Coal Presents: Robbie Sell’s Vancarious Journey – Part 2



Robbie Sell is on an incredible journey, and the photos he’s taking along the way are pretty incredible. If you haven’t been following along, bookmark now. And since this work of art will obviously leave you with burning questions, and Coal blog has you covered. In the latest installement, Robbie talks about rodeo queens, ice skating, and the secrets to avoiding rednecks. Read it.

SIA 2015 Day 1 in Pictures

I was sitting here thinking, man, what can I say about SIA that I haven’t already written at least 10 times? And then I realized, the title of this post includes the words “in pictures” so I don’t have to write shit. Also, our Snapchat story is way more interesting anyway.


I retook this photo of Kyle Fisher and Mark Dangler so it would be less awkward, but then I decided I liked the awkward version better.


Myles Soderstrom of Coal knows what the people like. Beer, bacon, pizza and more beer, duh.


The light in the convention center sucked for taking photos, especially when things were black.


Collabs will never go out of style.



All of Scotty Steeves’ favorite things.



This top sheet is made with recycled materials or some shit. I don’t know, I only half listen when Sean Black talks.


Arbor boards are looking snazzy.


This one is alledgely good for all purposes.


Anyone remember the Morrow lunch tray?


Selfies with Sean Black. Except taken by someone else.


This is my favorite photo, ever.


There was some Strange Brew going on.


Dinos let Dylan Trewin hang out in their booth.


So many snowboards, so little time.


The Geno graphic – copy cats, biting each other.


Geno and Jeff are super psyched to be in Denver guys!


Darrell Mathes at his day job.


Howl’s got gloves for everyone, including the pot head.


Salomon wins the award for best lit booth!


Chas totally got in the way on this one.


Le Villain.


Maybe it’s just me, Chris Grenier looks weird in this graphic.


Hehehe, butts.


There was a video playing of Josh Dirksen saying this board was his favorite in the Salomon line, so you know that shit is good.


Degenerati – it’s like the Iluminati, but less productive.


True story, someone already got a rather large tattoo of that eye graphic.


People always talk about keeping things fresh, but Rome likes it Stale.


Top secret Rome Powder boards, available only in the super top secret speakeasy.


This one’s for whoever keeps commenting as Nightmare Snowboards.


This guy.


I like how Stepchild made it so you don’t even have to touch the boards to see the top and bottom. Who said Canadians aren’t smart?


Spring Break x Holden



Aren’t we all…


Well, maybe not this guy.

Yobeat’s Holiday Gift Ideas For Broke Ass Boarders

This time of year can be a challenge when you selfishly spent all your money on your own passions, so what’s a broke boarder to do? Never fear! We’ve come up with a list of stuff you can get for under $50 that will make you look like you care about your loved ones this holiday season. And as a bonus, all the brands are for snowboarders by snowboarders, so you can feel good about your purchases.


The Hobo Cat Cap.

MSRP $30

I want this, so I assume other people would enjoy receiving it as a gift as well.

Buy it.  


Stinky Hunter Socks

MSRP $14.95

These socks are fly-fishing inspired and way cheaper than actual fishing equiptment. Give te gift of happy feet.

Buy it


Arcade Cortez Belt

MSRP: $26

Comfortable and functional, what can we say, Arcade Belts rule.

Buy it.


Crab Grab Mini Seaweed Traction

MSRP $10.50

Looks like real Seaweed!

Buy it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.03.55 PM

Dang Shades OG Shades

MSRP $25

Also available in a six pack, in case you’re all about that one stop shopping. Everyone needs eye protection.

Buy it.


Nolan Apparel Hood

MSRP $40

Nolan Apparel is straight outta Tahoe, and may be responsible for the track pants trend, but we don’t hold that against them.

Buy it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.07.05 PM

Side Surfers

MSRP $14.99

Give the gift of extra eye protection. Everyone needs their eyes.

Buy it.


Yobeat Lighter


You know we had to throw one plug for ourselves in there, and we know you can scrounge up 3 bucks. Shit maybe you could even afford a coozie too.

Buy it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.16.17 PM

Howl iPhone Gloves

MSRP $20

Give the gift of constant connectivity.

Buy it.


The Coal Taylor Beanie

MSRP $40

My personal favorite although Coal has hats for just about every style there is. Give the gift of a warm head.

Buy it.


Airblaster Terryclava

MSRP $23.99

Hoods may be all the rage these days, but the classic Airblaster Terryclava will not do you wrong.

Buy it.


Mizu Camp Cup

MSRP $15.95

Mizu makes about 1000 different water bottles, so rather than trying to choose one, we’re featuring this neat camp cup. Remember, summer is just around the corner and drinking out of a cup is so much classier than drinking straight from the bottle, so give the gift of class.

