Mediocre Madness

A 20-man-strong springtime snowboard road trip through the great state of Oregon with the goal of getting after any and all activities along the way. From Portland, OR, to the Cinder Cone, to Mt. Hood, to Bend, to Mt Bachelor and eventually the Oregon Coast. The assembled crew includes: Sam Taxwood; Blake Paul Griffin Seibert; Gus and Max Warbington; Tim Eddy; Iikka Backstrom;Curtis Ciszek; Spencer Shubert; Louif Paradis; Bryan Fox; Aidan Payson; Stephen Fox; Austin Smith; Jake Price; Jess Gibson; Foster Huntington; Mark Welsh; Bob Plumb; Java Fernandez; Ripzinger; Pete Alport; and Cale Meyer.

Video by Tanner Pendelton

Harry Kearney Wins the 2015 Rat Race

Nicolas Muller knows how to turn!

words and photos by Bob Gnarnia

The 2015 Drink Water Rat Race went down on July 8th, under partly smoggy or maybe cloudy skies. The majority of snowboarding’s upper echelon of riders were there. That is unless you were a battery-acid/sugar-water corporate tool. The exception being, Red (Bull) Gerard and Hana Beaman who were proudly rocking their corporate logos. All joking aside the course, which was located higher up on Palmer glacier than normal was set at gnar level 9, with many riders taking hard slams in practice and during competition.

austen sweetin

Austin Sweetin taking advantage of his low center of gravity.

Despite 2014-2015 being the worst snowfall total on record, the race happened, unlike several other banked slalom races that were consequently were cancelled this last season. The top two spots in each division gained entry into the longest running event in snowboarding, the Mt. Baker banked slalom.

tim shreddy

Newlywed Tim Eddy negotiates the wilds of Palmer glacier

The event raised a bunch of money for the charity and even more importantly, stoked out a bunch of pro snowboarders/industry dudes with sweet free gear. You should give a shit about banked slaloms for the sheer sake that anyone can ride down a course and you’ll always have a good time. The old saying “If you ain’t first you’re last” doesn’t apply – well, unless you’re a banked slalom jock, but that’s a story for another time.


Blauvelt coming in hot. 

The Rat Race also served as the first stop for one of the most prestigious honors in Board World – the Cascadian Triple Crown, which consists of the best overall performances at the Rat Race, Dirksen Derby and the Baker Banked slalom. My bet is on Harry Kearny as he has been winning the majority of every event in this category. Temple and Terje are also contenders.

earn your turns

Some dudes getting in really, really good shape. 

eric messier

Eric Messier hot boy’n through the course.


Crabgrabbing some airtime!

pat bridges

Pat Bridges and his drink of choice.

Full results













Drink Water Implicated in California Water Shortage


The ‘Drink Water’ crew is currently facing allegations by the state of California that its campaign has actually contributed to the state’s terrifying water shortage. California governor, Jerry Brown stated in a press release Monday that he “doesn’t understand why those goddamn hippies can’t just drink Red Bull or Monster like normal professional athletes.” Brown went on to say “hydration is over-rated” and in a state of emergency that the Drink Water guys were “selfish thirsty assholes that should be made to drink sand.” Brown pointed to a marked increase in water consumption beginning with the 2011 release of ‘The Rascals.’ “Before that film we had plenty of water” Brown said. “Then all the kids stopped drinking energy drinks and it stopped snowing in California and now we’re out of fucking water.” “I’m just not sure what to do.” Brown continued. “Back in the 80s all I had to worry about was Jello Biafra and the goddamn Dead Kennedy’s, but these Drink Water guys are environmental terrorists who don’t understand the full gravity of their elaborate marketing campaign.”

“Water is not something to be consumed with reckless abandon. It is a commodity to be sold to only those who can afford it; this is America after all.” Brown stated with conviction.

When asked to comment, Drink Water co-founder Bryan Fox couldn’t put down his stainless steel water bottle long enough to offer anything more than a satisfied “Ahhhhh…” Fox made no apologies for his group’s efforts to raise awareness of water access issues around the world. “We just wanted to make sure thirsty people are staying properly hydrated. If we bankrupt an entire state of their most precious resource in the process, that’s just business. You understand, right?” He then strapped in and sent a stylish method over a set of rocks exposed on Donner Summit.

