Site Check: Gnu Snowboards 15/16


Gnu Snowboards. Kind of funny to think that they pre-date Lib Tech, and originally Lib Tech was supposed to be the low-cost option from Mervin.


This is the Carbon Credit Club. This is one of those “limited release” topsheet specials that’s only available from select “Club Collection” retailers. On paper this is supposed to support local shops because it’s not available at stores that aren’t core enough, but in reality most of those shops are just going to flip that shit online (they’re no dummy). So in practice it’s just an alternate topsheet for a board that really doesn’t get as much attention as it should.


Oh Danny, what have you done? I’m not going to pretend that I don’t listen to the Misfits, but is Jerry Only really the horse you want to back in this race? Not that Danzig would be a great choice either, but at this point supporting either is just supporting the childish feud preventing us from getting a reunion that doesn’t involve Michael Graves.


In a move that surprises absolutely no one, the B-Pro is back again, extending Barrett Christy’s longest-running female pro model status. Though I will say that I am disappointed in the copy. Barrett and I are from the same part of PA, but the description only talks about Crested Butte and Mt. Baker. I know you’ve lived out west for a while, and JF/BB isn’t the sexiest mountain; but surely somewhere on the East Coast deserved a shout out? Danny Kass may be feeding into the worst attention seeking behavior in punk, but at least he’s keeping it Jersey.


And Gnu Bindings are still rolling with their backdoor entry system/sexual euphemism. I don’t get it, strapping in isn’t that hard, but someone must be buying them because they’re still here.

Now this is a tough one to score. The site is actually pretty good, everything is easy to find and Gnu (and all Mervin brands) always do a really good job of explaining each board. But it lacks the interesting quirks I’ve come to expect from Gnu. They’ve got thirty years of being different behind them, so a well layed out and easy to use website just feels sterile and watered down. It may not be fair to grade them against themselves, but I just can’t do any better than a 57.

Check the site for yourself at

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon  86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Arbor Collective 71
5. Holden 62
6. Gnu Snowboards 57


Shady Tax Professionals Take Danny Kass for $40k

The Oregonian is reporting that Tax attorney Jeremy Swanlund and CPA Nathan Wheeler, formerly key figures in Milwaukie-based Bridge City Advisors, “allegedly paid clients to obtain state medical marijuana cards so they could grow and sell bulk shipments of cannabis, according to court papers filed in Portland’s U.S. District Court.” What does this have to do with Danny Kass? Well, apparently they used his money.

Kass, who runs a Portland outerwear business called Grenade Inc., appears to be an unwitting victim of Wheeler, whom he hired to handle his finances and prepare his tax returns, court papers suggest.

“Wheeler misappropriated a $40,000 check from Kass that had been made payable to Oregon Department of Revenue,” the declaration alleges. “The check was deposited into TWG Advisors just prior to Wheeler’s purchase of the 2013 GMC Sierra out of the same account.”

Kass, reached at his Southwest Portland business Tuesday, said investigators from the IRS and Portland police interviewed him about the case last June. He declined to elaborate on the questioning. But he acknowledged he has not yet gotten his $40,000 back.

“Obviously,” he said, “it’s a sore subject.”

Guess it’s like they say, mo money, mo problems. We hope they nail those guys, though.

Link: The Oregonian

Kyle’s Fucking Column: Take the Money


What can I teach all our readers in a short space without boring you or sounding like a know it all? How about I tell you about the many, many mistakes I’ve made in my snowboard career and what I learned from them. To do this without it sounding like a lecture on the stupidity of action sports athletes: I’ll start with a true story (about the stupidity of action sports athletes)!

The first thing I’ll address is the issue of corporate vs “core” brands, since it’s all the rage right now. I once rode for a few large corporate brands, along with my friend Danny Kass. We had money coming in and no clue what to do with it. Grenade was still just a bumper sticker and we had time on our hands, perhaps too much.

One summer day in Mammoth, I was sitting in a apartment complex not fit for humans with 8 other guys and a pet rat named Master Splinter (who did not have a cage, he was free range.) By the way it wasn’t a condo, it was a hotel room converted to apartments.

The phone rings, it’s Danny. “What are you doing?”

It was weird because he usually only calls when he needs something (he’s too lazy to call for no reason.) “Nothing,” I say while watching two TV’s simultaniuosly, “I’m at Max and Lane’s place.”

