Forum Lives in Europe?

Solving Internet mysteries

#Forum Now Available on iTunes

The final film from Forum.


This is a big LEAK so get excited.

#Forum: The Movie

#Hashtags. #yes! #Forum and follow the hype as one of the best teams in snowboarding does it again. Dropping October 2012, this short film of A-grade bangers is sure to please the most Internet savvy riders, as well as the not so digitally…

SIA 2012: Day 2

Nick Lipton walked two miles to deliver this report (plus lots of photos)

The Streets Opening Video

Seven Springs and Forum take the streets to the mountain.

Forum's Bringing the Streetz to the Park

Remember when you used to have to go out and find urban spots, and then set them up and worry about getting kicked out. Man, that was a bummer. Well good news, Seven Springs is getting all sorts of urban this season, and it's accessed by lifts.…

Summer Ain't Over: The Vacation Tour is About to Start

If you live in the northern hemisphere, summer is quickly coming to an end … but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare are about to bring the Vacation to you! Just sit back and relax as you marvel…

Super Sneak Peak from Forum

Since you've clearly forgotten all those SIA posts from last winter, and despite what the ad reps are saying, you probably haven't actually looked at any buyer's guides, so Forum is taking advantage of your laziness to entertain you on facebook!…

Forum's Vacation Teaser

Crack a cold one and enjoy the teaser for the new Forum flick.

SIA 2011 DAY 2: Back for More

Unlike miniramps at skate tradeshows, it's easy to drop in on the session at the Salomon booth. All the snowboarders are busy taking photos with their phones. Day two of SIA 2011 happened and it was a lot like day one. New products,…

F' It, Check out the World Tour

Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare are pleased to announce the world premiere of their latest feature film F’ It, and the start of this year’s Global Tour. Starring John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Jake Welch, Niko Cioffi, Cameron…