Volcom #IP2: Seth Huot & Cody Beiersdorf

Seth Huot & Cody Beiersdorf get together for the second video part release of #ip2.

The Convoy: Cody Beiersdorf FULL PART

These Minnesota dudes are alright!

Monday Minute: Cody Beiersdorf

This week, the great state of Minnesota instructed us to blow up Cody. It's easy to oblige when House of 1817 does all the work.

Monday Minute- Sunny Days at Hyland

, This week's Monday Minute is offering up a simple message. It's spring, which means it's time to get out there and shred in the sun! Jibbing: Cody Beiersdorf, Brandon Larson, Victor Simco, Dan Liedahl Edit: Riley…

Monday Minute: Hyland Hammers

, Minnesota is not just for pre-season and rail missions, they have snowboard parks too. Visit the House of 1817 if you know what's good fro ya. Manuevers: Cody Beiersdorf, Jake Olson-Elm, Ryan Paul, Jeffy Gabrick,…

House of 1817 Movie: Teaser #1

, This is your first glimpse at the upcoming movie from your pals at your favorite website about sweet bros from the midwest. gey hyped.

Trollhaugen is Open

, Trollhaugen, WI is open and the was there for its latest Monday Minute. Full park? Oh yeah. Wisconsin looks fun-ish. Stunts: John Hodge, Jeffy Gabrick, Cody Beiersdorf, Jake Olson Elm Video:…