“Meet me outside in 5 minutes.”

In six minutes I hear a commotion outside, like every Mexican family opening the doors to their apartments and walking down the halls to the parking lot and a loud roaring sound. Now remember this is also really weird because Danny said 5 minutes and he’s here in 6, which very out of character to be even close!


Artist’s rendering. 

I step outside to see him sitting in the parking lot with an entire building complex and the rest of the neighborhood looking at him on a Trike. Not just any Trike, a Low Rider Trike with chopper handle Bars and a high-rise bench back seat. It’s deafeningly loud. I  determine I need my skateboard and run inside, and by now the whole fucking street is watching.

Danny throws me a Cappix helmet — these fake plastic baseball looking hats used to fake out skate park cops — “You’ll want this.”

I climb up onto the white upholstered bench seat behind him skate board in hand and the plastic hat on my head, no seat belt, as you’d imagine.  We reverse out of the complex parking lot and onto the side street. There is literally a crowd gathered on the road, like I said it’s fucking LOUD. Danny puts it in gear. Instantly we are in a wheelie. Now I have never seen Danny drive a motorcycle, so I’m impressed that he can do a wheelie. About the time this thought crosses my mind, I notice he’s trying to steer, yes steer, while in a wheelie. The tire is just flopping side to side and we are speeding up, faster and faster. Then I notice he is reaching with his left hand for a brake lever that doesn’t exist. Picture this all with handle bars that are so tall he can barely reach them in the first place.

Now I become concerned. We are going 35 miles an hour in a wheelie with the fucking exhaust pipe cutting a trench into the street behind us, and Danny has no fucking clue what he’s doing. This is one of those moments that happens in slow-motion, we’re now headed towards a set of apartments and  still accelerating. In the lot ahead is a lone Ford Explorer. We slam into it full force, the 8 foot long front forks and wheel fold over and what’s left punches into the Ford like a knife into a cardboard box. We are thrown god knows where, as the owners of said car stand on there porch, dumb founded. We are laying on the ground dazed as the engine is still screaming and pushing into the parked Explorer.


As you might expect, the police and fire department show up, and they are wondering what the fuck happened. They are asking the usual questions, and a female officer says, “is the vehicle insured?”

“Absolutely” Danny says.

“How long have you had this policy?”

Danny asks the officer “well, what time is it?“

The cop gives him a dirty look and  looks at her watch, it’s 2:15”

“Well then about a 1/2 hour.” Danny replies.

See continues the questioning, “What do you guys do for work?

“Ma’am we are professional snowboarders” Danny says proudly.

“Well, what do you do in the summer then?” She asks.

“This summer we are learning to ride motorcycles” Danny says with a straight face.

The moral of this story is simple. Corporate companies were enabling us to spend time creating ridicules lifestyles, images and stories that later fueled the “hype” that helped us create our own brands. Brands that later shaped the industry we inhabited. As you might guess those same corporate companies all then rush to imitate the small trend setter brands or buy them out. My point is, when a brand like Nike comes in and hires riders, reps and designers, sells gear at shops and buys ads, it injects money into our little industry. Even if only for a short period of time. Shit the last time Nike did that, Rob Kingwell bought a house with those checks, and now he’s sitting in that house running his own brand Avalon7. So if they want to stop by and drop some money in our little circle, by all means, feel free. We are just going to take that cash and buy t-shirt screen printer, a die cut machine or a Lowrider Trike with no fucking brakes.

Find me on Instagram @Clancy_Kyle and tell me if you disagree.

Grenade Games 10 Returns to Mammoth


Grenade Games 10 coming back to mammoth mountain on april 26th!!! for a packed day of racing, jumping, and slashing!!!!!!

we will have a special musical group the GROWLERS and many more bands coming to perform. COMe and enjoy surprises, prizes, and music!

Presented by MONSTER energy. Come get your hole in ONE

9:00-10:00 Pre Registration at Mophie Recharge Lounge at Main
10:00-11:00 – New era of  Slope Style Practice
11:00-1:00  New Era of Slope Style
1:30—3:00 Monster Triple Pipe
4:00 Oakley Chinese Downhill
5:00-6:00 Zumiez Dual Slalom Mogul

The Nike Snowboarding Project: Chapter 3

If you feel like Nike has taken over Yobeat right now, it’s because they have, and it’s all because of the release of this here video. Head into the great wide backcountry with Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Danny Kass and Eric Jackson and get kinda jealous that you’re not this good at snowboarding.

