Board Over Brains: S2E3 Paradise Island

Riders: Jeremy Nylund, Cameron Weeg, Taylor Rydman, Jagger Heckman

Video: Cameron Weeg, Taylor Rydmen, Corey Caswell.

Artist: Winter/Song: Dreaming

Paradise Island – 15/16 Final Bonanza

The last episode of Board Over Brains’ Paradise Island series for the 15/16 season, featuring Mt. Hood in all its summer glory. Riders: Andy Glader, Casey Mitchell, Jeff Deforge, Keizer, Jordan Phinny, Jon Holmsted , Tanner Seymore, Riley Tardiff, Corey Caswell, Jay Hergert.

Video by Cam Weeg


The next generation of Mt. Hood rippers / Government Camp, Oregon shred ambassadors. Featuring Colton Carroll, Griffin Frigaard, and Conor Carroll. “It’s not a nice community, it’s just a bunch of bums who like to snowboard.”

RIP Timmy Johnson


Government Camp and Timberline lost one one of their most fun and outgoing locals last week. Timmy Johnson tragically took his own life at the age of 22 on October 16th, 2015. Friends have set up a GoFundMe Page to cover funeral costs and expenses for Timmy’s family.

Timothy was known and loved by many for his contagious laugh, invigorating smile, and silly, outgoing personality. He was a positive and fun person, who always found the good in any situation.

Although Timothy is gone, his wonderful and happy memory lives on in his family and friends. We will miss him terribly.

Any money that is raised beyond what we need for travel and funeral costs will be donated to an organization in Timothy’s name. RIP, you are greatly missed.

Donate here:

Yobeat’s Ultimate Guide To Summer Boarding: Mt. Hood


Why wasn’t Jesus born in Government Camp? Because there aren’t three wise men and a Virgin in the whole place. BADUMP CHAAAAA!!! But seriously, Govy is America’s summer snowboard mecca and a right of passage to many who hold snowboarding in the highest regards. If you are plotting a trip to the promised land, these are some good things to know.



You know what they say, “Come to Mount Hood, and live in a van.” Well, no one says that but a lot of people live in their vans. Many other  people’s choice is camping in the woods.The airstrip is free, but it’s just a giant dust field and when ever anyone drives in you are engulfed in a sandstorm that likely contains at least one cigarette butt. It’s kind of the noob’s choice, but hey! It might be a good place to meet other noobs and eventually get hated on by the diggers at HCSC! As for other camping options, avoid wherever you can avoid getting caught by the forest service, so be weary, and try to not to cause a scene. Oh ya, session 1 and 2 it sometimes snows, so…..that would suck.

Oh you mean you actually want walls and a place to take a dump? Why didn’t you say so!

The taco shop apartments:

$400 a month. Basically a college dorm room with a sink, and if I recall my hazy nights in there, shared bathrooms. Not a big deal if you know everyone in there, but I imagine sharing a shitter with some middle aged woman who worships NASCAR could gets weird… or fun… who knows!



I know some people hang around Windells and wait until someone inevitably gets fired. With one day inbetweens this year, some one is bound to crack! My personal recommendation would be to work at the adventure park at Ski Bowl. Run a zip line, say “shaka” to tourists, who knows you might enjoy yourself. I think you also get a discounted pass. You could also try Timberline Lodge running lifts, or try your luck at the many hotel jobs.



Public park is poppin’. Christian Hobush. 

Public Park is really your only option. You are not legally allowed to hike up with a snowboard without a lift ticket (people do it…sneakily) so hiking up and riding is fine and dandy until you get caught. I don’t know if “dig to ride” is still a thing, but there was once a time where you could be the kid who has to put up all the sponsor banners (the banner bitch) at 7 am and they would let you ride other park when you weren’t salting. If you don’t know a digger personally and you don’t have the intention of staying through the summer, I assure you, dig to ride is not worth it. I repeat, If you are only going to be there for a few days and you are not good enough at snowboarding to convince HCSC to just give you pass, It would be a better use of your time to ride public.


charlies copy

Charlie’s, the woods, or the Ratskellar are your choices. If you want to hang with the locals go to Charlies, if you’re looking for tourist babes, world cup games, growlers or infused liquor creations, go to the Rat.  If you’ve seen one night out in Gov’y though, you’ve probably seen them all. Beer. Fried food. Cig party outside. You know the drill.

