The People's Court is Back in Session for 2018

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Featuring John Garoutte, Jack Armbruster, Kinsley Pearen, Matt Ganley, Andrew Tassell, Evan Erickson and Miko Rehnberg. The Verdict is up to you!

Efforts: A Love Story - The Final Flanel Lifestyles FULL MOVIE

A fond farewell to college life from the homies in Michigan.


Flanel Lifestyles at Cannonsburg. Brandon Vandyke, Jeremy Vandyke, Ryan Piscotta, Jack Tobin, Tye Kowalski, Jake Devries, Aiden Hascall, Linden Cool, Tyler May, Adam Rottschafer, Adam Homi, Micah Sienkowski, Joey Peterson and Matt Miller.

Turn Down

Cannonsburg with the Flanel Lifestyles crew. Featuring Jeremy Vandyke, Linden Cool, Jake Visser, Brett Kulas, Jack Harris, Jake Devries and Avery Erickson.

Charles Beck "When it Happens"

Charles' full part, and then ender from Flanel Lifestyles full-length "When it Happens."

Dusty Miller from "When it Happens"

From the recent Flanel Lifestyles full length.

When It Happens - Full Movie

Full-length Michigan flick from this week's Hump Day recipient, Mike Harrington.

Flanel Lifestyle's We're Done

Cannonsburg Closing weekend

Flanel Lifestyles: Where We Belong

Turkey legs and nose rings.

Keep it Together at Cannonsburg

A normal Tuesday at Cburg.


Broken knee caps, polar vortex cold nights and a record snow fall.

Dusty Miller's Take Care Part

The Northern technical magician

Charles Beck's Take Care part

From underdog to opener.

Take Care (Trailer)

You know you spelled "Flanel" wrong?