The Top Ten Hump Days of 2015

Believe it or not, we’ve done over 400 Hump Day interviews. Up and comers, legends, industry dudes, Olympians and even those with day jobs have been profiled every Wednesday since 2008. Since it’s the final hump day of 2015, what better time to take a break and reflect on the stand outs from this year? From starting brands and shops to nurturing careers, we ask the hard questions and occasionally get some serious answers. Based loosely on views as well as our own memories and gut feelings, here’s a look back at the best of the year that was.

Travis Parker


I feel like we had ownership of a slice of it, you know? And, yes, to me, I was like, “this is our time. Let’s take advantage of this moment.” These times that we have, we have to use them to the best of our ability and enjoy life to the very best. We gave it our all, you know? Beyond that, I think that’s what it is: we’re all given a time to shine and we need to embrace it.

Mike Ranquet


It’s not just a search for Baby Jesus. We can still look for him, but you just want to have some diversity when it comes to brands or the media. Close to 50% of snowboarders are over 25. I mean, that’s a big fucking number. Everyone’s always like, it’s such a young man’s sport. The only people who pay attention to what goes online are people in the industry and other than that, maybe 2-3% of the general snowboarding population goes online to watch those videos. It’s a really small segment that everyone markets to, and most of those people get hooked up anyway. I think the industry is growing up a little bit, ya know.

Louie Vito


In snowboarding it’s like, oh you do contests? That’s whack. But who cares what I do. I’m snowboarding and that’s all I care about. If you just ride rails in the city – sweet. If you just wanna go up to Snowbird and do laps all day, that’s cool! You’re snowboarding. There’s no right or wrong way. Style is subjective, that’s in the eye of the beholder. There are people who’s style I’m not a fan of, but I’m not one to say you have whack style or you have good style. It’s not up to me. I’m not the one voice above all, no one is. That’s what’s so annoying to me is why do people hate on how other people wanna snowboard? Why do you hate on someone because they want to do contests or double corks. Why is there so much hate?

Danyale Pattersondangy_life

I get so harshed for partying. I don’t get it! We all party! God, the cover of that 32 movie was Dylan Alito puking. We aren’t doing anything that sloppy. Why can’t girls party?! I mean they all do but we aren’t allowed to show it?? Why? It’s fun. It’s really fun. I have a lot of priceless stories and memories of partying with my friends. When I edit I like to show those good times. They make me smile. I meet a lot of good people while partying. It’s a douche bag male run world and women are supposed to be clean lil virgins for the boys. Grow the fuck up, bros. It’s not offensive, it’s fun. I don’t drink or get high while snowboarding. Apres, dawg. If you get worked up over a flipping Too Hard edit your life must really suck and you should go have some fun. But yeah sponsors are always saying wack noise like “can’t help you out cuz your image is too risky.” Guarantee no dude is hearing weak stuff like that. If you ask me they should be shut’n the hell up and enjoying the show.

Dylan Gamache


…don’t think so.



The one thing about Tite is I want it to work out to still be in snowboarding, and snowboard, and have it make sense for me to be snowboarding. If I shred a bunch, that’s one more reason to support the brand. If you know the behind the scenes of it you know what’s up. At the Agenda Trade Show in New York people were stoked on it, but I didn’t have to tell them that I have this crazy snowboard team, and they don’t have to know that I’m a pro snowboarder or care what I look like snowboarding. They were just down with the logo and the brand. Snowboarding didn’t have to sell it. But then in the inside world, in the snowboard industry, I feel like people are more likely to want to represent or support your brand if it’s going back into you actually snowboarding, not partying. Like [they’ll support it] if it’s gonna allow me to keep snowboarding. Before, I did have this party image where if I had started a brand back then, people would have been like ‘oh yeah, let’s fucking support that brand so Deadlung can just party his life away.’  It’s like, no, that’s not what it’s going towards now. Tite isn’t going towards drugs and bar tabs and shit, it’s gonna go towards me going snowboarding cause thats all I really care about. Like supporting Tite is promoting a healthy lifestyle for me, and will bring hella nollies in the future.

