Everybody’s Surfin’ Now

Snowboarders take a lot of flack for trying to be skateboarders, but if you know your history, we’re actually ALL trying to be surfers. So it’s time for a theme post! First up, we have Jeff the Athlete and Alex Cato’s prequel to their big wave piece. The waves were breaking small, so they just brought out some skim boards. Cross your fingers for decent surf later in the week.

Meanwhile, in Montana, Nate Falconer was land-locked surfing the best he can but Mother Nature was being kind of a bitch. So here’s how he killed some time while waiting to get so pitted (good news, that’s actually what he’s doing right now.)

And finally, since surfers respect their elders, here’s a little throwback from Jason Brown. In the late 90s, this dude was the COOLEST.