Credo and Friends 7

These Credo kids are so zany!

Credo: Zack Wilmot, Ian Keay, Henry Padden, Mike Porter
Friends: Chris Brackett, Dan Schott, Levi Gunzburg, Shaun Murphy, Casey Willax
Edit: Dylan Demers

Credo and Friends 6

These videos prove that snowboarding really is more fun when you have friends. Who else is gonna let you jump over them?

Credo: Zack Wilmot, Henry Padden
Friends: Levi Gunzburg, Dan Schott, Sully

Edit: Dylan Demers

Credo And Friends: Part 3

Another Mt. Snow edit featuring Zack Wilmot, which begs the question, does Zack ever ride without being filmed?

Riders: Zack Wilmot, Jordan Parks, Alex Hereford, Dave Tarfur
Edit: Dylan Demers

Credo at Carinthia

With Stories of sixty degree weather in Vermont, I’m surprised to see that Mount Snow is offering rails for kids to slide their snowboards on. Unless these kids are using green screens, it would appear that they actually got to film some shots and send them in for us all to enjoy. On the real though, we all need more snow.