Jason Robinson


I knew that was the type of train he would want to catch, cause you don’t just wind up in the middle of nowhere, it’ll take you all the way there. So I ran up and I started getting all excited. I packed my sleeping bag, put my pants and hoodie on and just freakin went. It was a full moon, the super moon actually, so like a huge bright sky. I get on the train, and it’s pretty much like a semi truck trailer on top of a train. I crawled in there lay down so I’m hidden behind these tires, and all the sudden it just starts making a wooshing noise, which are like the brakes airing out. Then it starts cruising, past the train station, past all the employees, and we’re picking up speed and I’m just like all by myself. I got a decent little buzz from when I was looking around for Hillbilly and I ran into some friends and had a few beers and so now I’m just on another planet it feels like. I’m just on a freight train for the first time by myself, no idea where I’m doing or what’s gonna happen. I’m just off into the unknown, you know?

Chris Larson


I watched Johnny Lazz’s edit today and I was like, “damn, I fuckin suck at snowboarding compared to this kid.” But pretty much all of his shit is in the park. He rides the park all year. So, I can’t compare myself to that because I don’t really ride park. Louif [Paradis] is my favorite snowboarder at the moment. He reinvents himself like every year, constantly changing. And he’s a humble dude. He doesn’t talk a lot. Low-key. He does his thing and helps his homies out. That’s what I respect. Not the kids who wanna be a fuckin actor.

Jason Borgstede


It’s cool, but a bit of my ego was there, and it’s tough to deal with. I tried to never be this guy who was like, “oh I’m a badass snowboarder, you guys are wack.” But there’s a part of me that’s like, “oh cool, I won the X Games, now can I get you some bread and some water?” And you kind of feel like, oh now they look at snowboarders like snowboarding isn’t a real career because look where it gets you in the long run. I felt like I was a bad example of snowboarding at that point and it hurt my heart a little bit to feel like that.

Lucas Magoon



Actually no, that was mostly cause the misses there was getting a face tat. You gotta be careful when you drink and say what you’re gonna do. If you’re gonna do what you say, you might as well, so I kinda put myself into that. But I couldn’t let the misses have a face tat or more tattoos than me. We both got both sides of our necks done. I just got a new one on my temple too.

Yawgoon: Dylan Gamache

A collection of footage from this past season.
Featuring: Dylan Gamache
Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski cameo
Filming/Editing: Dr. B
Additional Filming: Mark Dangler, Marcus Rand, Jeff Heit
Music: Yer So Bad by Tom Petty

Dylan Gamache’s Official Hump Day


Words and photos: Erik Hoffman

Dylan Gamache. His snowboarding is the tops, isn’t it? It wasn’t easy provoking him to answer a couple of questions,  but for a guy who has almost no interest in an Internet presence, short of carving his way around Yawgoo’s bunny hill, we’ll take what we can get. This man of few words sat down and laid out a quick overview of his thoughts on snowboarding, and his lifestyle outside of it.

First off where are you from, what do your parents do?

Exeter RI. My father currently delivers fuel to fishing boats and Commercially Fishes mainly for quahogs. And my mother teaches schoolchildren on a farm.

What’s the best place to get seafood in Rhode Island?

The sea.

Funny. Would you ever consider moving away from that area?

Probably not but well see.



If anyone can nollie on a snowboard, it’s Dylan. 

When did you start snowboarding? When did you meet the crew (Marcus, Brian, Brendan)?

Think I started around six or seven, Brian is pretty positive we were in the same lesson so I knew him since I started and my mom was his art teacher. And Brendan and Marcus I met maybe a couple years after I started. They were the really good kids you tried to stay out of their way.

Who has the best frontboard out of the four of you?


Your style of snowboarding is somewhat of an enigma. Do you think your unique style stems from what you are limited to at Yawgoo?

Maybe I guess I have been riding the same bunny hill for like 17 years now definitely have to look and think differently about things to keep motivated.

How would you describe your approach towards snowboarding? Who inspires you?

