Monday Movie Madness: SE ON MITA ON

Things have been feeling a little European around here, but never fear – despite the Finnish name (loose translation “and so it goes,”) this one was produced and edited by North Americans. Some dude on vimeo said “That is a KILLER video!” and the snowboard dads are calling it, “My favorite so far this season,” so click play and decide for your-damn-self!

Riders: Drayden Gardner, River Richer, Jed Sky, Tim Bouvette, Simon Martel, Jaccos Boss, Francis-Oliver Jutras and Jonat Ste-Marie
Film/Edit: Tim Bouvette

Great Obsession – Full Movie

East to West Films crew bring you their second full-length snowboard movie “Great Obsession.” Featuring
Jed Sky, Tim Bouvette, Drayden Gardner, Simon Martel, Julien Emch, Igor Wandfluh, and friends.
Filmed in Canada, United States, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden
Directed by Tim Bouvette