fiance and son and works as a professional fisherman. But after a few years out of the limelight, Matt hit me up, ready to tell his side of the story.

Brooke: Do you think you’re crazy?

Matt: No, but I have had severe emotional damage done in my life as a child that causes me to act out.I sometimes lose control in given situations with anger. I have anger problems. Do you think I’m crazy?

Brooke: I know you’re crazy.

Matt: hahahha, thanks.

Brooke: What’s your biggest regret from your days running Grenade?

Matt: Starting it. Starting Grenade. I would never do it again. It was my Frankenstein. I sit around every day and miss my friends that I lost through it. Do you know why I’m breaking my silence?

Brooke: No. Do tell.

Matt: It’s kinda cheesy. I sit around and everyone has their story about this or that. I was there, I know what happened. Some things that happened I still don’t understand. Like I ask myself, “What the fuck happened? What could I have done differently?” Then I was reading Yobeat and Colin’s interview and it all came together for me. It wasn’t about me. It was about a group of guys and a time and place…like a movement…like a band! And when they break up it’s never the same!

Brooke: All right, let’s break it down to the undisputed facts real quick. Why did you move the company from Mammoth?

Matt: I kept the Mammoth operation, Danny and JC liquidated it, along with a lot of my friends. I kept my friends around so I wouldn’t quit. I never liked my brother, I just liked Levins and Cole, so once they let all my friends go, there was no point for me to be at Grenade.

Brooke: Where did JC come from? How did he get involved?

Matt Kass: He was hired to help with our networking as a consultant. When Danny asked me to resign, I did. I was the manager of Grenade LLC until resignation or death. Of course he stiffed me on the 75k. But what’s 75k among bros….right? Danny hired JC and made him the CEO and took over from VP to President.

Brooke: Right, but you’re skipping a lot. I mean, I worked there for a year and Danny apparently didn’t even know I did. So how did it go from you hiring Joseph to Danny ousting you?

Matt Kass: Danny paid me to resign per the operating AGREEMENT. He stiffed me on the 75k that I was to be paid as resignation. Danny took over as president and hired Joseph to replace me. So I was screwed in plain English. Next.

What about all the rumors of you flipping out when you left?

When I resigned, yes I broke my brother’s laptop over my knee. Yes, I spray-painted my resignation on the side of the building because it was my building and my spray paint. And yes I took a gun out of there and then they lied about it and I lost my second amendment right to bear arms for two years.

Brooke: What have you been doing since then?

Matt Kass: I was the international and domestic sales manager at Betty Rides until I got fired. I went back to Grenade after being fired from Betty. Grenade moved when my girlfriend gave birth and I got a unexplained extended vacation. When I went in to the new office JC said I stole money again (which is a lie) so I got upset (aka I fucking screamed at that lying turkey), quit and walked out. While I was waiting for the elevator JC tried to beat me up even though I was holding a 3-month-old baby. Since then, I have decided my brother is nothing more than a pony and that if he will let JC push me around while I’m holding my son, aka his nephew, that he is no friend, brother, or family to me. I really did not like working at either Betty Rides or Grenade, in ALL honesty.

How did you end up living in the former “Office” location on Burnside? How long were you there?

Matt Kass: When Nicole and Danny lied on a restraining order, I was given 20 minutes to pick up personal stuff. She sold the rest of my belongings. After that, I was living in a warehouse in Washington, then I got evicted, because I did not have money, because I was never actually paid to resign. My family disowned me, and yes, I was forced to live in a skateshop for over 6 months and sleep on the concrete floor in an asbestos-filled building. I did enjoy it though. Cole made it a point to help me through the hardest time in my life because although he is a failure at life, he is a TRUE friend no the less. How is that?

Brooke: That’s insane. Was Cole living there too?

Matt Kass: Yes, then when I saved up enough money to get a place, he lived in my van outside my house for 6 months. Curt Johnson also lived in the shop when he got kicked out of Flood’s house. I also let homeless people sleep in there when it was cold.

Brooke: Here’s a big one I have. Why didn’t you sell Grenade when the opportunity arose? Quiksilver wanted to buy it, right?