As California’s water woes continue, Governor Brown has offered some creative solutions to combat the problem. “I’m developing a proposal in the California legislature that would allow Gatorade and all excess energy drinks to be used for agricultural irrigation purposes within California’s massive central valley.” Further stating, “it’s what plants crave.” Brown went on to say that California’s remaining water reserves had more pressing uses than agriculture and industrial applications, “like for the toilet.”

Not everything Brown had to say about the Drink Water movement was negative however. Gov. Brown remarked, “What those boys have been able to do with regard to marketing an idea is nothing short of impressive. It’s capitalism at its finest. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I thought snowboarders would pay $60 for a single pull silkscreened hoody I would’ve laughed in your face. Now if I could only get them to stop drinking so much goddamned water we might have a fighting chance at saving this state.”


2014 Rat Race Results and Gallery

Just how poorly did you do in this year’s Rat Race? Wonder no longer!




Five Reasons to Drink Beer at the 2014 Rat Race


As with any trendy activity, there are a lot of fake things in snowboarding. People who say one thing and do another, pretend to be something they’re not or otherwise put on an act to sell product. But not the Drink Water guys! In fact, these guys are so serious about only drinking water, that I actually got scolded for drinking a beer at the 2014 Rat Race on July 12th at Mt. Hood. Sure, the race was held at kids camp and apparently everyone signed a paper saying there was no alcohol allowed, but beer was highly necessary for the following reasons:

1. The course was fucked up gnarly. It started with a series of banks separated by spines before rolling into three doubles. Now, the doubles were small and you didn’t even have to go that fast to clear them, but the salt and wind trajectory has turned them into rounded ice cubes. If you made it through that, there was some up hill hips and a ring of fire (which was sadly just made of paper) before the second half of the course event started. There was no way I was making it down this thing with out some liquid courage.

photo 3

As a Washingtonian, Lucas Debari knows Rainier is the only way go to when you need a cold one. 

2. There was no water provided. Ironic, seeing as it was sponsored by a company promoting the consumption of water, but if you didn’t bring your own you were shit out of luck. Don’t worry, it was only about 90 on the glacier that day.

3. 170 racers showed up – Nearly every snowboard brand sent its pro team for the occasion, but there were no divisions when it came to dropping order. This made for a never ending line up that unless you wanted to be an asshole and cut everyone, or happened to be bros with the event organizers, you we’re pretty much stuck in for hours. I needed the entertainment.

photo 2


Colin “the Panther” Langlois enjoys a nice cold Rolling Rock. So refreshing!

4. There were no kids there. Unless you count the kids of the pros, like Cannon Cummins. I specifically asked if he’d seen people drinking beer before. He said he had and confirmed that it neither offended him, nor made him want to drink himself.

5. Austin Smith told me not to. Fuck that.

photo 1

Coors Light is an excellent day beer. 

In the end I only took two runs through the course – a low speed one in practice and one timed run. In my timed run I fell first on the doubles and so dramatically that I didn’t even have speed to make it through the ring of fire, forcing me to DQ. Convinced I would do better on my second run I took the opportunity to try and get the second half of the course dialed. It didn’t work, and in the end, Johnny Brady ended up lapping me. In other words, pretty sure I won. Other winners included, which the race earned some cash for, and everyone who made it down the course in one piece! 



1. Nicolas Muller
2. Curtis Ciszek
3. Harry Kearney


1. Spencer O’Brien
2. Elena Hight
3. Tori Koski

Day In The Life- Austin Smith

Not that you should be thinking of summer, but it still looks pretty fun.

The 2nd Annual Rat Race


Austin Smith shows em how it’s done. Photos: Brooke Geery

Ed: For this exciting coverage of the Rat Race, we had a crack team of two on hand, making sure nothing fell between the cracks. The following is an actual conversation between Brooke and Stan about the event.

Recently I’ve been shooting rats in Party Time Nate’s backyard. It’s almost as fun as snowboarding — sometimes you hit the target you were aiming for, and very rarely, you scare the rats. (We’ve only hit one and it didn’t actually die.) Why would you care about this? Because July 7th a bunch of (shred) rats gathered at Mt. Hood for the 2nd annual Rat Race and it sort of tied in. I headed up to Hood to kidnap Stan from the van for the day, and told him it was up to him to not embarrass Yobeat (On his snowboard, his stench is definitely embarrassing) as he was the only one registered.



Not sure who this is but the colors contrast nicely.