Danny Kass: Operation Double Tongue

In honor of Danny Kass’s return to snowboarding’s silver screen, we’re proud to announce the triumphant re-release of the Danny Kass Double Tongue Quick Strike boot. After a two-year hiatus, we’ve brought back this unique construction with a few improvements and art inspired by the classic American aviation.


At approximately 0600 on January the 1st, 2012, Danny Kass flew in like a bat out of hell to brief in ‘OPERATION Double Tongue’. The objective: Make awesome gear. Be explosive. Get spontaneous.

With changes in solar radiation, ocean circulation variations and the vegetation ecosystem becoming unstable, there was no option but to accept. With time running out, bravery was our only ally. We laced up our boots, zipped up our coats and ventured into the unknown.

After flying miles high around the globe, Danny returned home with the illustrious double tongue quick strike boot and jacket.

The DKQS boot and jacket are available in a limited quantity.

Objective achieved.


Under Review: Absinthe’s Resonance

Absinthe refuses to quit and takes 2012 into deep powder like so few can.

OK, I’m going bottom to top on Absinthe’s new film “Resonance.” Why? Because I haven’t really been impressed lately, and Bode has been floating these dudes. So, here we go, an honest first take on Absinthe’s new flick.

The intro is super long and that got annoying after a while. Wait, Danny Kass filmed a part? Can’t wait for that.

Lucas Debari has the intro? This should be good. First shot scared the shit out of me and then guess what, his part is fucking scary. He’s Mt. Baker bred and it shows. Prepare to feel like a bitch. How young is this dude? He’s about to make everyone cry. God damn, this dude has fun for a living. Fuck him.

Next up, Brandon Cocard. This dude can ride, but his intro makes him look disabled. Then he starts snowboarding, and it’s impressive but I bet you already saw it on the internet so who cares what I say, right? Fucking Youtube. P.S. that banger is gunna’ bum out a few Tahoe OGs.

Cale Zima has a few shots. Where are the rest? I don’t know. These ones are cool, though. Once again, it’s on the net. Go watch and form your own opinion:

Wolle Nyvelt. Still riding. Still riding better than 99% of everyone, ever. Still riding unreal terrain. Prepare to feel like your local hill rules in November, but then realize it sucks by December.

Who the fuck is Blair Habenicht? Wow, dude has a death wish. Go to 13:36 for proof. I bet this dude gets sponsored by super shitty companies that pay Europeans well in a year or two, or Burton. (Ed. Blair is on Lib Tech, Nick. And he’s awesome)

Holy shit Danny Kass is up. He hasn’t done, well, anything in years. This part only adds to that legacy. Sorry bud, but for real. It’s just kind of, whatever.

Fade into Mat Schaer and some weird Coolio beat. Do any of you young jerks even know Coolio? Anyway, I’m getting bored. This dude can snowboard so much better than me, or 90% of people I know, but it’s just boring. This movie has taken a dude who cripples jumps and mountains and made the impossible seem boring and repetitive.. Dude does go huge though.

Next up is some guy named Sylvain Bourbousson. With a name like that he’ll never have a pro model, but maybe he’ll eek out a living. Let’s see. Oh wow, big shock, more powder. This movie is getting so god damn drab.

Oh, Scotty Lago. He puts medals in bitches mouths. This could be cool right? While I love Scotty, a bad thing happened. This movie made it boring again. Double corks, cliff drops, huge jumps, doesn’t matter. I’m bored as all hell. Sorry Scotty, but talk to the editor.

Bode Merrill. The Summer Camp Champ. It’s time to get a boner. Snurfer kickflip. Stupid shuv. Other dumb crap. Then a wild one foot. More tricks. Wow. Double Wow. Holy shit. Damn. Eyebrows raised. No shit? Fuck you, Bode. Holy shit. Seriously? Wow, the movie just earned it’s price tag.

No way, Gigi Ruf follows him up and holy shit. Buy the movie. Skip a bunch, but holy shit. Do you want to fall in love with powder? Well, here you go. Oh man, Burton fucked up so badly. This totally makes up for how bored I was ten minutes ago.