Matt Kass: Yes, actually we were almost sold to Oakley. Danny was always trying to sell Grenade to his sponsors. He always wanted to sell out. I was the hold out. I always rode for small independent companies like Joyride and Mission 6. Danny rides for Oakley and Nike. I would NEVER ride for Nike or Quiksilver, or Gnu (because it’s still Quiksilver.) I’m trying to make a comeback.

Will Matt recapture his pro glory of 2001? More importantly, does anyone still have that hella big Bjorn Leines poster?

Brooke: I want to know all about your comeback, but it seems like it would have made sense to take the cash and start something else, ya know?

Matt Kass: Do you know any bands looking to sponsor a crappy halfpipe rider? I have been working on another company since 2007. The new brand I’m working on is Called ENMY.

Brooke: Ok, I’ll bite. Tell me about ENMY

Matt Kass: It’s a outdoor lifestyle brand. I’m also helping out the guys at Sasquatch Skateboards. I was just hired a couple days ago, I’m really stoked. The kids involved are really talented. I’m in the process of forming a Distribution Company and our first 2 brands are “ENMY” and “Sasquatch Skateboards.” I also started my own fishing business as well as being a dad. I’m busy.

Brooke: I’m confused. I thought you said started Grenade was the worst decision you ever made. Why would you start a new brand?

Matt Kass: I really feel like the industry is getting dry and needs a kick in the ass and I’m just the asshole to do it. I’m starting over without partners and because I feel like it is time to make a comeback. I want to bring my band to trade shows so we can play our awful music. I hired a coach to train me and everything. For real!

Brooke: Wait, what are you talking about? Now you’re in a band with a coach? I thought you were making a snowboarding comeback. Are you drunk?

Matt Kass: No, I just got one of my wisdom teeth pulled. I have a coach so I can make a comeback. I have a band called “The Bent Screws” and when next SIA comes you will see the band and the brand. Hopefully I can start shredding soon, fishing season opens 2/1 though, so I’m going out on the water then.

Brooke: So let me get this straight. You’re going to “train” for like 3 days and then launch a new snowboard career, and by next SIA you will have started a Poler ripoff and distribution company?

Matt Kass: I have been training since October of last year. I skate at least 3 hours a day and I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m not fat like the Dingo. I’ll tell people who think I’m not gonna make a comeback, hey, I did one kassrole, why can’t I do two? When I’m doing 540s below the lip I’ll laugh too. I’ve told Gretchen (Bleiler) she won the X games with my run that I used to do. Sometimes my nollie backside 5 would go above the lip, and sometimes it wouldn’t.

That reminds me of the number one snowboard joke of all time: you know where the best place to pick up snowboard chicks?

Me: Yeah, below the lip.

Matt: Hey, How am I ripping off Poler? You haven’t seen one of my designs.

Me: You said outdoor lifestyle… which is what Poler is doing, but you’re right, I haven’t seen it.

Matt Kass: It’s more of a utilitarian style, fishing gear. I know about Poler, I like those guys, I even modeled for them for free. We’re making fishing gear and outdoor lifestyle type stuff. If a kid wants to wear it snowboarding, that’s his business. And I’m trying to start a distro company, but when I say that I’m trying to do it, I’m not trying to jump out over night like Vanilla Ice. The name of the company is called Ammo distribution– ENMY, Survival and Garden State grip tape. It’s been a pet project of mine for a long time. When I started Grenade I wanted to turn it into a skateboard company. When Danny started he wanted to turn it into a TV show. That’s the truth. When we ultimately fought it was because I didn’t want to be on his TV show and wanted nothing to do with it. Dingo and Danny wanted to do it, they made they pilot and it looked like shit. I didn’t even want to release the project. Danny’s the one who wanted to be on TV.

Boat enthusiast.

Brooke: So, when Grenade ousted you, how many boats did you have in the warehouse?

Matt Kass: 2 or 3. I took one with me

Brooke: Did you buy them with Grenade money?

Matt Kass: Nope with my paycheck. My brother spends Grenade money on weed, all the time. I have proof.

Brooke: What proof?

Matt Kass: Receipts.