Local Knowledge


Silent rock is REAL. Don’t sell things to the campers and not expect to get yelled at. Huckleberry shakes are overrated and too expensive. Their are no girls, but sometimes there are. But they are taken. This might matter. Probably doesn’t. Also, clean up your campsite and don’t be an asshole.

For more tips, check out the ones we wrote in 2012. Not that much has changed.

Gov’y Lost Its Best Bartender


If you’ve spent any time in Gov’y, then surely you’ll remember Geoff Ecker, a staple at Charlie’s. We post with heavy hearts that Geoff has passed away and will no longer be putting up with your shit. If you never had the pleasure, enjoy this interview Colleen did with the man himself. RIP Geoff.

Update: Jeff had suffered several seizures recently, though his cause of death is unknown. His body was found this morning.

12 Steps for Survival in Government Camp

Many who have visited Government camp as a camper might be tempted to think that surviving Govy Life is a cake walk. I would describe it as more of a war zone.

If you want to survive in Gov’y, you will need and should know the following things. Keep this information secret though, for one of the most dangerous things you can do in Gov’y is identify yourself as a newcomer. Hell, two minutes into my first trip to Gov’y, a drunk guy with a mullet punched me in the face for referring to “the Rat” by its real name.

1.) Material for a shelter

With most of the houses occupied by camp go-ers, workers, ski racers, and legitimate people who aren’t vagabonds, your options are pretty much live in the woods, or….live in the woods. Sure, there are a couple abandoned houses in the neighborhood, but that shit is prime real estate! By the time you are reading this sentence, Gov’y lurkers are already stretching out for a siesta in the living room of the place. When setting up your camp zone keep a few things in mind: 1. Set your tent up on a dry day, otherwise you will rot in there. 2. The ground is hard as hell and uneven at most parts. 3. At this point of the year there is still snow in most of the woods so you might have to dig out a site.

Popular places to camp are “the air strip” a stretch of pavement in the woods just north of the Timberline access road, Lake Trillium, and anywhere along the access road that is far enough out that park rangers won’t detect you.

2.) The cheapest supplies cannot be found in GOV’Y

For most food items, you should be doing your searching west of Government Camp at the local Thriftway, or Mount Hood Foods. Anything you buy in Gov’y is going to be jacked up in price. Side note, I have heard rumor that the dude who owns Taco Shoppe will give you food in trade for free dishwashing labor.

3.) Instant Gov’y Power

People that have been coming to Govy’ for many summers can smell out a newcomer in ten seconds flat. As soon as you get to Government Camp, mash up a Cobra Dog, Huckberry milkshake, Taco Shoppe taco, and a Volcano Cone into a paste and digest. You could eat these things separately, but don’t be a pussy, it’s all going to the same place. Your body will store the food there for at least a week, as long as you preserve it in your stomach with a fair amount of beer and cheap whiskey. Once you have ingested these essential Government Camp nutrients, your scent will match that of the other lurkers, this will trick them into thinking you are one of them.


4.) Several different band T-shirts and a working thumb

Hitchhiking up the access road to Timberline isn’t the worst thing in the word, but it can be discouraging after a short wait. If you aren’t getting the response you need, change up your band t-shirt a couple times, someone is bound to give you love. Also, a sign can be key, but it’s got to be good, and not too creepy.

5.) Sun screen and a thin face protector

When it’s not raining, the sun reflection off the volcano snow is basically roasting your face into oblivion. if you don’t want to look like a rock zombie, do yourself a favor and cover your face.

6.) Invest heavily in PB&J, hot dogs and marshmallows

Non-perishable food is clutch when living in the woods, you will need food that is quick, light, and wont taste bad if it’s been completely charred in a fire.


7.) High Mountain Cafe is essential to the common lurker.

If you are in need of something dire, a weed connect, a new pair of goggles, Final Cut, what have you, put in some time at the cafe and you might find you end up getting what you need. Make sure to be respectful and mindful of others though, being a dick is not going to get you anywhere.


8.) Hatchet and knife.

Your craftiness will be put to the test while trying to survive in the Government Camp woods, simple tents will suck if you are planning on being there for the long hall.

9.) Bring shit to barter

Be it old gear, gypster medallions, or sexual favors, having something to offer people in trade for commodities might end up saving your life. Note: The camp is NOT stoked on you being there and have strict rules against you hustling shit to little kids. (High Cascade has a monopoly over robbing kids of their parents money) if you have plans to sell your wares to campers, play it cool, many don’t take kindly.

