The Lifers Project in Los Angeles

For the final week of the Season’s Collection, Matt Alberts and crew rolled through LA. There they met up with Steve Berra, musician Ray Barbee, Skateboard Mag founder Grant Brittain and professional skateboarder Danny Way. Watch the video and feel like you were there, man.

Gingervitus: Skateboarders who Snowboard

There are very few skateboarders that will admit they like snowboarding, let alone allow footage of themselves doing it to leak to the Internet. On the other hand, snowboarders seem to love advertising their skateboard lifestyle and influences to the world. We’ve all seen the skateboard footage in snowboard video parts or web edits and considering that there is no snow in the near forecast, it is that time of the year when there is a larger than usual influx of skateboard edits from snowboarders on the Internet.

Recently watching some edits from guys I normally see on snow got me thinking about skateboarders who like to snowboard, and willingly admit it. As a snowboarder, being a good skateboarder can help legitimize your core image or marketability, or whatever. Unfortunately, when the situation is reversed a skateboarder might be considered a little bit more of a kook for strapping in to bindings. Below is some footage and photos from a few skateboarders who have not only admitted that they like snowboarding, but gone as far as to put it in their video part or pursue it seriously. I’m sure I forgot to mention more than a few qualifying candidates here, so try to not get your panties in a bunch on the comment board, just add to it if you want.

John Cardiel

Cardiel is a legend and this video is awesome. He was a skateboarder that also was a pro snowboarder.

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

Skateboarder, snowboarder, also engaged to Travis Pastrana.

She came to Women’s Superpark a few times, I saw it with my own eyes. She’s hit the mega ramp, which I’m sure makes snowboarding seem pretty easy. I heard she was doing some contests a few years ago and trying to make a run at it professionally, but I haven’t heard anything since. (ED: Lyn-Z tore her ACL boardin’, which put a damper on her boardin’ career.)

Rick McCrank

This is from his part in the Es video Menikmati. He snowboards when it rains, like we skateboard when it’s summer. Before you hate, realize this came out over ten years ago and he didn’t seem to be taking it too seriously.

Danny Way

It only seems natural that he would be good at snowboarding, right? Remember Type A snowboards? He had a pro model. I couldn’t find any footage of him snowboarding on the Internet, so here is a clip from the mega ramp, which looks like snowboarding anyway.

Cara Beth Burnside

Not named after the skatepark. Photo: Jeff Curtes

She’s won X Games, the Vans Triple Crown, a bunch of other contests and had a signature skate shoe with Vans. Oh yeah, CB was on the first Olympic snowboard team in Nagano and got 4th.

*Noah Salasnek

This one is questionable because I think he was more of a snowboarder, but technically he was pro for snowboarding and skateboarding at the same time. Either way, his lines in TB 2 are insane.

X Games 3D: The Review


You wouldn’t think a giant corporation such as ESPN would be able to create a movie that succinctly sums up the passions involved in action sports. A 90-minute experience that could make anyone understand exactly why we all got into them in the first place. And you know what? You’d be right. X Games 3D: The Movie was so far from being about action sports it’s hard to believe they were even a part of it.

The film follows several of the X Games’s “stars” through their journey to perform on the self-proclaimed biggest and most important stage in the world, two years ago. The only thing more prevalent than Taco Bell logos was the manufactured drama, intensified to bring the viewer into the journey of Shaun White, Ricky Charmichael, Travis Pastrana, Kyle Loza, Bob Burnquist and Danny Way (who were grouped into one mega skate segment.) And maybe, if you didn’t know anything about action sports or care about them, it would work. Maybe.

Like the events and shows themselves, this movie was obviously not created for enthusiasts of the included sports. The belief of the X Games itself is enthusiasts will watch anyway; it’s more important to grab the NASCAR or NFL fan as they are flipping through. The way they do this is to create stories around who will beat who, and other things action sports really have little to do with. Like it or not, 15 years later, it seems to be working. But in the movie this overboard drama was taken one step further, to a point where it was almost unreal.

Now obviously, for the top athletes at the X Games, the action sports experience is different than for say, you and I. And competition, winning, and being the best does play a large role in it. But even for the Shaun White’s and Danny Way’s of the world, these are activities that are done for fun. The film gets so caught up in trying to tell these dramatic tales of the importance of X Games victory, it forgets to put across this message at all, and this is one of its greatest failings. It makes all the sports look like a great activity for jocks, and lord know we don’t need anymore of those around!

But X Games 3D’s greatest offense is that it is at least 80% recycled X Games footage. You know, the stuff they showed live on TV, two years ago. Add in some dramatic and cheesy voiceovers, do a 3D effect so everyone gets a headache, and you have this movie. While there were a few really cool behind the scenes shots at the riders’ training facilities, and a handful of times the 3D was really visually exciting, over all I left feeling like I’d just watched the X Games, and not been able to turn off the TV.

X Games 3D: The Movie is only in theatres for one week, starting August 21nd, so the good news is, you won’t even have to try that hard to miss it.