February 11, 2016 (Huntington Beach, Calif.) –Today, DC Snowboarding is proud to announce its new global event series, “Hit & Run”. This unique event ranges from California’s highest summit, Mammoth Mountain, to DC Snowboarding’s…

Site Check: DC Snowboarding

A yearbook full of memories.

DC Shredfest 2015 Recap

Total dome annihilation

DC Shoes hires Bobby Meeks

Ex pros with real jobs!

DC Snowboarding Presents: Must Be Nice

DC’s first snow movie since 2008 is finally here.

DC Snowboarding Presents: Must Be Nice

DC Snowboarding is excited to present Must Be Nice, the first team movie produced by DC since Mtn Lab 1.5 in 2008. With legends like Devun Walsh to newcomer Anto Chamberland, Must Be Nice features footage of the guys from the past year shredding around the world. A true team movie, this film is what snowboarding is to DC.

Polar Opposites: Episode 3

Devun and Iikka's final webisode of the season just dropped, along with this bomb: the full web video comes out this fall. In other words, these were just teasers. Since they've been enjoyable thus far, seems like that's good news. Anyway, enjoy. DC’s…

DC x NEFF for 2011

Now that the site is filled with teasers, it was only a matter of time before the releases about the exciting collaborations for next year start flowing in. Get psyched, cause nothing says snowboarding style like Miami nightlife! DC is…

A Bunch of New Sites

So for some reason we spent all summer updating our website. Now that the season is approaching, it turns out you can just launch a new site and everyone will go there all excited. Man, we blew it. Anyway, here are some of the new snowboard-related…

(NOT) Live from Windells Session 5

Session Five at Windells was the hottest yet, with temps hovering around 80 on the glacier and nearing 100 down at campus. Campers beat the facemelting heat on hill by lapping the tow rope through the jumpline and hanging out on the new…