Chris Grenier’s Holiday Hammers Photo Recap

Chris Grenier’s Holiday Hammers took over Wachusett on February 9, 2016. Because you don’t really want to read anyway, here are a bunch of photos by Josh Campbell.


This one front rocks!


Don’t mistake that look for fear, that’s pure confidence.


Hiking required.


Team work is the name of the game.


So many sports.


Someone stretched!


More a-frame action.


Circus tricks.


Straight outta circe du soleil.


Everyone loves a downbar.


Did you hear Tech Nine went outta business? Is it true??


Methods for every occasion.


Grendys shows em how its done.


Oh it’s a hammer!


And so is this!


Strapping in is so 2015.


Hammer plant.




The scene was lit!


Brighton/BZ with Louif, Grenier, Rav and Friends with some inspiring sounds from Step Brothers, take a seat this gets heavy real quick!

featuring Louif Paradis, Mike Rav, Chris Grenier, Littlest, Timmy Rona and Alex Andrews. Filmed By Seamus, Cole Taylor, and Chris Grenier. Edited by Chris Grenier.

32 Day at Brighton

I didn’t think it was possible to make 32 Day any better than it already was, but the 12″ of snow we accumulated over the course of the day made for an all-time event.  Unfortunately, the foot of fresh made the course condition less than idea, but nobody could complain because they were too busy getting pitted in the side country between their drops.  Im pretty sure the only people I actually heard bitch about the conditions were Grendy’s and Hobush, but they had $100 on the line so its understandable.  Due to some complications with the timing system, riders only got to hit the course once, which sucked for people like me who thought they could skip out of the course to get white-roomed and hop back in before finishing.  Either way, there were some pretty fast times put up despite the conditions.  The results for the banked slalom are as follows:


  1. First: Griffin Siebert – 40.68 seconds
  2. Second:  Seth Hout – 40.90 seconds
  3. Third: Everest Arnold – 41.48 seconds



  1. First: Stephanie Feld – 46.43 seconds
  2. Second: Gillian Montgomery – 47.82 seconds
  3. Third: JeJawn Allen – 47.85 seconds


Due to a combination of the weather and the timing system issues, the rail jam got off to a bit of a late start.  You know shits about to go down when you hear Matty Mo on the mic saying “YO YO YO BRIGHTON WHAT THE F*CK IS UP!!”  The snow was still puking during the rail jam but it didn’t stop some heavy stunts from going down.  Tristan did one of the smoothest cab threes on to a down bar I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure Everest Arnold is actually goofy because his switch stance riding abilities are quite impressive.  It’s a good thing the rail jam only lasted half an hour because there definitely would have been some carnage once kids started trying to gap from the jump to the DFD (which was easily 50 ft away).  The rail jam and Overall winners are were:

Men’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Tristan
  2. Second: Nick Kolkman
  3. Third: Dilly Guenthen


Women’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Hailee Mattingley
  2. Second: Jade Thurgood
  3. Third: Madison Blackley


Men’s overall:

  1. First: Nick Kolkman
  2. Second: Everest Arnold
  3. Third: Drew Elm


Women’s Overall:

  1. First: Madison Blackley
  2. Second: Hailee Mattingley
  3. Third: Stephanie Feld


Again, this event was a blast.  A huge shout out goes to Brian Cook at 32 for making the event happen, Jared Winkler at Brighton for organizing everything and Mouse and the rest of the Brighton Diggers for killing it on the course setup.  If you have the opportunity to make it out for 32 day next year, I would highly recommend attending (in case you were wondering, it’s going to be on March second next year, if you already haven’t figured that out).

New Era Presents: Chris Grenier, A Thought Process Perspective

Anxiety, frustration, fear, adrenalin, pride, euphoria, glory. Come behind the scenes as Chris Grenier deals with the emotional turmoil of filming his X Games Real Snow part. You can vote for him and all the other guys here.

Real Snow 2015 Videos!

Here we have it boys and girls. ESPN’s premiere contest for snowboarders who film parts (and who do slopestyle contests as well apparently). Watch below as they compete for all the money, cars and the hoes any little urban rider could ever dream of. Check out the videos now, then vote for your fan faves here.