Brooke: Who gets a receipts for weed?

Matt Kass: I do. Danny took 80k from Grenade to start that awful TV show.

Brooke: Don’t you think that TV show was marketing?

Matt Kass: No, it’s embarrassing Danny stole money from Grenade and blamed me. JC stole money from Danny and convinced him I took it, I put 600k into Grenade and real estate and all I got back was 175k and I feel like they stole 10 yrs of my life. They never gave me a letter of recommendation even though they said they would.

Brooke: Well, at least you’re not bitter. What have you been up to the last few years… how did you get back on your feet?

Matt Kass: Well do you want the truth? It was a hard climb. I was waiting for the 75k from my resignation agreement and it never came. I was counting on the money, so it really screwed me up. I started living in the shop because I had nowhere to go and Joseph told my friends at Grenade that they would be fired if they talked to me.

We got in trouble at the shop for selling graffiti supplies, got a 5k ticket, had to stop selling paint with was a giant piece of our sales. It was a dead horse. I closed the shop, got a house 6 blocks up the street and started working at Betty Rides. Which, sucked too.

Matt, Elliot and one hell of a flounder.

Brooke: Tell me more about ENMY. What specifically are you gonna make?

Matt Kass: You will see. ENMY is “bottom secret.” There are a couple designs on facebook, but they are old. The new stuff is being made right now. I never really stopped designing T-shirts. I just stopped showing people. It was therapy for me. I’ve done T-shirts for small guys and menus for a pizza place. I just do shit on my computer to get by cause I got a kid and diapers ain’t cheap. I’m no Pinski, I’m not gonna cut off my dick and put it in my ear and then call myself an artist — I lost him when he went bo-mo. That’s Bohemian Modern.

Brooke: How are you funding the brand?

Matt Kass: By myself, I don’t want partners. What I’m trying to get across to all these little brands is, don’t fucking be me. Money does bad things to good people. You want my business advice? Here’s three lessons I’ve learned.

1. Don’t take a partner when you need a loan.
2. Be careful who you get into bed with.
3. Lying can get you into problems and through problems, but only the truth will get you out. You can’t lie a fact. Be careful what you say or do, this is the info age and everything is recorded or on video somewhere.

I explained to my father yesterday, sometimes lying is a part of business. Have I ever told people lies? Yeah, I used to all the time. When I didn’t know the answer to something, I would just say two weeks — it’s from the movie the Money Pit — the contractor would always say “two weeks.” Instead of saying I don’t know I would always say two weeks, because it was embarrassing to say I don’t know.

Brooke: Let’s wrap this up. What else?

Matt Kass: Grenade could have been a lot more and should have been. When I think back of what I started, I think of it as something that that was great. When you used to buy a Grenade T you used to support people like you and Dave and Jesse and Tom and me; it used to be a family people. Now when you buy a Grenade T at Pacsun you’re enabling Joseph to abuse snowboarding and snowboarders and you keep my brother drunk and on drugs. I know we all didn’t do it right. I was never the best boss, and one of the worst things I ever did you caught the brunt of. If you ever asked for a recommendation from me you were a great employee in an environment a lot of people would have failed. I’ve had everyone’s back, every day in that company.


Danny Kass Cans Grenade CEO Joseph Conderelli, Finally.

Dear awesome sports community,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the exciting changes coming up for Grenade Inc. First, I would like to thank you for all of your support throughout the years, I am grateful for every door that you have opened up for me in my life and career. In 2001, my brother and I set out on a radical mission: we wanted to create a new clothing and gloves brand that was out-of-the box and not like every other lame brand that we had to work for as teenagers. Not because we didn’t respect the successful brands out there that had done so much for our respective sports, but because we wanted to push the boundaries and create a line where you would never hear the phrase “no we can’t do that”.