Stan here, and yes, the stench levels have reached astronomical levels, but that’s for another story. Today’s Rat Race was unnerving at the start, as I missed practice and never actually saw the course. Everyone I talked to before hand gave me really worried looks when I told them I was racing in it. This is probably because I suck at snowboarding, but I took it to mean the course was really hard.

The building anticipation of waiting in line, while simultaneously hearing the people who can actually see, scream in horror as another rider flies out of one of the several sets of tight berms, was almost enough to convince myself that I should do the pussy thing and ride through it slow. Once My testicles regained feeling though, I realized I just had to send her. Afterall, I slept only three hours and I had smoked a spliff before hand. By hapenstance I think I was the perfect amount of frothed to ride within my maximum potential… a potential that still of course, blows in comparison to most.



Blake Axelson looks fairly normal, but check his crooked arm. It looked even gnarlier when you flipped it over and realized his bone was sticking out.

Stan, you’re being too hard on yourself. Remember, Banked Slaloms are just for fun and as long as you make it down in one piece, you’re a real winner. At least, that’s what I told myself when I became a late entry. Austin Smith was actually trying to Louie Vito to race when he said “there’s still spots” but I took the opportunity and grabbed a bib anyway. I cut the line (because I had to get down and shoot some photos, of course) and took my first run. It could have gone worse. For example, I made it back up just in time to see Blake Axelson compound fracture his wrist on the whoops section. It was not pretty.



We could put a picture of Stan here, but instead, here’s Preston Strout’s racing stance.

Speaking of not pretty, I managed to fall out of the course in the exact same spot on both runs. In general though the course was a mixture of snowy surf burms, and hips that were easy to overshoot. When I actually made it to the bottom of the transformed HCSC lap park my lungs burned like a dick the morning after a railing a prostitute with a merkin…It was just once, ok!?


Oh dude Stan, you fell both runs? I think I might have a shot in the Yobeat cup! Other people who probably have a shot at winning (the whole thing) include Terje, Temple Cummins and the whole Drink Water crew (they take this shit very seriously) but with a long course and lots of room for error, it’s always tough to make the call. And honestly, between racing and trying to shoot photos, I have no recollection of who “looked fast” or whatever. Stan, do you know or should we just wait for the awards at Clear Lake and find out for real?



If I had pictures of Temple or Terje, I would put them here. Instead here’s someone looking both fashionable and stylish.

I saw Blake Paul go fast once, Spencer Schubert did the race on a snowskate and Big Mike paddled into his run. But the highlights for me were watching Hondo head plant into the second turn. I am pretty sure he gave up his number 69 bib after that and went home. Rumor also has it that Bundy may have been granted three runs, that sandbagging son of a bitch.



Blake Paul may or may not have been falling here. He still got top ten.

Now Stan, that’s not very nice. Anyway, after peeling off disgusting sweaty boots and snowboard clothes, the party moved down to Clear Lake for the awards. Austin Smith and Bryan Fox’s parents cook up a feast, Hondo and I may or may not have started a cult, and oh yeah, Terje won. Here’s some official looking results:



The Rat Race was sweet and we’re not even just saying that cause they pay us. Well, they don’t pay us, but whatever.



Desiree won for babes. She’s good.



Watch out Blatt!

coryandaustinwillAustin Will photobombed this awesome photo of Cory Grove.


It’s best for Gingers to stay out of the sun. Pat Moore hides the best he can.

airtimeMandatory air section.


Carnage happens, but the show must go on.


Tucked, bro.


This guy is wearing all black so we assume it’s Johnny Cash.


This wall was big, and well-branded.


The official Ass Waxing station.




Rumor has it you got a 1 second advantage if you were wearing Drink Water gear.


Big Mike took his board off and just ran through the berms.


Brynn Hayes and Desiree. Babes.


One of your hosts, Austin Smith.


Don’t worry, the shot was got.


Surprise podium finisher Zak Hale or maybe this is Johnny Brady. Ok, it’s Johnny Brady.



This is somebody.


Being on Yobeat is basically the highlight of Donny’s life.



Oh yeah, the winners got surfboards.

winnersshotDon’t worry, somebody got this shot too.



The Drink Water Rat Race Returns July 7th


The Rat Race presented by Drink Water and hosted by High Cascade Snowboard Camp returns Sunday, July 7th 2013 to Mt Hood, OR.

