Blast Off: Danika Duffy

One minute of maneuvers.

Sad Girls - Lonely

Norwegian jib gurlz

The Most Badass Women in Snowboarding - Part 1

Pain, suffering and youtube views with the Hardest chicks in the game.

T∞ H▲RD : The Fancy Fall Chronicles

Ever watched a girl slam and wondered, "What was she thinking!?"

Roxy Shooting Star Week One Winners: Danika Duffy and Sarah Fruendt

The entries are stacking up, here's the best of the best this week!

Laura Rogoski Season Edit

Not bad for a broad from Vermont.

Roxy Refreshments: One Life

After the incredible reaction to Libby and Emily's guide to being cool, it was clear you guys want more women's snowboarding! Good thing Roxy just sent over it's latest Refreshments episode featuring Kjersti Buaas and her One Life crew.…

Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow Teaser #2

Another teaser from the lovely ladies at Peep Show. The video is now available, so click on over to and buy it, damn it. While we're telling you what to do, buy a hoodie and some Nike Boots too!

Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow Teaser

The best part of girl's snowboarding? Boobs. Check out :19.