I am proud to say that there is an incredible new era of Grenade that will be blossoming in front of your eyes – soon you will start to see the new brand direction emerge on the worldwide web as well as at storefronts of our amazing retail partners. When we started this business I never wanted to be the sole owner of the company, because I truly believe it was built with a family, the Grenade Army, and very close friends that shared a common goal as simple as this – tosnowboard and skate as much as possible, and travel enough to one day get barreled or hang 10. So as of June 17th, Joseph Condorelli has been let go from his acting role of CEO, and we have completed a full redemption of any and all shares in Grenade Inc. At this stage I am not looking for a “respected business man” to fill the big title as lead of the company. This is our brand, it belongs to our family, so moving forward I will be taking the active role as leader of the company, to bring it back to its roots and return Grenade to the brand that everyone knows it can be.

We have made a lot of mistakes throughout the years, and with a team of some of the best people in the industry we will be fixing and improving in all departments from everything we have learned. I am dedicating my time to ensure this happens, and am really excited to share with you our dedication to board sports and love for all things wild and crazy that Grenade was founded on.

We all know our industry is in a delicate state and times have been harder on some more than others. Fortunately for Grenade we have a well-built KAT (kick ass team) of passionate people that know the industry and our mission. I hope one day you all can join the family at Grenade Inc., but for now I’d like to introduce you to our new upper management team . . .

I’m willing to answer any questions and comments you may have, so please email me at the link below. We are excited to answer and learn from any feed back – even if its just a “heck yeah dude”. And also just to clarify, as a preemptive strike on what many of you may be thinking right now, Yes!! we will be delivering on schedule!

It’s an honor to have worked with so many great friends, athletes, and industry leaders over the years, and looking forward to many more!

Thanks awesome industry.

Thanks friends.

Thanks Matt.

Yours truly,
General of the Grenade Army,
Daniel Scott Kass

Viva la grenade!!

Let the revolution begin
[email protected]
[email protected]

Grenade Games 7 Semi-Exclusive Coverage

Traveling to So Cal seems difficult and not that fun, so we missed the Grenade Games this year. Luckily there was no shortage of cameras there, rolling and clicking away. In fact, Robbie Sell‘s camera clicked so many times, he managed to get us an exclusive gallery from the event for those of you who either don’t check any other sites or just can’t get enough of those Grenends and their crazy antics.

[nggallery id=121]

If you prefer video coverage, ThirtyTwo was there:

So was Spy:

And Grenade even managed to put together its own video:

Grenade Games 7 from Grenade Inc. on Vimeo.

All video links stolen from

Hump Day Uncensored: Danny Kass Interviews Brooke Geery

Since he puts the DK in DK Zoom, it seemed appropriate we interview Danny Kass right about now. But let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. After two weeks of phone calls, ichats, emails and @ replies, I finally tracked down Danny in Orlando, FL. Even then he didn’t want to sit down for an interview. Instead, he turned the tables interviewed me about such hot button topics as YoBeat and taking dude’s virginity. Eventually we got some dirt on him, and some solid life advice from an old dude that worked at the trade show. Don’t worry, if you don’t care what I or Danny have to say, there were plenty of blonds hanging out in the Grenade booth so you can just check them out in the background.

Video by Patrick Wieland

Grenade’s European Vacation


Looks like Danny Kass and crew are off to cause trouble in another foreign land, this time it’s Europe. The official memo went out this morning from General Kass:


So watch out ladies of Europe. Danny Kass, The Dingo, Dustin Craven, Eric Messier, Eero Niemela, Tom Ryen and Louie Vito will soon be on your shores, and this year, no one is trying to make the Olympics.

OMG More SIA Denver Pics!

[imagebrowser id=52]

The inaugural off-snow portion of SIA Denver is done. Here are the rest of the pictures we took if you haven’t gotten enough yet. Products from Airblaster, Yes, MNMNT, Smokin Snowboards, Bonfire, Grenade, Drop and more and a bunch of goofy pictures of goofy people.

The Best Stiffy (a.k.a WINNER!)

We were going to let you fools vote on a winner in our Grenade Best Indie Stiffy giveaway, but this video we received from Rob Milion of SLC was so far above and beyond the competition, we didn’t even think it would be fair! And we’re in charge, so congrats Rob! You win a kick ass kit from Grenade, and we’ll probably even include an extra pair of gloves for your friend Tim B cause we enjoyed his cameo. The rest of you, step it up! These giveaways are serious business!