Buy it.


Poler x Chocolate Anderson Skate Deck

MSRP $50

For the wannabe skateboarder in your life.

Buy it.


The Arkives – V.01 

MSRP: $25

A book!? Don’t worry, we’d never encourage you to read, and this one is mostly pictures anyway.

Buy it

Shameless Product Placement: Coal Headwear

Coal Headwear makes hats perfect for covering your bald spot no matter what the occasion.

Coal x DDC x AMERICA Kit


Do you love America? We’re sure do, and what better way to show it than by spending some of your hard-earned American dollars on this kit brought to you by a couple of true American legends?

Coal was founded on the belief the headwear is more than an accessory. It’s part of you, your identity, and your lifestyle. We build this idea into each of our designs by using quality materials and exacting detail, and crafting styles that are as unique as you are. Working together with Portland-based Draplin Design Co., Coal has developed a unique and limited USA box set just in time for the 4th of July & World Cup events. The set features an Americana-inspired carboard box filled with a full-foam trucker, a three-pack of USA Field Notes and an extra iron-on USA patch, all made in the great US of A.

Get one here.



Aaron Draplin

Coal x TheGoodLife!: Jake Lamagno

True story. I once drove from Vermont to Washington on Rt 1 with this kid and he brought $19. He told me it would be plenty because he also had like $5 Canadian he could use too. Funny kid. Anyway, now he’s an artist who clearly gets paid in hats.

Anyway, here’s more about the actual project if you’re into that sorta thing.

Introduction: Located at the crossroads where action sports, urban culture and an appreciation for the finer side of life collide, TheGoodLife! is a consortium of like-minded friends whose goal is to always “Make it Nice,” an ethos shared by Coal in their motto of “Necessities for fine living.”  Together Coal and TheGoodLife! co-founder and photographer Craig Wetherby selected a diverse group of friends and family and produced a series of images and videos capturing the unique lifestyle of each individual. Although originally from parts far and wide, TheGoodLife! x Coal ambassadors each call New York City home, where they soak in every imaginable aspect of the city. Come join Coal in celebrating TheGoodLife!

Jake Lamagno is an artist, a designer, a skateboarder, and an all around nonconformist. His work is often unorthodox, of a macabre nature, and pulls into question the assumed realities of our mainstream society. Jake lives and breathes New York City’s downtown culture, in which he recently debuted his latest project, THE HUNT NYC. Operating just down the block from our friends at Shut Skateboards, THE HUNT NYC is an unorthodox design firm and antique boutique that offers products defined by a persistent desire to capture and create aesthetic pleasure. Jake and his partners reclaim, refurbish, remodel, remake, and do custom design work on any number of mediums.

Coal’s 2013/14 Lookbook

We were gonna post this sick new gallery with all the photos, but it’s apparently not ready for Internet consumption yet. So instead, watch the video here and then click over to and see those hot pics.

Creative for Coal: Ryan Paul

There’s a fine line between madness and genius and Ryan Paul certainly straddles it with his snowboarding. Watch this latest edit from Coal, you’ll see.

Coal Spring 2013 Collection

Always count on Coal to bring you the freshest hats, caps, beanies, and any other head accessory your heart desires.  Coal has just released their Spring 2013 collection which includes a collaboration with Otter Wax.  Check out the look book in the above gallery.  And you can view the entire collection here,






Creative for Coal: Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens and creativity. Like peanut butter and jelly.

#Coalinthewild Instagram Contest

Coal Headwear is giving away a Wilderness snapback each week of September for the best wildlife Instagram photos. Explore the outdoors this month, search for unique critters, and remember to tag @coalheadwear and #coalinthewild for a chance to win!

Here are the rules…

Follow @coalheadwear and @yobeat on Instagram
Post your best photo out in the wilderness; getting lost, getting weird, just plain getting out there.
Bonus points for wildlife!
#coalinthewild and @coalheadwear for each submission.
Once a week, Coal and YoBeat will choose a winner to receive a snapback from the Coal Wilderness Collection seen below.

The Summer of Coal

Coal Headwear brings you some Hood footage of your favorite boarders, all with one thing in common. They sure do have stylish hat collections!

Featuring: Jacob Krugmire, Scott Stevens, Jesse Gouveia, Ben Maki, Alex Cato, Phil Jaques, Richie Conklin, Kyle Fischer and more.

Creative for Coal: Camp Daze

In an event affectionately referred to as CAMPITA, the C3 crew took over Mt. Hood last session. Here’s an inside look from our friends at Coal Headwear.

Best Summer Ever 2: Windell’s Diggers

YoBeat goes deep into the world of the Windell’s diggers.  Scope their crib, the Ark, Tent City, and of course the Digger Kittens.  Digger life, that’s wussup!