Talk to some friends and go I guess. I like watching Tim Eddy and the Warp Wave guys a lot, and MFM.



Eat your heart out Brian Grubb.

The Internet really eats up the Yawgoons edits. Why do you think that is? Do you think you and the rest of the Yawgoons warrant all the hype?

I’m not really sure exactly but we do put a lot of time and effort into them.

Snowboarding is seemingly going through a bit of a renaissance, turning and carving is making a resurgence. Do you feel as if the Yawgoons had a hand in making this style popular again? Do you think in an age of triple, and now quad corks, that reminding people that snowboarding can still be fun matters more than “progressive flipping”?

Ha ah maybe. I think most people that have snowboarded probably know snowboardings fun but I guess maybe showing people different ways of going about it probably helps.

What do you think of Max Parrot and Billy Morgan’s quad corks?



If Dylan had been alive during the Revolutionary War, we can only assume he would have manned this cannon.

Your realm of snowboarding is about the farthest it gets from competitive snowboarding, that being said what are your opinions on the matter? Do you support it, watch it, or even somewhat follow it? Do you think it needs to change?

I definitely try to watch it on TV if I can. Which I usually enjoy. I have no idea if it needs to change, I do like seeing new things though so hopefully next year everyone’s trying to flip four or five times.

If the Olympics had a rail jam and it was held at Yawgoo Valley would you compete?

Ha don’t think so.

So the 2032 movie is coming out this fall and you were recently in Colorado for a meeting of the minds with Thirty Two, does this mean you’re going to have a full part this year or is that top secret information?

Um I’m not really sure but we do have some footage that hasn’t been on the Internet yet so we’ll see.


I know in the past you have been approached with some pretty heavy offers from companies to go out, film, and travel with them and maybe get paid to do it. Can you give us some insight on why you have turned them down; most snowboarders would kill to have that opportunity.

As far as I know I haven’t turned down any trips where I was going to get paid. But I have decided against going somewhere maybe for free and that would of been because of work or school.

So you’ve recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island? What was your degree in and do you have any plans now that you’re done with school?

My degree is in Environmental Horticulture and Turfgrass Management. As of right now no real plans I think I may be taking another EMT class in the fall, then maybe try to get on a fire department but we’ll see.

There’s a pretty extensive collection of photos showing you passed out, racing around with quads and picking your nose with you’re tongue among other things under your hashtag on Instagram so after snowboarding season is over is that generally how you spend your time? No surfing photos in there either, are you the only person in Rhode Island who doesn’t live and die by the ocean?

I do a lot of stuff when the winters over I really just enjoy being outside so anything that keeps me out of the house is what I’ll be doing. Surfing, I just never really got into all of my closer friends skated but none of them really surfed besides Brendan and Marcus who I didn’t really start hanging out with a lot until I was older. But Brendan has brought me out twice still haven’t stood up but maybe someday.


Scoping those clips. 

You are also an avid hunter, how come you’ve never brought venison or duck to Yawgoo? Do you really suck at it, is that why?

Ha ah you never asked.

Why do you like Coors Light so much? The stuff is pretty much alcoholic water? Has Dr. B brainwashed you into drinking light beer because he’s self-conscience of his physique?

Ha no, that’s just what I like. Cold, refreshing water.

Shout outs and thank yous?

Yawgoo Valley, Dr. Brendan, Brian, The Rands, Rob / Guido at Civil, Andrew Racine, Blue, Daehfeeb, You!

#RadGoons: The Yawgoons X Rad Gloves Instagram Carve Contest

Over the last few years the Yawgoons have become known for their ability to layout and get creative with their carves. In conjunction with the Yawgoons and Rad Gloves, we’re giving away five pairs of their limited edition Yawgoons Ranch Hand Mittens.

To enter, upload your best carve photos and videos to Instagram. Then tag the post with #RadGoons and @yobeat for your chance to win. On Saturday February 28th, Marcus Rand will select five lucky winners, who’s entries will be announced through out the day on our Instagram.

Good luck and start carving.