Learn Switch Indy Stiffies and Win!

[media id=87 width=555 height=340]

Jarad Hadi and Tyler Vergin braved pelting ice and rain to demonstrate the art of the switch indy stiffy. Why would they do such a thing? Well, to show you how it’s done and give you the chance to win a outerwear package from their glove sponsor, Grenade. Wear it, sell it for crack, give it to your significant other, if you win, it’s all yours.

To enter your mission is simple: perform your own version of a switch indy stiffy. Film it. Upload it to the Internet anywhere with an embeddable player. Send us the link at [email protected] Sit back and wait.

On January 21th, 2010, we will select the best indy stiffies we receive and post them on the site. Then our esteemed readership will vote and whoever has the most votes on January 28, 2010 wins. Two runners up will also receive a pair of gloves from Grenade. Entries must be received no later than January 20th, and only correctly submitted entries will be considered.

Please include your name, address, sizes and a link to your embeddable video in your email to [email protected] Good luck getting stiff!

Does Any One Still Work at Grenade?

We’re planning big things around here, and one of them involves gloves. So who else would we call but nearby Grenade? But all of our emails have been returned saying “The recipient’s e-mail address was not found in the recipient’s e-mail system.” The Grenade HQ in Portland is for sale. Then we see this press release that uber TM Kevin Cassilo is working for Spy? Congratulations Kevin, but if anyone from Grenade reads this, hit us up or don’t say we didn’t try. Read more

30s Thursday: Shaun White Naked!

Ha ha… That was a fake headline to get you in the door, I have no proof that Shaun White is naked.  Here’s the real article:


Office Space: The Final Frontier

by Preston G. Strout

Download LISTEN

If you’re reading this website, chances are you love snowboarding (or you make money off snowboarding in some capacity and are trying to gauge what the kids are up to).  If you don’t love it, why the hell else would you waste a perfectly good 5 minutes of your life staring at this article? (hell, even if you do love it, you may want to reconsider how you spend your time.)

Welp, if you love snowboarding, then you most likely want it to be a big part of your life.  Since the chances of making it as a paid professional these days are about as good as the chances of me getting a lower back tattoo this weekend, you’ve probably thought of exploring other jobs “in the industry”.  This is a good thing.  Our industry can be a real fun place at times and we could use more people like you in it.

[Funny side note: while I’m typing this, I can hear a co-worker explosively pooping in the bathroom next to my office.  Awesome.]

Now unless you plan on living in Vermont (which is actually pretty sick) and working for Burton (or for Rome trying to make fun of and then copy Burton), chances are you’ll end up in one of the following 2 places:

1.)    Southern California
2.)    The Pacific Northwest

Granted a handful of brands run HQ out of Colorado, Utah, etc., but the bulk of your options lie in the far west.  Since I live in Portland, I thought maybe I’ll go visit a few brands and see how their office life stacks up.  This way, when you go looking for a job, you can know what you’re getting yourself into.  Within a few miles of my office (HCSC) I can checkout:
θ    Airblaster
θ    Holden
θ    Salomon
θ    Nike 6.0
θ    Bonfire
θ    Grenade
θ    Nike Snowboarding
θ    Yobeat
θ    Nemo

Since this may take me a few weeks of luncheons and PowerPoint’s before I can report back to you:

Let me know what brands I should visit and what kind of stuff you want me to look for.

This is the basic scoring system I was thinking:
θ    How’s the shitter? (clean?, exhaust fan?, private?)
θ    How nice are the cars in the parking lot (a good way to judge pay scales)
θ    Do they allow dogs? (this can be good and bad)
θ    How long is a typical workday?
θ    What’s the weekday riding policy?
θ    Snacks in the break room?
θ    Recreational Opportunities (Ping Pong, Skate Ramps, etc)?
θ    Chair Comfort (if your ass has to be in one place for 40 hrs a week, it better be good)
θ    Proximity to good food.
θ    General BO levels of co-workers.
θ    Likelihood of getting a job there.

[Funny side note #2: I can now smell the aforementioned office poop.  Not Awesome.]

