Diagnosis: Pow.A.Noia

We live in a time and place in the world where illnesses can be fixed. As long as you have enough money, a story worthy of a TLC special, or live in a truly magical place with socialized medicine, there’s probably a cure for what ails you! But the fabled disease of Powanoia has baffled medical professional for years.

Over the 2016/17 season, Fancy Rutherford, Madison Blackley, Christine Savage, Taylor Elliott, Hanna Eddy, Iris Lazzarichi, Riley Elliott, Melissa Riitano, and Yui Sotoma set out on a mission to diagnose and cure this illness once and for all, and their full reports are finally in.

Official Diagnosis: Powanoia can be described by a strong tendency to frontside slash or ride the perfect line, or medical mental illness that causes extreme feelings of air time. Powanoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by fresh snowfall, often to the point of dropping all responsibility and calling in sick to work.[1]


Lead researcher: Kieth Rutherford

Additional research: Tyler Blackburn, Matt Hines, Tim Eddy, Moss Halladay, Nick Bliss, Ahmet Dadali, Madison Blackley, and Melissa Riitano

Too Hard: Fancy Rutherford Re-Edit

The most prim and proper lass of Too Hard, here’s a remix of Fancy’s clips from last season.

#stinkyfamily: The Girls ’15 Edit

een and unseen shots of Fancy Rutherford, Elena Graglia and Melissa Evans from the past winter.

T∞ H▲RD : The Fancy Fall Chronicles

How many times have you watched a gnarly girl bail and asked yourself, “What the fuck was she thinking?” We asked Danyale Patterson to explore just that, and so she sat down Fancy Rutherford for a little one on one about the fall that broke her arm in 6 places this winter while filming for their flick, T∞ Hâ–²RD. If you’re squeamish or a small child, we recommend you don’t watch this.

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