The invite-only race features two runs from each competitor down the hand-built Rat Race course — fastest time counts. Invites will be capped at 150 spots but everyone is invited to the awards BBQ at Clear Lake after snowboarding!

Hump Day Go!es to Alex Yoder

Yoder gets high on yerba mate. Words and photos by Gray Thompson

Alex Yoder is a classic guy. He is a young, humble mountain man, ready to take on any adventure, at any time. He is on his way to becoming the Indiana Jones of snowboarding. I’ve known Yoder for about 4 years now and he has remained an awesome dude since the day we met. That tells me he is here to stay, to carry the message of true boardin’ and easy stylin’. Hey Classic Yoder, ‘Don’t go ‘a changin’! -Gray Thompson

Are you the type of person that has a plan and direction for your life or do you just go along and see what happens? Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Haha! Really diving right into it! Ya, I definitely have direction in my life. I don’t have a master plan so to speak, and for the most part I am just going along with it. It’s fun to be open and just see what happens. I guess it’s a mixture of the two. I like to think I’ll be on the path I am on for a while, and there are goals involved, but the path itself is unwritten. In a year from now… It’s hard to say. I’ll probably be snowboarding somewhere in North America. . It’s definitely a way of life a lot of us choose to live. You know it. When most of what we do is based on travel and weather you just have to be open right? I don’t really see any other way.

Where are you right now and where are you GO!ing tomorrow?

Right now I am at Blake Paul’s family home in Jackson Wyoming. It’s a quaint estate with lots of food and Teton views. Tomorrow we’re Go!ing back into the plentiful wyoming backcountry to get some shots for the movie.

Yoder and Blake Paul Share a moment.

It sounds like you have set things up for yourself and you are doing exactly what you want to be doing, which seems very hard to do in snowboarding these days

Well, I can’t say that I’ve set things up. I can say I am very happy with how things are going! But ya, I guess to me it’s just about not having doubt. I have always been in the mindset that possibility is endless and all you really have to do is try… Cheesy, I know, but whatever, there’s a good message in the cheese. In snowboarding, and all board sports really, that’s the vibe. We stand on boards and point them where we want to go… That’s freedom.

The license plate says “goboardin.” Now you can report it for fake crimes.

So you and three of your friends are standing on boards and pointing them in a cool direction this year, can you break down your project?

Yes! Basically Lucas wanted to change things up a bit and spearhead a different kind of project this season. The project is called Go! A Snowboard Road Trip and the long and short of it is we bought a 1993 Subaru Loyale, stripped it down so that just the body was left, and basically built it into a rally car. It has a 300 horse power turbo STI engine, new everything, and a custom paint job. We are traveling around in the Subaru all season chasing the snow, boarding with friends, and in the end making a movie your everyday boarder can relate to!

Sounds dangerous, do you think you guys will end up tokyo-drifting through mountain towns rather than going snowboarding?

Why not both?

Who all is involved in GO!?

We have Lucas Debari in the drivers seat, boy genius Kael Martin fresh out of college sitting shotgun, the self proclaimed prince of the backcountry Blake Paul sitting bitch in the back, to his left is cinema mastermind Sam Tuor, and myself obviously.

Sounds tight, literally! Hows the leg room? Do you want to kick Blake out of the car yet?

Hah! Ya, it’s tight. But most of the time we are so spent from boarding that it doesn’t really matter. You just cram in there and deal with it. Blake’s the man, we might need to edit out some of his luggage, but he’s here to stay.

The GO! Road trip has currently brought you to Jackson Hole, which is also your home, what’s so special about the place that makes you stay home when you are supposed to be on a road trip?

Ya, it’s good to be at home for a minute! Jackson is an amazing place, and neither Lucas or Kael had ever been here before this trip. We brought them out to show them around our stomping grounds and give them the opportunity to experience the splendors of our home terrain. It’s pretty funny though because it has been around negative 15 every morning the whole time we’ve been here, which is a hard pill to swallow coming from the north west, but it’s supposed to warm up to a balmy positive 15 this week so all is well!

Sounds way too cold for someone who grew up in California! How did your re-location from California to Jackson come about? Following in the footsteps of the Guch?