Being in my 30’s allows me to walk amongst office people almost undetected.  While among them I’ll be able to ask probing questions and get you the information you want.   You may someday find yourself pulling the old 9 to 5 in the shred-world (or you may do so currently), so let me know what kind of info you want me to dig up, and I’ll get to the bottom of this.

MFM Charity Jam

These days if its going on, and may or may not be cool, Grenade is involved, such as the MFM Charity Jam at Hood. Hey, you gotta make those Caddy payments somehow right? But apparently they are even tight with MFM and impoverished children now, which makes sense cause they are both so metal! Read more

Grenade: Before and After

Not so long ago, I worked at Grenade. My career started when Matt Kass decided to open a third Grenade retail store in the Portland area, this one adjacent to Windell’s Snowboard Camp. Given my stellar background in retail (I wasn’t exactly fired, but didn’t exactly quit my jobs at Zumiez and US Outdoor Store,) I was an obvious choice to help run this store. That summer Joe Carter and I ate Windell’s food, and hawked stickers and leftover gear to Windell’s campers. There were ups and downs, but overall it was a fun summer.



The only real issue with working at the store was that hour commute, so I was excited when Matt started having me do other things, such as drive him around town. This was right after Grenade (meaning Matt) had moved from Mammoth to Portland, so there was a lot to do. A warehouse had been purchased, but leased out while in escrow, so Grenade was pretty much operating out of Matt’s house and a storage unit. I helped him line up temporary warehouse space (that would be 122nd) and a design office, which is still what I am most proud of in my Grenade career.

As shipping season began, Dave and I pretty much took care of everything on the business end of things. Bayne handled inside sales, and Jesse was in charge of getting all the boxes packed. We tried really hard, so if your order was screwed up, I’m sorry. This was probably the best time I had at Grenade. We were making it happen, and it felt great. Once all the orders had shipped, and the other company’s lease ran out on our official warehouse (82nd) it was time to move.

My job had now become payroll, collections, human resources and self appointed public relations. One of my first initiatives in the new space was to get Shane Flood’s mini ramp moved into the warehouse. Things were looking up, despite the pile of shit in the middle of the new warehouse.



The crew at 82nd was a funny one. Towards the end of my career, I started writing a blog about it. I did an awesome run down, which I think should finally see the light of day. So here goes:

There is AJ. He is “customer service” I think. I’m not really sure what he actually does, but when it involves professional snowboarders, he makes sure to think out loud. “Scotty Arnold says he wears Bob Gnarly’s, but I am not sending him gloves no one will publish.” He definitely has Grenade tattoos. If you sit anywhere near him, you know all about his two trucks, and his awesome hangovers. Oh and his dog Pandora is pretty cool.

Bayne hasn’t come around much lately. Bayne is from my hometown. He was really good at skateboarding. Now he runs the shop downtown. It’s some sort of outlet that sells long boards and spray paint. People steal stuff all the time. Theoretically, he handles inside sales. Occasionally he is on the phone shmoozing people to buy SP bindings, which we licensed, but didn’t bother to market. He is also in charge of RAs (that’s return authorization). Though he keeps a record of it, no one really ever knows what’s going on. He has a shoe with a bamboo plant on his desk.

Downstairs Jesse is the king. Well, actually Matt is king of everything, but if Matt isn’t paying attention, Jesse is in charge. Jesse, or House, as he’s also called, has a stripper girlfriend who keeps him out until 5 am. He acts tough, and doesn’t change his clothes very often, but deep down he is nice. I think he might also be a pro snowboarder, or former pro snowboarder. He hates packing boxes and always talks about how much more he got paid at Betty Rides. He used to have a den downstairs where they kept snakes and dogs and smoked weed, but Matt made him clean it out. Now there are just a few shirts hanging from the ceiling.

Then there are the grunts. The grunts are amazing, because none of them have any idea what they are doing. It will take them a week to paint one wall. Putting a sticker on the door is a two-man job. They spend most of their time a Rosco’s, the bar across the street. A few of them have been temporarily banned from the establishment. A quick breakdown of the grunts:

Cole– Spends most of his time air drumming. Often comes upstairs to announce his latest great idea. “Balloons made out of bubble gum” being my favorite.
Jamie– The smartest of the grunts. I think he may actually be going to school and trying to better himself.
Curtis– A total rocker. Long hair, tight jeans. Funny dude, not much of a worker, the secretary definitely has a crush on him.

