Fan Mail: What The Hell Happened to The-House Boardshop and


I’ve been a huge fan of Yobeat for years, keep up the greatness!

Recently, I’ve been getting more and more annoyed with The-House boardshop. At one time it was a cool little core shop in St. Paul MN where a rider could come find last year’s gear at discount pricing. I even bought my first board from them with soft vans boots and low back baseplateless bindings. For a boarder on a budget it was huge for me to be able to put more money to lift tickets and trips than on the latest and greatest gear.

The internet boom quickly turned them into a much larger online retailer but still one that focused on skate, ski, and mainly snowboarding. Continuing to be known for discounting old gear.

Recently they have been spending tons of money to get Nascar Sponsorships and now have partnered with the MLB becoming the OFFICIAL ACTIVE SPORTS COMPANY FOR BASEBALL. I am confused and alienated. Is this some vain attempt to become the Walmart of boardshops? Forgive me, it’s no longer a boardshop it’s an Active Sports Company.. It’s garbage and they are garbage for it.

I was hoping you could dig up a little dirt on these greedy corpo pigs and stick it to them in an article!

Here is their instagram link where that trash can be found:

Here is an article on The House being bought by Camping World (don’t let the name confuse they sell RV’s)

Whether you post or not, at least I’ve vented,

Love you, always and forever,


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the love and to answer your question, those “greedy corpo pigs” are actually a venture capitalist named Marcus Lemonis:

According to Wiki: “Marcus Anthony Lemonis (born November 16, 1973) is a Lebanese-born American businessman, investor, television personality, philanthropist and politician. He is currently CEO of Camping World and the star a CNBC reality show about saving small businesses.”

So, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Mr. Lemonis would be interested in (which was probably not struggling nearly as hard as some of his other recent aqcuisitons due to their solid online business) and it’s legion of young, hungry fans. Something like that has a lot of value to someone like him. And before you get too mad: here’s an article about how he’s actually helped to turn around Windward Boardshop. He also recently bought Minnesota Based Gander Mountain along with it’s subsidiary Overton’s out of Bankruptcy.

Since we really don’t know shit about the Minnesota snowboard scene while sitting out here in our Portlandian bubble, we turned to someone works closely with TheHouse, but spoke only on the condition of anonymity, for their opinion on the matter and why the owner of TheHouse (which was until that point a family owned biz) may have opted to sell.

“The previous owner was getting older and really didn’t have a plan to leave, but this opportunity came to him. I think the opportunity to have an out was too great not to make a move. To his credit, he took solid care of the staffers that had been there. Of course many remain and the forward motion from the new regime is business as usual and strong opportunities for many ahead. I didn’t see the NASCAR play for The House – I would’ve thought that would be more a Gander Outdoor thing – but it’s a thing. So is the MLB deal for The House and W82. It’s all really an unknown for the near future as to how the chips may fall.”

Now the good news: “The local shop business is the same, with good guys in there working and good line up of brands.” So if you actually live in St Paul, feel free to stop by, get a tune up, check out the new gear and help support the people who work there, if nothing else. Hope this helps you sleep better at night.

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Fan Mail: Lorenz Vyslozil’s Season Edit Breakdown

After yesterday’s how-to on getting your edit posted to this site, we received a swarm of submissions, most of which didn’t pass the 30 second test. But Austrian snowboarder Lorenz Vyslozil managed to crack the code, by breaking down his season edit pretty damn accurately. We laughed, maybe you will too.

opening the link – “not another edit out of Europe, those guys suck”
starting the video – “Of course he is using music which could be in one of 1000 Isenseven-style-edits”
watching the intro – “So much nature and lifestyle and OMG so many sponsors! What a cool dude.. not”
first tricks – “Opener could be landed cleaner and the rest is just basics… whaaaack”
some tricks later – “Ok, he wants everybody to know that he can do some tricks normal and switch.. such a poser”
backtail and sw backtail – “oh god when will those euro guys stop popping everything fakie or nollie?”
1:20 – “zeaching game on the bs-180-on-combos was on point”
1:55 – “wow overhead+nosegrab!!!!”
2:13 – “fs blunt combo was ugly as fuck”
2:17 – “those European guys cant build parks. like srsly?! This downrail is low as fuck”
2:32 – “I guess the sun is never shining in Austria….”
2:55 – “Ok, cool ender on the smallest rail we ever saw.”