Here it comes. Nicolas Muller. What does he have in store? A living legend. A freak of flexibility. Starts in a storm. Big air, way bigger than you’ll ever go, doing simple grabs and slashes. How can an Indy be so amazing? Then he does Nicolas Muller stuff. Oh it’s a two song part. If you’re really into just watching him snowboard I guess that’s super rad.

Now it’s over and the credits take forever. Honestly, and I’m so sorry to be the one to just be honest, this movie is boring. It’s just, expected. It’s what this crew does. Bode may be the only person in this whole movie who really pushes anything into to the ethos. Sorry everyone, I wasn’t impressed. I’m not going to lie and tell you to buy this film. If you want to see wild powder then sure grab a copy, but otherwise, it may not be worth the asking price.

Mt. Hood Media Blitz!

You may think that just because summer camp is over, the lifts have stopped, the cameras are off and everyone’s gone home. But you would be sorely mistaken. In fact, on Thursday August 30th, Mt. Hood saw more cameras than any given day of session edit filming, and nicer ones at that. We headed up to work on more Toeside Terrors board tests (OMG, you haven’t watched the intro video yet?WTF!?) and were obviously hyped to see the Danny and the Dingo RV roll into the parking lot. Turns out the cast of the Portland Real World got to take a break from slingin’ pizza and starting bar fights to go ‘boarding.

Danny was nice enough to show Jessica some moves and help her avoid “breaking her face.” She’s from North Carolina and this was only her second time on hill, but she already locked down a mean side slip. The other three chicks in the cast were no where to be seen.

The dudes of season 28 donned sweet matching outfits. Left to right: Marlin, Jordan and Johnny.

And Jordan, the “pro wakeboarder” decided to show off his sweet zeaching skills on the sickest box in the park.

With this new insight into the upcoming season of this show that is amazingly still on, allow us to offer some predictions:

-After her magical day with Danny Kass, Jessica spends the rest of the season watching FuelTV and cutting photos of Danny out of magazines. By the time they move out of the house, her shared room has been converted to a DK shrine and no one else in the house is talking to her.

-Jordan spends the ride back bragging about his boarding skills and announces he’ll be moving out of Oklahoma to pursue his snowboard career. At some point, the Marlin punches him in the face.

-The other girls are super bummed that the didn’t get to hang out with Danny Kass as much as Jessica. They tell her a bunch of times that she looked fat in her snowboard gear.

-Johnny (the other white dude) is determined to show up Jordan and spends hours in the gym working on his quads and pecs before heading back up to the mountain to nail an equally sick move. Unfortunately, he finds it closed, so he heads to Charlie’s to start a bar fight instead.

And of course, DK shows em how it’s done.

Danny Kass is Going Back to Cali

At least, he’s calling Mammoth home (mountain) again. But since he did at one time call the region home, this is not the MOST RIDICULOUS team announcement we’ve ever heard. Enjoy The Art Park, Danny.

Win: Ten Days of Danny Don’t Know

Danny Kass may be good at snowboarding, but apparently standing a towering 5’6″ doesn’t lend itself quite as well to other sports. See what happens in the latest spot from Nike Snowboarding and then answer this question to win one of the ten Danny Don’t Know Tshirts we’ll be giving away for the next two weeks.

The ten days are now over 🙁

One you know, EMAIL YOUR ANSWER WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS TO [email protected], One winner will be chosen at random from all correct received entries at 9 am each week day, starting Tuesday, Sept. 27. You may enter once per day (there will be a new question daily.) Stay tuned, as a little bird told us there will also be Danny’s Full kit up for grabs sometime this week. You may want to follow Nike Snowboarding on Facebook now so you don’t miss out.

9/26: What iconic Nike ad campaign is Danny Don’t Know a takeoff on?
Answer: Bo Knows! And the winner is Connor McCafferty from Buffalo NY.

9/27: Who is the homeless-looking bearded man in the commercial?
Answer: Pat Bridges and the winner is Kent Hamar from Tigard, OR.

9/28: How long has Danny Kass been snowboarding?
Answer: 17 Years (While it may be debatable, this is what it says on and the winner is Andy Hallock from Florida, NY

9/29: Which sport makes Danny bleed in the video?
Answer: Hockey and the winner is James Nelson from Gahanna, OH

9/30: Which Nike Snowboarding Jacket does Danny wear?
Answer: BELLEVUE 3 IN 1 JACKET / VEST and the winner is Noah Trinidad from Foothill Ranch CA

10/3: What is Danny’s hometown?