Oh yeah, then there is Forest. Dark Forest to be exact. At one point we had three Forest’s. This one is the most amazing though. He’s maintenance supervisor I guess. He is allowed to have assistants. He worked for months without getting paid because he was on workman’s comp. He built the entire skatepark and probably some other stuff to. Then, when he was no longer getting workman’s comp, he asked if he could get paid for all those hours. Apparently he had gotten more product than he needed and the guys at the shop were over it. Now he gets paid, is a staple at Rosco’s and is always good for entertainment. Oh yeah, and he has an awesome mustache.



Back upstairs there are a few more people. Kelly was hired to be the morning receptionist, but since she is not retarded, quickly fell into the role of Matt’s personal assistant. She doesn’t skate and she’s not a dirtbag. But she manages to put up with everything anyway. There is the other Matt. I call him the blind guy cause he carries a blind guy cane. I think he was hired to fold goggle boxes but now he is a receptionist. He mostly sits and stares at the phones, willing them to ring. When they do he answers, “Grenade, how can I help you?” Jen used to work here. She did credits and general office work. But she’s knocked up, and her existing child is now on summer vacation, so she won’t be coming around for awhile.

There is also a shop at 82nd. It is run by Tom. Tom is always positive, always stoked. I think he was hired to help run the company, but ended up just running a shop. He is always trying to make shit happen for people. He loves his employees.

His employees are:
Kailey–She may also be his personal assistant. She’s afraid of Jesse and lives at Tom’s house.
Willis– Amazing at skateboarding, not so good at life. When all the Grenerds got charged for damaging a hotel in Seattle, he got charged the most.
Forest–Forest is nice. He lives in Gresham.
Traci– Traci used to work upstairs. She got cut off cause all she did is play on Myspace. Now she sets up skateboards.

There are always others coming and going. I think Matt hired the bartender from Rosco’s to walk his dog. Shane Flood comes by the fix bikes. There are always old trucks in the parking lot. Oh yeah, and there is a garden on the roof. And no, they are not growing weed.



We chugged along at 82nd. Painting, organizing, moving boats back and forth on the warehouse floor. But any reasonable person could see this wouldn’t last, or work, forever. I don’t really want to get into the drama that ensued, so let’s just say, depending on the day, Matt could be your best friend or your worst enemy. When he decided payroll needed to be revamped, but didn’t decide how we would do that, it marked the end of my career. It seemed to me not paying people could probably get you into trouble, so I continued to run payroll every other Friday. The second Friday, he fired me for it. Such is life.

After I left, things seemed to go downhill. It’s not my place to explain everything that happened, since I was no longer there. Let’s just say there was a bit of a regime change. I heard rumors of cops being called, and everyone getting fired. It sounded like a mess and I was glad to have gotten out when I did.

Last week though, I went back for the first time since the broken clock outside had been turned into a giant Grenade. Instead of broken trucks, the parking lot was filled with a lot of really nice cars, and the exterior paint job looks a whole lot better. Yep, Grenade is like a real company now. It’s certainly not the 82nd I remember. But I’ll let Kevin give you the tour (and only interject a few of my thoughts.)

If you want, check out the teaser for the new Grenade movie here, and if you are still down, the tour is starting now!

The Boned Age!

The Boned Age is the new Grenade flick. It is awesome, raw, rock n’ roll, funny, mind blowing, scary, dark, loud, and dirty as the day Grenade was born. Why wouldn’t you want to see this movie? Do you have a problem with all things related to balls to the wall who gives a shit good times? I didn’t think so, otherwise you wouldn’t be on Yobeat. Grab a copy, watch a copy, be happy.