10.) Poncho is your friend

In case you didn’t know, it rains a fuck-ton on Mount Hood, this is the Pacific Northwest, people. From a majority of the videos, you might expect that it was a non-stop summer wonder land — not always the case. Be prepared for the inevitable rain bouts that will strike Government Camp for sometimes days at a time.

11.) Be minimal

Don’t bring your most important valuables to the woods. Like I said folks, it’s a war-zone, if you flaunt your nice camera around, people might take notice and try and jack that shit. Bring your computer if you must, the cafe has free internet, but keep it hidden, flaunting does not bode well.


12.) Dig to ride, if you dare.

It’s true, there is a secret network that grants you access to the HCSC parks. The problem is that it involves you paying the price of a lift ticket to split your time between shredding and doing bitch-work. My suggestion to you would be to just ride public park, it is more bang for your buck, plus you won’t become the focal point of ridicule from the diggers, which inevitably happens. Seriously, those dudes hate everyone.

Terrible Tuesday: Pay for Lift Tickets with Dave Doman

With a bag of art supplies and a piece of plywood he found in the woods, Dave Doman uses his creative genius to cover the cost of lift tickets while camping out at Mt. Hood.

As Dave is snapping the plywood into pieces he explains how this exercise is less about making money and more a form of therapy as he continues to recover from an awfully serious brain injury.

His pieces sold out fast to campers, camp directors, and pro snowboarders for 10 bucks a pop.

Summer Camp Start Ups: Pizza Party

Hannah and Tim, at your service. All photos: Jonathan Herre

All of your hard work finally paid off and your dreams have come true- you’ve made it as a “pro” snowboarder. It shouldn’t take long before you realize that unless you are competing in the Olympics or you’re going to do the Merengue with Ralph Macchio on National Television, you better figure out some sort of cash flow quick to keep the dream alive. Mt. Hood is a tried and true breeding ground for snowboard start-up companies and this summer, a couple more hype brands worth mentioning have sprouted up. Stay tuned as we’ll be profiling a few of the companies that have sprouted up this summer. First up: Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller’s Pizza Party. Party time! Excellent!

You’re stuck on a desert island. You can only eat 3 different pizzas for the rest of your life. Which do you choose?

Hannah: 1. A wood-fire pizza with fresh corn, a corn puree melted into the crust, green chilies, cilantro, sour cream and cheese. My mouth is watering talking about it. 2. A dessert pizza with peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip. 3. Classic Margherita with fresh tomato sauce and just a little cheese and basil.
Tim: 1. A breakfast pizza with an egg cracked open on it, freschetta, and some roasted potatoes. 2. A classic veggie pizza. 3. A dessert pizza with nutella, banana and a peanut butter frosting sauce.

Why pizza?

Hannah: Pizza is just a great vehicle to put food into your mouth. You can put anything on it and it’s always going to taste good.
Tim: Because it’s my favorite food.

What’s been the best part about starting your own business?

Hannah: Being able to see your ideas come to life. It’s a cool art project that people can taste.
Tim: When kids tell us it’s the best pizza they’ve ever had.

Who wears the apron?

Hannah: Probably Tim because I make him do all the dishes.
Tim: Hannah, because she’s a better cook than me.

Word on the street is that you make lots of dough?

Hannah: We make mad dough. We roll in the dough.
Tim: We make mad dough. Hella dough.

What is the Surprise Party this session?

Sliced meatballs made from local northwest free-range beef with mozzarella, local oven roasted mushrooms and onions with a pesto ricotta, fresh basil and a tomato sauce.

The Dalai Lama walks up to Pizza Party and says, “ make me one with everything.” What would give him?

Hannah: [Laughs]. This is a brain twister, because I’d like to be one with everything. I guess I’d give him myself.
Tim: Oh man. He’s probably a vegetarian, so I would give him a simple cheese pizza.

