Pro Dudes 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

NYE_ArticleThe year 2013, some said it would never happened, and they are stupid. Moving forward, changing the calendar and pretending to lose weight are now on the horizon. So what resolutions are being made in the snowboard world? The results will probably not surprise you. Some will try to improve while others will continue to fuck off, around and in anything they can. Here’s a smattering of answers from some of Yobeat’s favorite personalities.

Famed photographer and bike enthusiast Tim Zimmerman said, “My only resolution is to listen to way more Pink Floyd. Might as well take advantage of the new weed law in Washington, right?” making the Yobeat staff wonder what it’s like to be high in a helicopter.

Forum dude Cam Pierce said, “I didn’t really make one. But, if I had to pick right now it would probably be to stop worrying about  stupid little things.” Does he mean little things like 10-stair rails which Forum traditionally has no time for, or like the fact that his main sponsors just went out of business?

All around good-time-guy Niko Coffi said, “For GBP/Gremlinz to take ova’. I wanna be rich an’ laugh at all the other petty industry people an’ go to Bora Bora wit’ my baybegirl.” Check urban dictionary for a quick translation.

Recently engaged Nick Visconti said, “Keep Jesus IN Snowboarding.” Which is either more of his super I love Jeebus nonsense, or a witty remark regarding our once great “Keep God out of Snowboarding” shirts.

The filthy, yet lovable Billy Mackey said, “Get fat as shit, have a pet bear, move into the woods and never talk to anyone again.” and while we think that is rad, we don’t want to see him go just yet.

Intern of the Year and now Poler bad boy Alex Burton said, “Disconnect from friends that don’t matter, sell my shitty track bike, save money, get better at what I do, call grandma and get some teeth pulled.” Maybe Alex and Grandma can bond over false teeth?

DWD Pro Ben Bogart said, “I think I might save my New Year’s Resolution for 2014 and piss off for another year.” and we couldn’t be prouder of the guy.

Finally, Durell Williams said, “Hook up with as many white girls as humanly possible.” which is such an odd thing for a handsome black snowboarder to say, right?

Do you have a resolution worth mentioning, or is it simply, “Gosh I hope I lose this tire of human flesh from my gunt this year.” If so, post ’em below. The best one might get a free sticker pack, if we remember…


You Know You Want Flippin’ Bird Stickers

Riding high off their Internet successes, the Flippin’ Bird crew is getting some stickers made. Since they want to spread the love, all you have to do is like their Facebook Page and then send them your address. The word from Tanner:

500 flippin bird stickers are ordered and will arrive to my house september 3rd. they are UV protected vinyl and are 3×4 inch rectangles. Send me a message with your address if you want a couple. You must like the flippin bird page in order to get them free.

Who doesn’t love free stickers? Link:

Backyard Bangin’ in Denver This Weekend

If you want free stickers, then Salomon Snowboarding’s Backyard Bang is the place to be in Denver this weekend! Relive some memories from last year by watching the video and then read the full release and see which of your favorite pros and psuedo pros are confirmed to be there. Read more

Two Ways to Get Free YoBeat Stickers!

It’s Nick Lipton’s day to post, which means it could be a matter of minutes, or hours, before he gets his shit together to tell you about the rest of his epic adventure across this great land of ours. Wait for it, as there may very well be pictures of boobs involved. However, to tide you over, we bring you this public service announcement.

There is a good chance you love free stickers. Who (under the age of 30) doesn’t? We’ve been weeding away at the office, and we’ve got plenty of stickers in various colors to give to you. Now we could just send them to various premieres for product tosses, but that’s not very fun, nor is it a productive use of anyone’s time. Instead, we’ve concocted two ways to make you earn them: one fun, and one easy.

Option 1: Become a Local in the Forum

Maybe you have already accomplished this, or you are well on your way, but when you reach local status in the forum (it takes 30 posts) we’ll send you stickers. This is of course, the fun way to earn your stickers, because thus far the YoBeat Forum community is a pretty entertaining and exciting place with people who are not total idiots. However, if you feel that the way to reach 30 posts is to write the same ridiculous and unrelated thing on every thread, you could ruin that (and we’ll just delete them), so, don’t be that guy. There is no time limit, we plan on making sure every YoBeat “local” for the rest of eternity gets free stickers.

Option 2: Buy Something in the Store

Ok, this is not technically “free” but it kind of is. If you buy anything: this includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, the hats I crochet when I am watching TV, etc, you’ll get free stickers. The bigger your purchase, the more stickers you’ll get (and the more likely that we’ll include a large decal too!) And just think, not only will you have super cool YoBeat stickers, but other super cool YoBeat merch too. YES!

So that’s it. Now hopefully Nick gets his shit together and posts some actual content, but you know, no promises.

Win This Kit!


You may remember we have a little giveaway/promotion/general awesome deal going on. If you buy a snowboard before the end of November 2009 from any brand other than Burton, and send us a copy of a receipt, we’ll send you stickers. But that’s not all! Doing so will also enter you in a drawing for a soft goods kit including some of the items we “tested” in the Party Time Product reviews. We finally got off our lazy asses and took a picture of the stuff we’re sending out, so we figured, might as post it and let you know what one lucky consumer will be winning!

If you can’t tell, the kit includes:

09/10 Bonfire Cascade Jacket

09/10 Bonfire Prism Pant

09/10 DAKINE Mustang Gloves

09/10 DAKINE Fulcrum Crew Baselayer

Most of the items are slightly used, but we assure you they have been sufficiently disinfected. So if you’re buying (or have already bought) a snowboard this year, don’t miss your chance to win. Go here for all the details.

Buy a Snowboard, Get Free Stickers


We don’t know about you, but we’re getting bored with messing with the big B. It’s been fun, but it’s time to move on people. That said, we figured as a final thank you to all the brands who are awesome, and not trying to play hard ball with the media, we’ll give away some stickers! Read more