Snowboarding x Horror

I don't know if I understand what is going on here. It appears that this company, Protest Boardwear, made a horror movie about snowboarding to play off it's oh-so-clever name, and then sent it us to post as a free ad for them. Maybe they're…

Switzerland in the Spring

Laax is lovely this time of year! An edit from our German friends from the Pleasure Mag Spring Jam, cause believe it or not, they have spring in Europe too!

Isenseven's 2010 Welcome Teaser

Even though the project is not yet named, the internet wants teasers in February, so the boys at Isenseven delivered. The 2010 release features Fredrik Evensen, Ludwig Lejkner, Alex Tank, Fips Strauss, Tobi Strauss, Tom Klocker, Marco Smolla,…