Fan Mail (People Really do Win)

I am currently on “vacation.” This apparently means I am sitting in my hotel room in Hawaii, posting this on YoBeat. I am not just posting it because it is a genuine letter from the recent winner of our Sticker Giveaway that makes us look somewhere near saintly. No, I am posting it because I awoke to find NOTHING new posted on the site. My dedicated number two is deep in finals week but seriously, I left him a well-worded draft in the back end and all he had to do was draw a few pictures and post it. That’s it. I don’t blame him if Mr. Richards is having a busy week and can’t spend an hour on iChat. I am not mad when Hump Day goes up a few hours later. After all, I am on VACATION dammit! (See this link for proof) So hopefully Nick will awake from his stupor and do his damn job, but until then, we just wanted to prove people really do win with Congratulations to Jamal Conaway from Renton, WA whose CAPiTA Horrorscope purchase scored him this stuff:


Yobeat has been part of my daily ritual for some time now. I can always count on honest reviews, funny commentary and fresh perspectives about life in and out of snowboarding. It’s a place that makes me feel good. So anytime I get a new board or helmet it’s mandatory I slap a Yobeat sticker on it because I only rep what I feel is true and dope. Never in my time of being follower did I ever expect anything from Yobeat except content and opinions. That’s why the gratitude I feel today has left me speechless. Last night when I came home from work a large box was waiting for me on my porch. I was told to look out for something. But was this it? It was. From the dopest website on the web Yobeat! As I opened the box with a great deal of excitement, I was floored when I discovered what was inside; a red Bonfire jacket (the bomb), gray Bonfire pants (cool), not one but two Bonfire beanies (twice as nice), Dakine gloves (badass), long sleeve under layer shirt (hot) and my personal favorite Yobeat shirt & stickers (holla at cha boy!).

I’m completely blown away. It seems like thank you just it’s enough. I was a fan before now you guys can consider me family because that was some straight up love you showed me. As personal tribute I’m putting the biggest YOBEAT! sticker across my board and wear the hell out my new (slightly used) gear all winter long. I’m going to be known as the guy with the red jacket.


Jamal Connaway

Fan Mail


Yobeat’s Fan Mail department recently received this extremely odd email. In the email it stated that, “My girlfriend painted this of Gabby (Maiden), I think it is awesome, but I’d like to know what she thinks.  It is being sold by Stoked for 75 bucks – charity.” Upon opening the attachment and seeing the painting I again decided it was either a great joke, or a seriously odd email. Gabby’s reaction was one of shock and flattery. Gabby probably wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not either, but either way, below is the picture, and the description the artist wrote for it. 


“Born by the shores of Long Island in mid-70s. Always on the look out for Jaws. Became nomadic when Mother donned combat boots. Drew on walls, sidewalks, books, & paper while teachers wonked. Headed back North to attend New York Institute of Technology. Majored in Architecture, Danger, and Loud Muzac. Borrowed 1st board at Mt. Snow, VT. Bit ice all day; fell in love after 6secs of cruising in one direction. Graduated with Lets Just Join the Air Force & See The World Degree. Stationed near slopes, hi-fived Ski Days. Despite communications designator; routinely commissioned to create illustrations, programs, and gifts for personnel & events. Won Air Force awards for art & photography. Honorably separated. Pursuing art & hopeful of career that marries art & snowboarding. 5’7″, curvy, enjoy long walks in the snow, rock, soul, reggae, illustration, painting, graphic design, wailing as I work, & the color red.” – The Artist

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Fan Mail


This video comes from Scottie Gallo. He is a Dirty Jersey dude who recently did something very rare in snowboarding, he graduated from big kid college. Now that Mr. Gallo has a nifty degree from NYU his  super education and massive brain power have combined to not only make him a huge Yobeat fan (duh) but also a critic of all things snowboarding. In his Fan Mail Scottie expressed disdain for today’s shred flick market. Keying in on the fact that most films have shitty music and a lack of on-hill audio. While Gallo’s “edit” doesn’t have any on-hill audio (because of a re-editing process) he thinks his choice in music is pretty spot on because it (in a rough quote), “…accentuates its simplicity.” Gallo also admitted the quality of the edit was poor, and that he is no super-pro. So what do you think Yobeat readers? Watch the edit and cast your vote.

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