SLC Photo Collective Grand Opening Party

From the desk of Dave Brewer: I am so very excited to inform you that after years of planning, dreaming, and surviving only on the minimal amount of food to keep my little man boy body alive, I am about to embark on one of my long term…

Dave Brewer's Firing Squad Fail

Dave Brewer said he'd take naked pictures of the YoBeat staff if we put him in the Firing Squad. So Zim went on vacation and he got his wish (but no nude YoBeat photos.) He lost, but at least there's a good story behind it. Maybe after you…

A Behind the Lens Hump Day with Dave Brewer

Dave Brewer posing with an oddly dressed June Bhongjan.  p. Dave Brewer Simply put, Dave Brewer is a nice guy, and while he’ll never admit it, a great photographer. Dave’s range as a photographer expands far past snowboarding,…

Hump Day with Cody Comrie

Tall, handsome, and full of fire. Team Thunder's Cody Comrie invades Yobeat.