RIP Camp of Champions

Despite what President Cheetoh may or may not believe, climate chamge is definitely a thing and it has officially taken a casualty from the snowboard world. After 28 years, Camp of Champions can no longer operate on the Blackcomb glacier…

Snowboarding in 2015: A Year In Review

The real issues of Board World '15

Stan-alysis: The 2015/16 Bataleon Global Warmer

Will this snowboard end the world as we know it?

Will It Ever Snow Again in the Northwest?

We hope the answer is yes, but...

The Death of Snowboarding

Time to find a new hobby kids.

Global Warming = Sucks.

by Rachel Cotton You may have noticed that it was about sixty degrees every day this winter. In short, this is because corporations like McDonald's destroy large portions of the rain forest each day so they can farm cattle and you can eat…