Bottom Line – BangingBees

Frenchmen in the park: featuring Pierre Scafidi, Matteo Cuny, Louis Labertrande, Nico Palladio, Arthur Ney, Bastien Sturma, Jake Simpson, Thomas Chassagne, Thibaut Pomorat, Paul Veron, Sully Monod, Basile Rameau, Antho Brotto, Niels Schack, Marveen Valdent, Clément Caspar, and Basile Rihn

EnjoythePark Ep. 2

A Spanish crew in the South of France in the snowpark of Font Romeu. Featuring: Jesus Lopez , Hector Cash , Victor Gallego, Victor Alonso, Borja Olave, Diego Gonzalez,Jaime Castro, Adria Aldana , Enzo Valax and Adan Baserba.
Music : Moderat – intruder
Filmed and edited by Hector Cash

BangingBees Coldwave Ep. 1

New series from the French BangingBees crew, shot at Chamrousse Sunsetpark outside Grenoble in France. Featuring Victor Daviet, Thomas Delfino, Félix Carlier, Pierre Scafidi, Lionel Simon, Théo Duparc, Tristan Hamel, Lucas Poullet, Sofian Gobillot and Basile Rameau.

Filmed & edited by Lionel Simon & Théo Duparc

Produced by Julien Mounier

Theo and Louis Declerck – Vars 2017

Théo and Louis Declerck at Vars in France.
Song : Oliver Yeenreally
Filming : Bergiron Vivian and Nurdin Julien
Cut : Marchal Kevin

Workers – Full Movie

From the fiery streets of France. The Workers crew featuring Antho Berland, Anto Brotto, Bastien Sturma, Theo Declerck, Pierrot Scafidi, Igor Wandfluh, Marveen Valdent, Lionel Simon, Louis Decletck, Louis Labertrande, Lucas Poullet, Julien Emch and friends.

Hello Winter

A French powder mash-up from the Matiere Blanche crew. No French speaking required, powder is an international language.

Lucas Abadie – 2016

French side hits, powder slashes, rail dancing and one-footers from the Matiére Blanche crew.

Workers – Teaser

New street flick coming soon out of France.

Hold Your Horses – Les 2 Alpes

Les Shnalpages

Featuring Antoine Baduel, Nello Lefeuvre, Justin Dutilh, Yrwan Garcia Leal, Pierrot Scafidi, Niels Shack, Lionel Simon, Tristan Hamel, Théo Declerck, Louis Declerck, Julien Mounier, Anthony Brotto, and Romain Taillefer.