Yawgoons 13

Wonder what sort of next level carve action Dylan will be able to come up with now that CAPiTA is building a state of the art R&D factory?

Riders: Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, and Brian Skorupski
Filming/Editing: Dr. Brendan
Additional Filming: Marcus Rand
Song: Aqualung by Jethro Tull

Yawgoon: Dylan Gamache 2014

After watching DOA2 we asked for more Dylan Gamache footage and Dr. B delivers!

Stan & Catfish Movie Review: Capita’s Defender’s of Awesome 2

In this new series, Stan and The Catfish sit down with a drink of their choice to discuss this year’s movies. Ultimately we decide if you should buy it. Warning: SPOILERS

Capita: “Defenders of Awesome 2 – Stay Bad Ass” Teaser

After a three year hiatus, Capita is back with their highly anticipated movie Defenders of Awesome 2 – STAY BAD ASS. With a team line-up of Scott Stevens, Kazu Kokubo, Jess Kimura, Dan Brisse, Phil Jacques, Cale Zima, Brandon Cocard and Dustin Craven, as well as up and comers Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor, Dylan Gamache and Brendan Gerard; this movie is guaranteed to blow minds.

Yawgoon: Dylan Gamache

Ever since his Yobeat debut way back in 2010, we’ve known Dylan Gamache was something special. Now the Yawgoons are all big time , and Dylan is silently shredding away. Here’s a collection of his footage from this season. Tear*

Edit: Brendan Gouin

TWSnow Finally Does Something Cool


After years of phoning it in relying on giant budgets and advertiser’s content, has finally posted something worth reading (and watching.) Kevin Susienka got the real dirt on the working-class snowboarders for the new issue of the mag, but since no one reads those anymore, they put it online! So ever wonder the story behind the snowboarding? Here’s the dirt.

Dylan Gamache is a landscaper on weekdays and “a quiet killer” during the hours that he gets to snowboard, according to Marcus Rand. “His actions speak louder than his words”, as Brendan Gouin says, due to his shy nature and utterly ridiculous display of board control on a snowboard. Of Brendan, Dylan stated that he is “the man behind the camera, who is always coming up with stuff to set up and do”. This is completely fitting, because, by day, Brendan is a dentist who is constantly setting up procedures. His filming and editing process is really no different, as his obsession with detail and full commitment shows through in each of his projects. Yes folks, the man known as Dr. Brendan Gouin really is a doctor.

“Marcus Rand is my best friend in a way I would only imagine brothers to be” says Brendan. And, like a brother, Brendan has taken it upon himself to get together with Marcus, a mason by day, and showcase his snowboarding talents to the world. Rand, who was born and raised in Narragansett, RI, was a snowboard prodigy at the age of twelve. He describes being a Yawgoon as “someone who puts style long before difficulty. A Yawgoon stays true to his or her friends and family. And, most of all, a Yawgoon is someone who will never stop having fun.” This is true, in more ways than one, because Marcus Rand has stayed true to having fun with his family for many years, namely, his sister, Mary. Mary Rand, a waitress at Narragansett’s exclusive Dunes Club, is sure to be at the top of anyone’s list of up and coming female snowboarders, in part because she rides with an all-male cast who are doing their best to push the limits of what they know to be possible.

They also happen to have a video of Dylan, which we’ll be posting as soon as the embargo is lifted. We couldn’t expect Transworld to do multiple cool things, now could we?


Yawgoons: Marcus Rand and Dylan Gamache

Marcus Rand and Dylan Gamache spent all season chasing the New England snow with Dr. B. If you were wondering, This is what Internet domination looks like. In fact, the ‘Goons are more or less taking over the site today, cause let’s face it. These guys are fucking awesome.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

A Yawgoons Christmas

Yawgoo is open! Dylan Gamache wishes you a very merry Christmas.

Yawgoons #4

Brendan Gouin just knows how to make a video, and he told me this may very well be his favorite to date. What are you waiting for? Hit play!

Riders: Dylan Gamache and Brian Skorupski.

Helplessly Young by Oh No Ono
Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Split Enz