I’ve gotten used to it over the years, but ya I remember the first time feeling your nostrils freeze as you breath in, you know what I’m talking about. I was 11 years old waiting for the school bus the first year I lived in Jackson. But ya, I was was born in San Francisco and my parents, who had both lived in the sunshine state for their entire lives, decided they wanted a change of scenery and felt like Jackson would be a good place to raise my brother, sister, and me. That is no doubt the most pivitol point in my life, I have no idea where I’d be if we hadn’t moved out here.

It’s Chile. Nbd.

Seems like moving to Jackson made it possible for you to start traveling the world! Tell us a little bit about your (or I should say our) trip to Chile this past summer

It did for sure. At least traveling to snowboard. The trip to Chile this year was hilarious! It was my third time down there. The first was a solo mission to meet up with A-Rob three summers ago. He was just running it down there! He could speak spanish well enough, had multiple female interests, ticket connection, you name it. It was insane, but ya I had so much fun on that trip that I planned on going back the next year and that’s when Aaron passed away, so we went down to honor him and finish Manifest. Then this year, like I said, was hilarious. We had a big crew, none of us had spent too much time together, aside from Blake and I, and the snow was pretty marginal, so we were just making the best of it everyday. We went to the beach, picked up this random german girl that was stalking J-Rob. Zim (Tim Zimmerman) decided he was a rally car driver every time we got into our rental van. We jumped into active volcanos… It was insane! At this point it’s tradition. I think I’ll go down there for the rest of my life.

Handplant on the double-lip.

What is it about mountains and adventuring that attracts your snowboarding so much, versus the park and streets?

I can’t really relate to the streets at all. Jackson isn’t really an urban environment. I hit a hand rail downtown one time… front lipped it, through the donkey dick. Haha! Ya I don’t know. I used to think riding park was really cool when I was younger. I would do all of the USASA comps and I did ok. I went to Nationals once, but I never really saw a future in it. I think when I really started to become drawn into the mountains was the first time I went to Alaska when I was 18. I got a job washing dishes at the Alaska Rendezvous Heli Ski Lodge with my best bud Aidan and we just worked hard enough to afford a few heli runs every week. It was insane! I distinctly remember one time being the last one to drop onto this three thousand foot ramp somewhere in the Chugach, all alone on this mountain, totally silent with mountains as far as I could see in every direction… I had an epiphany. I knew I wanted to base my life around that feeling.

There really is something spiritual about being in the mountains. Do you think more people are having similar epiphanies with snowboarding? Do you see a change in the direction people are taking with snowboarding?

Ya, I definitely see a change happening in snowboarding. The mountains have a lot to offer and I think more people are starting to realize that freedom to roam. And it’s funny to say it’s changing though, because it’s been there the whole time. It’s an obvious progression in snowboarding. The mountains are the highest echelon, the main stage. Guch is a perfect example. He moved into the mountains to find fulfillment. His sponsors dropped him because that was irrelevant, but look who’s still making it as a professional snowboarder. It’s not as much of an obvious progression like the number of times you see a person flip in one air. It is more a progression of self, in your passion for riding in the mountains and that is visible. Certain people have very passionate riding styles and it’s totally contagious. Those are the greats in snowboarding.

Then one can only speculate, after reading this, that you are GO!ing down an awesome path just like the greats in snowboarding did. How’s that feel and who is helping lead you on this path?

I’m not claiming any greatness. I’m just Go!ing with what feels good to me. Guch and A-Rob are my biggest inspirations. The two of them have contributed to my life in ways I can’t explain. Snowboarding has given me those relationships and vise versa. It’s a cycle. Life is good! Thanks Gray! Go!ing to get some Z’s so I can get up early to board!

Go!ing nuts in Montana


Patagonia, Jones Snowboards, Dragon, Dakine, Bluebird Wax, Remind Insoles, Jackson Treehouse, Drink Water, The Mangy Moose Saloon

Check out Alex and the rest of the GO! Boardin’ dudes at and follow them on instagram @go_boardin

The Arctic Challenge and Drink Water


Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 16.12.47


The Bergesen Foundation supports The Arctic Challenge and Drink Water


Is it possible to create an action sports event without support from large energy drink companies? Organizers for The Arctic Challenge were forced to ask that question this year as they prepared for Norway’s 14th annual iconic snowboard contest this March. Determined to take a stand in an industry saturated in sugary beverages, organizers looked to other avenues for sponsorship support. The Bergesen Foundation, one of Norway’s largest private philanthropic organizations, stepped up to donate $180,000 USD enabling a groundbreaking partnership between The Arctic Challenge and the Drink Water brand.