Answer: Vernon, NJ and the winner is Ross Barsi from Santa Rosa, CA

10/4: Danny recently embarked on a new business venture. What is it? Hint: you should be 21 to enjoy.

Answer: CKL, a wine company. The winner is Tyler Morey from Boise, ID.

10/5: Name all the sports Danny sucks at in the commercial.
baseball, basketball, football, hockey. The winner is Bryant Thomas from Gatlinburg, TN

10/6: What sled does Danny Kass use?
2006 Summit Skidoo and the winner is Jordan Firnbach from Rockton, IL

10/7: Who is Danny’s bandana-adorned sidekick? (Two acceptable answers, one is a dog)
Luke Trembath (the Dingo) and big vern (the dog). The winner is Max Maehler of Murrieta, CA

Grenade Games 7 at Bear Mtn

This could be an issue. Grenade Games is apparently a month early this year, March 25-27 at Bear. Which means it’s not on 4-20, which will negate at least one excuse to smoke weed. But judging by this official announcement referencing Danny’s Olympic medals and competitive record, maybe the Grenerds are trying to clean up their act? Anyway, here’s General Kass on the matter:

GRENADE GAMES 7 is taking over Bear Mountain Resort in Big Bear, California on March 26-27. GRENADE GAMES is the brainchild of two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass. Kass holds one of the most successful competition records in snowboarding and is one of the sport’s most exciting athletes.

The snowboarding industry will meet up with the top athletes and fans to celebrate the sport in what’s referred to as the ultimate in shredding, partying and utter debauchery.

RSVP to Grenade Games 7 here.

Rerun Week: Best of Hump Day 2010

128. That’s how many people we’ve interviewed since introducing “Hump Day” almost three years ago. We keep thinking we’ll run out, but then every week, there’s someone else. An up-and-coming am, legendary pro, uber-talented photographer, season industry vet, or just someone we know will tell a good story to tell. This year, we learned some dirt, caused some outrage and generally told the stories of the people we think make snowboarding rad (OK sometimes just the only people who respond to our frantic IMs.) Here are some of the highlights from 2010.

March 24, 2010: Corey Smith

Unedited, this Hump Day was a brutally honest portrayal of the past, present and future of Corey Smith’s life. After cutting out the fat and, admittedly, loaded questions, the following interview still stands as a tribute to the man in question. Like Corey, the following responses are loud, elaborate and to the point. I’d pay specific attention to Corey’s longest response, which regards wild nights and hard living. Mr. Smith let it all hang out in this one. Read the whole thing here.

April 28, 2010: Pete Wast

It seemed like some sort of evil Internet joke perpetrated but some unknown troll, but it wasn’t. Pete Wast is a living, breathing human being, and he rides at Seven Springs, PA. Hopefully this interview will shine some light on one of the greatest Internet scandals snowboarding has ever seen, but maybe not. “We probably wont fully understand Pete Wast’s cultural impact for decades to come,” Jesse Burtner said.  Maybe not, Jesse, maybe not. But today, we’ll finally hear his side. Video by Ian Macy/Havesome

July 28, 2010: Nate Bozung

-“I can’t wait to hear some of these questions. It’s just like, you know what… I don’t give a fuck about snowboarding anymore so, whatever. I wish I could get a little more drunk.” -Nate Bozung

If you somehow missed the most commented interview EVER on YoBeat, then go read it right now.

September 15, 2010: Danny Kass

You try and get Danny Kass to sit down for an interview. Let’s just say, it ain’t easy. This onetook two weeks of phone calls, ichats, emails and @ replies, before I finally tracked down Danny in Orlando, FL. Even then he didn’t want to cooperated. Instead, he turned the tables interviewed me about such hot button topics as YoBeat and taking dude’s virginity. Eventually we got some dirt on him, and some solid life advice from an old dude that worked at the trade show. Don’t worry, if you don’t care what I or Danny have to say, there were plenty of blonds hanging out in the Grenade booth so you can just check them out in the background.– Brooke Geery

September 29, 2010: Brandon Cocard

When I was asked to do an interview with Brandon Cocard for YoBeat, Lipton specifically said, “get the dirt.” Having known Brandon for three years, I knew this was going to be a problem. He’s not hooked on drugs. He doesn’t have an ego. He’s not getting paid a ton of money. He snowboards because he loves it and that is something this industry needs. But guess what, he had LOTS of stories to tell. — Josh Parker

