At Home with Chris Grenier

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Chris Grenier Darkside Full Part Re-edit

, is spoiling you guys.

Under Review: VG's The Darkside

Videograss' Dark Side is only for the bad boys.

What's Coming? Winter 12/13

Nick Lipton and a bunch of dudes who actually matter forecast the coming Winter.

LRG Presents: The Grendys Experience

A couple days at High Cascade with Chris Grenier

High Cascade Session 5 Edit

You know you've been waiting all day for it...


The boys at have an ALL NEW SITE. Different colors, different pictures, EVERYTHING. To celebrate, they made an edit of night tramp skating, cause well, it's summer and that's apparently what they do when not snowboarding.…

LRG "The Boss" Binding Giveaway

Limited Salmon x LRG Binding Giveaway and $500 LRG gear. Your wack wardrobe needs this.

LRG- A Few Of My Favorite Things With Chris Grenier

Chris Grenier likes a lot of things, but only a few prized possessions are his favorite. See what Chris enjoys most and look out for our other riders/artists favorite things coming soon.

Road Kill: Grendys and Bode get Serious in AK

Team Vacation some how made it to Alaska, and all that Muff along the way can drive a couple men insane. Clearly, that's what happened here.

Kids Know, Propaganda

KidsKnow Distribution just dropped "My Collection," the first in what we assume will be a series of videos featuring pros and their snowboard video collections. First up, Chris Grenier, who is definitely a snowboarder. A true snowboarder…

Grendys is on Eastern Boarder

Which is weird, because one would have thought he already was? Anyway, welcome to the team Chris and thanks for making a sweet video, Tanner.

AMMO: Pro Montage

Chris Bradshaw, Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens.

Unseen Quebec City Footage

Never-before-seen shots of Louif Paradis, Frank April, Phil Jacques, and Chris Grenier