Planet Earth's New Perspective

First off, yes Planet Earth is still a company. They are alive and kicking, and playing with a budget from K2, which is pretty cool for them, we think. So in order to propel itself back onto the map, PE has been doing a "perspectives" series:…

The Grease Bus Imposters

It seems some enterprising youth has some up with a great idea to get Pepsi to give them $50,000. It's simple really: Convert buses to run on vegetable oil and then run them from NYC to nearby ski resorts so "the thousands of inner city…

Go Snowboarding Tomorrow on the Grease Bus!

Screw football. Or if you really want to watch the stuper-bowl, set your dvr. The Grease Bus starts service tomorrow, February 1, 2009, and it's not too late to sign up for a ride on the maiden voyage from Portland to Mt. Hood Meadows. In…

Get on the Grease Bus

Riding to the mountain in the Grease Bus is totally the new Audi Quattro.