Keir Dillon Makes Peace with his FRENDS on Hump Day

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"Even if you look at FRENDS from day one. Action sports, youth lifestyle and then morphing into a women’s fashion company. You can only control things so much."

Danny Davis' Homeless Hump Day

Peace, love and Olympic boycotts

Frendly Gathering 2014

My sister went to the Frendly Gathering so you didn't have to.

Mammoth Mondays: The Frendly Gathering

Sort of like Woodstock, but in Mammoth, and with more snowboarders.

Frendly Gathering at Mammoth June 2-6

If you like partying, snowboarding, camping, partying, hanging out with sweet pros, partying, and other things of that nature, and are anywhere near Mammoth, then you'll probably wanna click over to Facebook and RSVP for the Frendly Gathering.…

SIA Sponsorship Shuffle

Keeping up with the constant barrage of sponsor changes is hard enough when you're sitting in front of a computer all day, and of course, during SIA, when we're not, is when everyone decided to add new riders to their teams. Needless to…

Frends of Mountain Creek

Must be nice to have a high-powered agency representing your crew. The Frends have an energy drink sponsor, headphone line and now a resort partnership with Mountain Creek. Yes, they are slightly more high profile riders than say, Tranny Finders,…

HCSC Session Dos Video

, Though my one day on hill during session two was socked in, it appears they actually had a grand old time in the sun in my absence. Plus the Frends were there, and who doesn't like those guys!?

Hump Day with Scotty Lago

Nick and Brooke bombard Scotty Lago via iChat. Hilarity ensues.