Pizza Party is a a party in your mouth, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the people are saying:

“This pizza tastes like epic deliciousness”- Ben Ross, snowboarder

“I don’t trust you, I don’t trust you at all. It’s a good pizza- succulent flavors”- Hondo, HCSC camper

“I can’t talk my mouth is full. But it’s really, really good”— Tbird, birdman

“It’s so good! Wow, it’s awesome! “- Erin Comstock, pro

“You might want to stand back. Hmmm… Well, I was right about my prediction about it being zesty, although I didn’t foresee it being so deliciously mild. I’d say it doesn’t “smang” you in the face as hard as you think it’s going to. I mean, there’s a lot of stuff crammed on top of this pizza so you think you’re going to bite into it and it’s going to be like- chewing, chewing, BOOM! Explosion button! Two handed yack in the mouth via the pizza. In reality, it just settles and your pallet doesn’t take too much of a beating. It just slides right down your throat hole no problem. It’s delicious, thank you.”- Andrew Loiaza, HCSC employee

[In thick Italian accent making stereotypical Italian pizza guy gestures] “Good, it’s so good. It’s, ah, same [as pizza in Italy]. I try it- another pizza, it’s not the same”- Alberto Maffae, actual real life Italian camper.

“Mmm. It’s an amazing combination of ah.. Wow… so fresh. I didn’t know it could get this fresh up in Government Camp. The basil tastes like it was just handpicked. They must have a basil bush behind Pizza Party”- Tucker Andrews, 40-year old 19-year old.

O Summer, Where Art Thou?

Dear Summer,

Technically you were supposed to start on June 21st. I would have been nice if you started early, and acceptable if you waited until July 4th because this is Oregon, and we’re used to that. But cold and rainy on July 18, 19th and 21st is really not going to work. You see, this is easily the busiest week of the summer snowboarding season at Mt. Hood. I’m not sure exactly why so many events have been packed into this session, but everyone is up here trying to get things done.

The rain on Tuesday was ok, I guess, though it was a bummer for the shop dudes who came from all over to test out Nike Boots from the future in the 2012 wear test. We made the best of it though, with a little afternoon drinking at the Rat, during which time we were able to convince Jesse Burtner to have a grown-up premiere of Ransack Rebellion. That lead to a night of drinking at the Rat, and a who’s who of snowboarding, including ender-haver Nick Visconti, got a sneak peak of the movie. It was good. Like real good, and while it was running, we all forgot about the miserable weather outside. (The whiskey helped too.)

[nggallery id=140]

Then on Wednesday, you kept the clouds low enough that the campers could finally get some real riding in. POW’s first annual Golf/Snowboarding tournament happened, as well as the Mt. Hood edition of Boxes for Days. We really appreciated that, as did the High Cascade campers who tried to get the most-tech on the super long box set up and win boards, beanies, wax and more. Bananas were flying, Burter was emceeing, kids left with snowboards and someone even scored a Poler tent. Really, every one won.

[nggallery id=139]

Would it have been so much to ask for another nice day today (Thursday, Day 6, Day 5, depending on where you are)? We don’t really care about the events that were put off today, but we do feel bad for the snowboard campers who paid $200 to see Harry Potter at Sandy Cinema, again. Oh yeah, and we’re doing our Frozen T-Shirt contest webcast from Windells tonight at 8. I mean, we can do it inside BOB, but it’s so much nicer out in the fresh air. Just saying…

Look at what the rain has forced the dudes at the DC house to do!?

So look, you have one-two more days this session to make it up to us. On Friday our friends at Homeschool Snowboarding are having a Method contest. It’s gonna be in the public park, which means you have to give us 100% sunshine. No low lying clouds, no fog, no rain. Just sun. I promise, we’ll take advantage of it and be forever grateful. No more rain days though, this is getting old. Don’t make us just skip back to winter again and jump a plane to South America.



Terrible Tuesday: Mt. Hood Man Scream

What do you get when you put 20 dudes in a cabin in Government Camp?

Colleen’s Columnoscopy: Know Your Bartender

Whether you make the choice to be a respectful and rule abiding bar-goer, or the mountain town floozy who skips out on bar tabs and pukes on the floor- the relationship between you and your bartender is one of the most crucial interactions of a summer spent in a snowboard town. If you’re the former, you know your bartender by name, ask them how they’re doing and tip for every drink you buy. You may have even gone as far as to invite them to a house party up the road. If you’re the latter, you probably are on the list of people who have managed to get kicked out of a Government Camp bar- which is impressive in it’s own right. But you will regret it when your whiskey comes with extra water. Take some advice from a local bartender and learn how make this relationship a functioning (alcoholic) one.

Meet Geoff, your best friend when you want a stiff drink in Government Camp.

How long have you been bartending here?

Forever. I came here officially in August of ’93.

