Under Review: VG Presents "Shoot the Moon"

Shoot the Moon is not mother approved.

Peer Pressure: Bode Merrill

With friends like these...

Snowboarders on Skateboards

Grendys, Stevens, Keniston, Bode and pals, not sucking.

Proto Testing with Salomon

Jed, Lou, Grenier, Harry, and Des ride the newest shit.

Granger’s Got a Posse Edit

Stevens really dug into the annals of his iTunes library for this soundtrack. Offspring? Remember them? All these guys are pretty fly for white guys though. Even when the hip hop starts. Moves: Grendys, Stevens, Hammid, Bogart, Chip,…

Rail Garden Doubles with the Lunch Ramp Gang

Club Boya... Lunch Ramp Gang... if you can't keep up, you slippin'. Grenier screams, Keniston gleams (bling). Bogart and Borland get bossy. Where else but RG in SLC? Edited by Mike Mo and Bundy.

The Runs Episode 6: Waterville Valley

WATERVILLE VALLEY! Eastern Boarder Team Riders Pat Moore, Chris Carr, Ted Lavoie, and Luke Mathison alongside EB homie Chris Grenier and a cast of others cruise around Waterville Valley, one of the best snowboard parks in the biz. Stay tuned…

Grendys Gets Gaffled

, What's fun when you have a friend that's a car guy? You'll see.

Videograss World Premiere and After Party

Mikey LeBlanc a.k.a "Brick of Cement" preparing an eager crowd. The sun rose slowly, as if sympathetically, the morning after Videograss premiered its latest effort Bon Voyage. As night fell to day, Darrell Mathes slept deeply in the comfort…

Grendys Officially on Ashbury

It's official, Chris Grenier has finally been tricked by the Ashbury boys to ride for them. We know it's true cause they sent us this video. More Here.

The Bearics: Not Affiliated with the Berrics

Etnies is joining forces with Bear Mountain to bring you the Bearrics, a site that will likely be no where near as good as the Berrics, but looks similar. If you want to keep up on what the etnies snow team is up to,…

Fun with Salomon Pros! Part 1

The Salomon team is on tour. When Java Fernandez is in charge, things can get ugly (or beautiful, depending on your perspective.) Louif Paradis, Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Scotty Arnold, Harrison Gordon, Chris Grenier, and Chris Carr, in…

Backyard Bang Hits Denver

Always make sure your kit is looking fresh, you never know where the cameras are.   p. Lyndsey Theriot The Backyard Bang Rail Jam has hit the road, and the mile-high city was the destination. The Denver snow scene was treated to…

Golf Cart Day with SFK

, What happens when you mix the SFK crew with a golf cart? Magic, that's what.

A Loose Hump Day with Chris Grenier

Built it himself, what did you do this winter? At first glance one might take Chris Grenier to be an average kid. He doesn't have any forced flare to set him apart, nor does he go out of his way to be the center of attention. But get to…