Desiree Melancon Full Part

Less Whining More Wine-ing

Dakine Nabs Desiree

"It's like a warm day"

A Quickie with Desiree Melancon

Awards, porn & the lady that loves both.

What's Coming? Winter 12/13

Nick Lipton and a bunch of dudes who actually matter forecast the coming Winter.

Under Review: Peepshow's Winter Wars

Vacation time is over, let's talk about Peepshow!

Bonfire's Bootpack will Apparently Change Your Life

Desiree Melancon was kind enough to explain how super awesome the new Bonfire Bootpack Back is and showing you all the stuff you can put in it. Tarp-lined boot storage sounds neat and all, but she never gets around to answering the pressing…

Summer Camp Start Ups: Willow

This week we go inside Des's underwear

Proto Testing with Salomon

Jed, Lou, Grenier, Harry, and Des ride the newest shit.

Desiree Melancon No Longer Smells Bad

Les Ettes Cosmetics just welcomed Desiree Melancon to its team, which is good news for Nick Lipton, cause when he tries to make out with Des, she will smell good. Unfortunately, she probably still won't make out with him.

Hump Day Orgy!

, , On their way to Government Camp (HCSC workers had to report to work this week) Desiree Melancon, Danny Scanzoni and Kyle Fischer all happened to call me within 20 minutes of each other. It was weird to say the least,…


Desiree before her new makeover. Also check Desiree's Hump Day HERE! A week or two ago Desiree shaved her head. Now she's shaved a sponsor and picked up another. Bonfire Outerwear is helping support Desiree's dream of Olympic snowboard…

Desiree Melancon Loses Bet, Goes Bald

One of Yobeat's original Hump Day vixens, Desiree Melancon, is officially bald, and will be sporting a dyed red head for the Ashbury Demo and Ms. Superpark events coming up soon. Desiree had this to say, "Whatever, it grows back." The once…

Peep Show (Full Movie)

, Putting full movies for free online is already getting played out, but the lovely ladies of Peep Show have a couple things on everyone else. One: they are ALL girls and two: this is only half of a movie. Part 2 is…