Maxime Desroches – Full “Confused” Part

Solid street part from the latest Headstones movie “Confused” out of Quebec.

French Fragrance – A Street Movie

The smells of snowboarding in the streets of French Canada. Featuring: Francis Bélanger, Gauvain Beaudry-Sarrazin, Mathieu Morin, Lenny Rawlinson, Marjorie Couturier, Mathias Fortier, Louis-Jacob Campbell, Samuel Vachon, Philippe Mercier-Gilbert, Philippe Carpentier, Bernard Joanette-Rocheleau, Louis-Philippe Charbonneau

Video by Xavier Bossé and Ulysse Dubé-Burelle

Alexis Bédard-Généreux 2015-2016

Street part from Quebec and the Headstones crew.

French Fragrance Teaser

Riders: Gauvain Sarrazin, Louis-Philippe Charbonneau, Louis-Jacob Campbell, Bernard Joanette, Mathieu Morin, Francis Bélanger, Samuel Vachon, Philippe Mercier, Phil Carpentier and Lenny Rawlinson.

The Bruners Video Teaser

This is the chapter after Nowamean’s Renaissance. A fresh new start that fully represents who we have become troughout the years: a dynamic group of friends who have learned how to work together and help each other, with common desire to produce the best snowboard video we can. – Much love. The Bruners family

Featuring: Alex Gogo, Alexis Mailhot, Axel Stall, Chris Fellner, Emile Veilleux, L-p Dorval, Mas Seguin, Nic Roy, Russel Beardsley

Hugo Dubé-Bouchard at Akamp