Energy drink companies have been investing large amounts of money in action sports for years, spending heavily to market unhealthy products to young consumers around the world. Similarly, finding willing sponsors capable of financing large events has grown increasingly difficult.

  • It’s sad if top level sports only can be financed by promoting obesity and diabetes, says Terje Haakonsen, founder and owner of The Arctic Challenge.

With the contribution by The Bergesen Foundation, Drink Water stands as the main partner of The Arctic Challenge 2013. The event will turn into a promotion machine for a healthy message: Drink Water – from the tap.

Drink Water ( was established by American snowboarders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith in reaction to the overwhelming energy drink marketing domination throughout action sports. The company exists as a branded initiative and donates a percentage of proceeds to organizations combating the global water crisis, as nearly one billion people lack access to clean water.

  • Growing up in California, Terje Haakonsen was a role model for us, both as a legendary snowboarder, and as an outspoken advocate for staying true to the sport. Drink Water was created by Bryan and Austin based on just those principles. We are honored to work with Terje and The Arctic Challenge, and humbled by the Bergesen Foundation’s generous support for the cause, says Stephen Fox of Drink Water.

The Bergesen Foundation has been supporting environmental and organic projects at The Arctic Challenge for years. This time they are pivotal in making the event happen.

  • We are surprised to see that Norwegian companies don’t support Terje Haakonsen’s healthy values. It would be easy for him to finance his event buy giving up his principles. We hope more organizations will follow and support his important work for snowboarding and youth in general, says Jan-Fredrik Wilhelmsen, chairman of the Bergesen Foundation.
  • Words cant describe how grateful we are for the support from Bergesen Foundation. Not only do they make The Arctic Challenge happen, but they do it for the right reasons. Combining this with helping Drink Water, just makes it perfect, says Terje Haakonsen.

The Drink Water Rat Race Official Video

Words and pictures are cool, but we all know you kids like videos, so here’s the footage from the Rat Race you’ve been so desperately waiting for.

Check out the full results at

Drink Water Presents the Rat Race

DRINK WATER presents the first annual RAT RACE. A snowboard race going down on July 8th, 2012 at Mt. Hood, OR, hosted by HCSC. 100 of the world’s fastest men and women have been invited to battle it out for glory. It is a timed event through Hell Track; the fastest person to make it out alive wins.


With the RAT RACE that we live in, it is easy to take things for granted, like the fact that we have amazing drinking water coming out of our faucets. So, we drink water. And we’d like to help another community drink water too. 100% of the proceeds go to drill a well to provide clean drinking water to a community in need, via

DRINK WATER is a brand/initiative to encourage human beings to drink water. Founded by pro snowboarders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith, the DRINK WATER roster is stacked with water drinkers: Louif Paradis, Jake Kuzyk, Keegan Valaika, Scott E. Wittlake, Lucas Debari, Josh Dirksen, Curtis Ciszek, Scott Blum, Blair Habenicht, and Jake Olson-Elm. Join us at We don’t sell water, we just drink it.

Drink Water Hits the Big Time

The beacon of journalistic integrity that is the New York Times is clearly not sponsored by an energy drink, as the it just jumped on the Drink Water bandwagon. That’s a misstatement actually, as a highly professional journalist, Jeff Dinunzio (who is not Jesse HUffman), remained highly unbiased and even got the other side of the story explaining that maybe caffeinated carbonation isn’t so bad after all. If you were wondering what “real journalism” looks like, enjoy this excerpt:

Fox and Smith said opposition to energy drinks stemmed from the drinks’ ingredients, which in addition to sugar and caffeine include guarana (a plant that contains caffeine), taurine (an amino acid) and ginseng, as well as the size of doses found in servings. Unlike traditional sodas, energy drinks are not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

As a rule, the F.D.A. considers these ingredients safe.

“Caffeine is generally well tolerated,” said Bruce Goldberger, professor and director of toxicology at the University of Florida College of Medicine, who has spent a decade studying the effects of energy drinks. “But there’s many physiological effects large quantities of caffeine can have. Increasing blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate. In some, it can lead to cardiac arrhythmias, and hyperactivity and anxiety in young people.”

And that’s why we’re not real journalists. We can also say with no ethical dilemma that we support these dudes and you should too. Read the full article here and then go support the cause at

Just Drink Water!