Red Carpet, Black Tie, ASR Movie Premieres

Sunny San Diego, home to Ron Burgundy, drug tunnels, and ASR. This coming week San Diego is going to have to deal with small riots of drunken boarders cuttin’ loose and running around town like they own the place. Why should you care? You shouldn’t. But it is premiere season, and all those videos you’ve been dreaming about are finally coming out. So run down to San Diego this week so you can catch the action, watch your favorite pro go home with the boys in blue, and maybe even take a quick trip to Tijuana. Here is a list of some of the flicks you can expect to see.


Mack Dawg: Double Decade

You can see it at the Oakley Campus. If you don’t know how to get there you probably aren’t invited. Go anyway, I may have heard rumors about a riot???


Transworld’s: These Days

Wave House

3146 Mission Blvd.

Mission Beach, Ca


Catch Joe Carlino and Transworld’s first full length snowboard movie. Chalked full of your favorite up-and-comers, this one is sure to leave you with a grin. Get there early, Mission Beach is famous for hot babes, sunny weather, and a good beach.

Rome SDS and Bluebird Wax

Modus Bar and Lounge

2202 4th Avenue, San Diego Ca 92101

Doors open at 8pm.

Get there kids, this double feature should be good. LNP will have a part in the Rome flick, and we all know it will blow your tops off. Plus if for any reason you get bored you are already at the bar.


Standard Films: Aesthetica

ASR Premier San Diego, CA

W Hotel San Digo

421 West B st.

If you go to this one you also get to see the new all ladies movie by Runway Films. Standard is leading our poll in movies people couldn’t care less about but hey, Runway will be there and Laura Hadar and Desiree Melancon should out ride a lot of the boys this year.

Travis Rice: That’s It, That’s All.

ASR Tradeshow Private Party


1337 India Street, San Diego, Ca


Ok, this movie took millions to make, the guest list is private, and it’s at a nice bar. Why wouldn’t you want to get in? And if you don’t like the movie, the atmosphere should make for good times so just turn your head. If you don’t have an “in” give this number a call (615) 595-0300. No, it’s not Travis Rice’s (that would probably get us sued.)


Grenade: Boned Age

Moonstone at the SD Hard Rock

207 Fifth Ave.

Doors open at 9:30, show starts at 10:30, shut it down at 2am.

Why wouldn’t you go? Grenade team, Hard Rock, San Diego, enough said, this is going to be a blow out. It’s the weekend and it’s time for you to cut loose, so get down there, get Kevin Casillo a drink or four, and have yourself a good time.

Absinthe: Sphere of Influence

La Paloma Theatre

471 So. Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas, Ca

Doors open at 7: 30

These guys have been putting out good movies for a while, and they are doing great in our poll. That means go see it. Still not convinced? Mikey LeBlanc and Mark Frank are in this movie so it will obviously be great.

So there you go kids. The movies will be out, you just got invited, and we want to see you there. Oh, and college just got back to normal down in San Diego as well, so for any boys still unsure, there is your last bit of incentive.

Grenades and Fires at Burlington Drive-In

On Friday October 4 at the Sunset Drive In in Burlington Vermont, the dumbness factor will be in full effect. Not since Altamont has an unsuspecting community been so unprepared for what’s about to go on. Rossignol Snowboards and ANON optics have teamed up with the good OLE boys of 93-94 to bring you the premieres of Grenade’s Full Metal Edges and Eastern Edge’s JUMP IN THE FIRE. Both movies have been compared by Eastern Edge’s art director Tim Karpinski to “having a case of Pabst delivered to your door on Easter Sunday”.

The Grenade Movie premiered at the Hard Rock café in San Diego to rave reviews and Travis Rice getting brutally beaten by the cops. Jump in the Fire is hot of the presses from a month of editing by EE editor John Cavan and Ride pro Mr. Personality Shane Flood. The 93-94 crew has assured everyone there will be “hibachis, coolers, and good living. Plus Jump in the fire features a sneak peak at our epic documentary 93/94 and V-boys”. Be sure to get there early because an entire slew of dumb snowboarders from California are coming to meet up with even more dumb snowboarders from Vermont and Jersey, who will be meeting up with nearly every dumb industry person in snowboarding so the whole thing will be just plain dumb and you don’t want to miss that! This is a must see event for the East Coast! For more info go to Rossignol’s website.