Tell me about the bar crowd.

It’s been said that no one lives here who isn’t running from something. But a lot of people don’t realize they can’t run from themselves.

That’s deep. What’s the general vibe here during the summer?

People are just up here on vacation and here to have fun.

Does it bum you out that some of the permanent vacationers like to pee their pants and on each other in your bar?

I have not witnessed that.

Whoops, nevermind.

[Laughs]. I pretty much wouldn’t tolerate that if I saw it. But it really depends on the situation and the person. If you’re peeing in a bar you’re probably blacked out drunk. I don’t want to sound, like, completely open to peeing in the bar, but people are crazy. People do crazy things.

Tell us about the tip jar incident last year.

We don’t like when people steal. The difference between stealing and peeing is that, if you’re like in the backyard playing horseshoes and you guys have some weird game where you pee on each other, you know, OK, you’re not hurting anybody. Stealing is theft, that’s completely different.

So when there’s an incident or a fight breaks out, you’re the guy that handles it?

I don’t like fighting, but its part of the deal. There are all kinds of drunks. There’s the happy drunk, the sleepy drunk, the sloppy drunk, the funny drunk, the angry drunk, the fighting drunk…

Based on you seeing me in there, what kind of drunk am I?

You’ve been not vulgar, but risque. Um, I don’t know if violent is the word, but um, you were definitely aggressive the other night.

So you’re saying I verge on the border of indecency. What about tipping?

I understand at times people don’t have money to tip, but if you never have money to tip, that’s not cool.

Can a girl get stronger drinks for flirting and dressing suggestively?

I try to keep it pretty even as far as drinks go. But, I’m human, if you’re a hot chick and you’re flirting with me I’m going to pay more attention to you.

Thanks Geoff, any final words of wisdom for patrons of Charlie’s?

Charlie would say it’s all part of growing up.

Can I get a jack on the rocks?


Colleen’s Columnoscopy

One of these photos is from five years ago. Can you tell which one? I can’t, and they’re from my personal iphoto library. It’s my fifth summer living in Government Camp and the only way I can tell the summers apart is by associating the good times and incidents with the house I live in that year. Since I got here last week I’ve funneled more beers than a post-grad should (I did not do that in college, ever). I broke a beer bottle over a friend’s head, misted a roommate in beer that came from my mouth and performed a proper snakebite (more to come). I’ve been told this column should be interesting since I have a unique perspective. I guess that at almost six feet tall I’ve got an eagle’s eye view, but I can pretty much guarantee that using a hand mirror to look at your meat curtains will be more exciting than reading anything I have to say. I apologize in advance for my vulgarity, it’s just the way I’ve always been.

Your stock Government Camp Loop HWY photo

That’s what you get for passing out in the corner

Mandatory weena time.

Hondo from my perspective, yep I’m tall and he’s short.

It’s not as weird as it looks.

Bluebird, day one.

Stay tuned for a summer in Government Camp, how it looks from 6 feet off the ground…

Cobra Dogs: The Movie

Up in Government Camp, things can get a little weird. Luckily the Cobra Dogs cart is there to make things even weirder. Introducing Cobra Dogs: The Movie. A Micah Hollinger film. Starring…. Matty Mo, Andrew Martin, Ali Atmaca, Mark Thompson, Ben Bogart, Chris Grenier, Dave Renolds, Kyle Fisher, Cassie Margolin, Monica Mason, Tammy, and Chris Larson…

Pour One Out for Charlie


If you’ve gone snowboarding on Mt. Hood, then there’s a good chance you’ve encountered Charlie, or at least, given him some money. Sadly, Charlie Sperr Sr., the man who started and ran Charlie’s Mountain View, passed away in his sleep on June 20th, 2010.

As one of the two bars in town, Charlie’s has been a must visit since it opened in 1977. It the “good ol’ days” it was not just a watering hold, but the only establishment with antenna TV (aka contact with the outside world), otherwise known as “Charlie Vision.”

And Charlie’s legacy in Gov’y started long before Charlie’s doors opened. He actually started the Ratskellar in 1963. According to Cobra Dog’s Cory Grove, he was also the purveyor of the first hot dog stand in the town, not to mention a WW2 vet and and all around badass. He could usually be found sitting in his chair at the end of the hardwood bar.

So if you make it to Gov’y this year, be sure to stop by Charlie’s, have a drink, and pour some out for Charlie.