Lobster Cream Week in Iceland

This snowboarding video is NOT APPROVED by the Faith and Action committee. Watch at your own risk.

Island Born // Eiki Helgason Full Part

Holy Fuck. Eiki, filmed entirely in Iceland. Just watch. Serious heaters including a ten kink (spoiler) rail he spent a total of ten days over the last ten years trying.

Island Born - Eiki Helgason - Trailer and Zine

Island Born is a three part project from Eiki Helgason. Check out the e-zine they released today along with the trailer.

Not Snowboarding Podcast Ep. 45 - Eiki Helgason

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This week on the podcast, Nate and AJ talk to Eiki about vaping in iceland,, Sexual Snowboarding, jail in Iceland, and much more.

Europe - A Five Stan Review - PART II

The shocking conclusion of the European premiere tour to end all tours (until next year)!

Site Check: Lobster Snowboards 15/16

The strange maturation process of the Helgasons.

This Just Happened - Chapter 4.2

Sexual Snowboarding in Klappen Snow park

That Just Happened: Chapter 2

The boys from Sexual Snowboarding are so kinky!

This Just Happened. Chapter 1 of 4

The latest high jinx from the boys at Sexual Snowboarding

Hateline: 10/29/14

Halloween Special, Air and Style & Stan's Broadcast Gets Overtaken by Super Pros!

Win Eiki's Jib Board

The Helgasons aren't satisfied with the number of Facebook fans Lobster has, so they're giving away another used board in hopes of enticing you to click like. Here's the deal: We want to see some more random photos! Just hit us wiht…

The Helgasons Announce Lobster Snowboards

Perhaps growing up on an Island fosters independence. The Helgasons are already leading the pack with and have just announced they're starting their own brand. We're in full support of riders doing things their own way, even if…