November 24, 2010: Danny Larsen

More than anything, I love this interview because it exists because of official T-Shirt that come out of it doesn’t hurt its status in the list of the best either. Read the whole thing and then go get yourself a Black Metal T (or Hoodie) right now!– Brooke Geery

December 1, 2010: Austen Granger

Austen Granger’s Hump Day was about butt sex. Well, snowboarding, but there were a lot of questions about butt sex too. The interview itself was funny and typical of what happens when Nick Lipton actually does his job. However, one person didn’t think so. The comments that resulted made a funny interview even better, and the Yobeat comment board a subject of SLC gossip. Read it here.

And The Winner Is…

See the full video here.


You may have notice something looks weird and purple around these parts. It’s because we’ve sold out. In other words, Nike Snowboarding is giving us money in hopes you’ll be enticed to buy its new Zoom DK Boots. But while we’ve paid off our cars, houses and now wear thousands of dollars of bling* everywhere we go, we haven’t forgotten the little guys who got us there! So we said to Nike Snowboarding: look you Zombies, if you’re gonna take over the site, we at least wanna give something away. So they agreed to hook up a pair of brand new Nike Zoom DK boots for the YoBeat readership.

How can you win? Well it’s simple really. For the next two weeks we’ll be dropping clues RIGHT HERE. Follow the clues, send us the answer, and you’ll be automatically entered to win. And since there will be new clues every day, you can enter once per clue and increase your odds. Or if you’re feeling lucky or lazy, just enter once.


Get your answer (it’s readily available at then email it to [email protected] to end. Put something about Nike in the subject and you’re good. Come back tomorrow for another clue and chance to enter for a brand new pair of Nike DK Zoom boots!

Sept 9, 2010: Question #1: Who is the zombie pictured as soon as you land on the site? THE ANSWER IS JUSTIN BENNEE!
Sept 10, 2010: Question #2: Who did the art for the DK Zoom Boot? Mark Dean Veca
Sept 11 2010: Question #3: What is the “winglike” ankle strap on the DK Zoom boot inspired by? THE DUNK
September 12, 2010 – Question #4: Name 3 other boots in the Nike Snowboard line. Zoom force 1, Zoom Kaiju, Zoom Baxa, etc.
September 13, 2010. Question #5: Which eco-friendly mode of transport does Nike Snowboarding sponsor? THE GREASE BUS
September 14, 2010. Question #6: Name the two riders on the Nike Snowboard am team. JED ANDERSON AND NICK DIRKS
September 15, 2010. Question #7: What colorways does the Zoom DK come in? BLACK/QUASAR PURPLE, VARSITY RED/TEAM RED

September 16, 2010. Question #8: Danny is not a zombie in the commercial, what is he? DINNER!
September 17, 2010. Question #9: How many “accessories” does Nike Snowboarding make? 17
September 18. Question #10: Name the two females on the Nike Snowboarding pro team. LAURA HADAR AND ANNIE BOULANGER
September 19. Questions #11: There is a jacket in the Nike Snowboarding line named after Danny Kass’s hometown. Name it. VERNON 3 IN 1

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010. Question #12: Name one bag in the Nike Snowboarding line up.
September 21, 2010. Question #13: Who plays the female zombie in the commercial? LAURA HADAR

September 22, 2010. Question 14: Is the DK Zoom liner heat moldable? YES

*lies. We already spent all the money on beer.

Hump Day Uncensored: Danny Kass Interviews Brooke Geery

Since he puts the DK in DK Zoom, it seemed appropriate we interview Danny Kass right about now. But let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. After two weeks of phone calls, ichats, emails and @ replies, I finally tracked down Danny in Orlando, FL. Even then he didn’t want to sit down for an interview. Instead, he turned the tables interviewed me about such hot button topics as YoBeat and taking dude’s virginity. Eventually we got some dirt on him, and some solid life advice from an old dude that worked at the trade show. Don’t worry, if you don’t care what I or Danny have to say, there were plenty of blonds hanging out in the Grenade booth so you can just check them out in the background.

Video by Patrick Wieland

Promo Shot: Danny Kass


Danny Kass came all the way to Florida just so we would cross paths and he could update his YoBeat Promo Shot. Seriously he needed too. Look at these photos we have of him:


Circa 1997


Circa 1999

See all of our fans HERE!