Clemens Millauer Summer at Dachstein

Like rails? Like jumps?

Clemens Millauer has got you covered.

Øivind Fykse Engelschiøn & Len Jørgensen at Dachstein

You’d think that these guys would be able to find someone to film them.

Yougofirst: Dachstein Summer 14

Will this get you to care more about European riders? Probably not, but it’s still an entertaining edit all the same.

Riders in order of appearance: Georg Obermeissner, Pascal Standl, Vid Barić, Georg Ischepp, Christian Geiger, Rok Berglez (skate), Dominik Wagner, Matic Zavodnik, Žiga Rakovec.


Crumbed Snake Gloves @ Dachstein

What the hell is a Crumbed Snake?
It’s not on Urban Dictionary. Is it a sexual act? Is it European slang?

Whatever the case, it’s  a new glove company (#SnowTrendWatch – starting your own glove company) out of Europe and they’ve been up enjoying the Dachstein Glacier’s park.

Riders: Pascal Standl, Florian Galler, Stefan Langgartner, Karli Terzer, David Struber, Georg Obermeissner, and Dominik Wagner

Yougofirst: Fall on Dachstein

These Euros are really good at snowboarding. Not that that makes you care about them anymore, but figured we’d mention it.

Riders in order of appearance: Žiga Rakovec, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Erik Harc, Nejc Ferjan, Matic Zavodnik, Andrej Marinčič

Filmed by Gregor Berkopec, additional filming by Hambalkó Bálint and Mark Pirc

Dachstein Trapdit

Nothing says G like a bunch of Euros on a glacier.

Featuring: Florian Galler, Georg Obermeissner, David Struber, Matic Zavodnik, Stefan Langgartner, Karli Terzer, Guest: Christian Geiger, Pahsko Standl

Park Check: Dachstein

Man,  the Euros are really giving Hood edits a run for their money this year. Don’t worry, we’re sure it’s just cause it’s been raining up there and we’ll be able to catch up soon. In the meantime, the BLV/NTHG crew does some boarding at Dachstein.

Featuring: David Struber, Florian Galler & Flo Pötzl

Yougofirst at Dachstein

All your favorite Eastern Euros with unpronounceable names have teamed up, gotten about 40 sponsors (including us) and are bringing you webisodes! Enjoy Team video #1.

Riding by: Andrej Marinčič, Vid Barić, Georg Obermeissner, Dejan Hodžić, Žiga Erlač, Nejc Pucko, Ana Rumiha, Erik Harc, Matic Zavodnik, Žiga Rakovec

Filmed by: Hambalkó Bálint, Rene Gallo, Lukas Lerperger, Andraž Žan, Mark Pirc, Iztok Šumatić

Dachstein #1

This edit was “submitted” to us via a lovely hate comment by Matic Zavodnik, who we can only assume has blogging aspirations once he’s finished grabbing all his rail tricks, as he let us know how badly we’re blowing it and suggested several other sites that are much more diligent about reblogging every video that hits Vimeo. Apparently, there’s 5 meters of snow on EVERY glacier in Europe and people are snowboarding there EVERY DAY and therefore we should be concentrating more on posting the same stuff as Methodmag, and not doing any sort of skate or other original content if we want to be a “good” site. Well Matic, of all the links you sent, we thought this edit was pretty decent, so here ya go! Thanks for your input.

If you’d like to be friends with Matic, so you can say you knew him before he was the most powerful and successful web publisher in the world, he’s on Facebook, obviously.

Industrial Days

The US does not have the monopoly on glaciers and here’s proof from Dachstein, which is Austria… or Germany. One of those places. Matic Zavodnik and Vid Baric show you what they do between sausages in early July.

filmed by Rene Gallo