There are so many practical uses for and fun facts about water. We’ve all heard them; the Earth is over 70 percent water, so is the human body. If you drink too much too fast it is possible to become intoxicated, and the US government even sometimes uses it to kill people. Although drinking water is not technically an involuntary control, like breathing, we all drink it everyday without putting too much thought into it. We need it to survive, so we drink it. When presented with an option, many of us choose to wet our whistles with a less healthy choice- just another example of something we don’t put much thought into. Good news everyone- Austin Smith is here to remind us to Drink Water! It’s a heck of a lot better for you than the alternatives. Personally, I am devoted to the highest standard of health consciousness, that’s why I make sure to always order water with my whiskeys. I suggest you do the same.

What is Drink Water?

It’s a reaction to the [current] direction of action sports and snowboarding. Right now energy drinks are taking over the world and especially taking over the pastime of snowboarding. More than anything else, I don’t like what’s they’re selling. We’re reminding people of their alternative.

Stickers and buttons, now available!

Who is involved?

Bryan Fox and myself got it started, but since then it has grown. Everyone that has worn the sweatshirts, asked for stickers or just talked about it is involved in spreading the Drink Water word. Big thanks to our team bros, check them out on our site.

What is your message to the people?

Our message is don’t believe the hype; just drink water.

Why should people drink water?

If you don’t you will die.

One day, all that snow will be water, and then those dogs can drink it! Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

Are you saying that if a person drinks energy drinks that they will die?

I am saying you need water to live as much as you need air. Are energy drinks good for you? No. Will you die? Maybe if you drink a dozen 4 Loko’s. We live in a fortunate place where we have clean water all around us so we might as well take advantage of it.

If that is true, could you please explain how Austin Hironaka is still breathing? He only drinks soda, no water; I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Because he is an Austin, enough said.

Austin was able to perform this nose press sans energy drink. True story! Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

Why start Drink Water and take a public stand against energy drinks?

Once I realized I was never going to snowboard for any energy drink company, no matter how much money they offered me, I wanted to respond in a positive way. Instead of doing nothing, I wanted to turn it around. It needed to be done.

Does Drink Water make anything other than hoodies and t-shirts?

We started off with writing Drink Water on our snowboards, then our buddy Tonino gave us a screen printer so we made t-shirts and sweatshirts. Now we have added jackets, stickers and buttons to the mix, and whatever seems fitting to spread the Drink Water message. Water bottles seem to make sense.

Will Drink Water expand to a bottled water company?

No, definitely not.

Why not?

I do not agree with the way the bottled water business works, they use more water to make the plastic bottle than it takes to fill it, and it just ends up on the side of the road or in the ocean. We don’t sell [water], we just drink it.

This moment made possible by frozen water. Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

The FDA is coming out with some pretty scary long-term health risks associated with energy drink consumption including strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. What’s the big deal with a couple of side effects?

Diabetes and obesity [are side effects] as well. The scary thing is we don’t know what the long-term effects are yet. Kids that are pounding them down are going to figure that out the hard way. Pretty soon I’m sure [energy drinks] will be illegal like cigarettes are now. There was a time when they didn’t know what was bad about cigarettes and now you look back and think how crazy it was that they were selling that stuff to kids. I think it’s going to be a similar situation.

Do you smoke cigarettes?


How do you feel about snowboarders smoking cigarettes in their video parts or companies that put cigarettes in their ad campaigns?

Do whatever you want. There is a big difference between smoking cigarettes or drinking beer in a video and signing a contract to promote a product you may or may not use. I think a lot of people forget that when you endorse these companies, yes it’s just a sticker on your head and yes you get a shit ton of money for it, but you’re saying this is what you’re into and what you’re down for.

If you don’t drink Redbull, how do you get your wings?

We need a good catch phrase, this is true. I need to think about this. I have no witty comebacks for you.

We imagine this is the face Austin was making through this portion of the interview. Photo Mark Welsh

Where is the best tasting water in the world?

Bend, Oregon. Next question.

Where is the worst tasting water?

Mozy’s in Encinitas, CA. Great food, crappy water.

How do you feel about colored sugar-water?

It’s all unnecessary, and it could all go away. None of it is doing any good, besides making a few people rich.

What is your favorite thing to quench your thirst or go all day?

Water and wine.

Is it in you?

It’s in me.  Your body is over 60% water.


Drink Water wins!