Dylan Thompson

Dylan’s parts are always mind blowing and this one is no different. Oh, you wanna talk shit on his style? Well I’d say it’s pretty damn good considering what he’s jumping off of most of the time. It would make any normal snowboarder black out mid air. One of the my personal favorites was the back one, cab 3 on that closeout. Or that Brighton dam drop, which, by the way, WAS SWITCH. You can’t say shit about that…except for, “Move over Girth Brooks, there’s a new sheriff in town.” I’ve always backed this dood because he picks out a wide array of unique, visually pleasing, larger than average spots and then tries a trick no one would even consider doing. Leaves you wanting more every time! If you are talking shit, you are probably a cry baby and further more, have probably never hit an urban spot in your life. GET BENT.

PREDICTIONS: I don’t think he will win best video part(sigh), but I’ll be dammed (get it, cuz of that dam clip) if he doesn’t win your respect. GREAT JOB OUT THERE PAL!

Seb Toots

Well, let us just start by saying that was the worst possible song you could have ever picked. So fucking epic and the slow mo’s way too dramatic. You are a snowboarder doing real snow, not an astronaut going to outer space. Secondly, Fuck you for putting that first shot in there. Like what did I just watch? We are basically just watching a contest kid hit street stuff, some of which is obviously huge, but it sucks because he has no style and probably has little to no previous knowledge about the standards expected out of people’s parts these days. I will give him props for the hardway back 2 through the DFD because you just don’t see that kind of shit. But kid need’s to get learnt before he decides to put something like this together for a contest that every snowboarder and people that aren’t even snowboarders, are going to watch.

PREDICTIONS: Not gonna win. I’m not saying that because he actually won’t win, but because if he does it will be a GOD DAMN TRAVESTY. If this kid wins any of the 4 categories, and it is likely that he will, it will be the devils work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dan Brisse

This heres whatcha call your classic Brisse part, chock full of big dick spots, tricks and a typical metal/minnesota influenced song choice. Either Dan truly loves the feeling of almost dying for his country every time he straps in or he has just heavily adopted the saying “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” As in, he ain’t broke, so he ain’t gonna fix it. Speaking for the rest of the snowboard community, I would say it would be refreshing if he mixed it up a bit. We get it, you’re a fucking mad man. However this isn’t the type of snowboarding most people are ever going to attempt and not the type of snowboarding I want people to be attempting. THE HOT TUB’S TOO HOT. Your country thanks you for your services Dan now just commes des fucks down and give the people what they really want, which is a part that makes them want to go out and snowboard.

PREDICTIONS: Dan may very well take the cake on this one. It’s not necessarily what you or I want, but it’s most likely what the majority of people that have no real understanding of our sport will want. I like Dan, he’s a nice guy, and I’m sure he could have died hitting all of these spots. I just don’t want this type of snowboarding to be rewarded.

Jeremy Jones

Oh Jeremy, we have seen better parts from you. I know you gave it your best and that this isn’t even a full season’s worth of clips but the monotony here is unbearable. I watched this part a few times now and I still don’t even remember what happened. It’s just too much of the same riding we’ve seen from him time and time again. To be even more critical, tree hits are not suitable for real snow. I’m sure he’s now realized this having seen the other parts. And one footers onto rails, even if you are gapping, should be left to Scott Stevens or anyone in Think Thank. I don’t even know. I’m bored writing.

PREDICTIONS: Better luck next year SAN!

Chris Grenier

Chris Grenier KEEPIN IT 100. From a snowboarders perspective, Grendies deserves the win. Fuck waiting for the prediction at the bottom, that’s just what it is. His spots were highly inventive, and if they were hit in the past, he made sure to do them better than anyone else ever has done before. This is some of the most impressive riding we’ve seen from him in a minute. Good spots, great riding, SWEG UNTOUCHABLE. And shout out to Pat Fenelon on the filming/editing side of things, it complimented chur boy’s riding and fit with his style better than anyone else’s filmer/editor was able to accomplish. You guys are what’s really <3

PREDICTIONS: I want so badly for Grendies to win. He clearly is the winner to all of us whether he wins or not. The fact of the matter is, the industry is confused right now. As in it doesn’t know whether it’s gay, straight, or Shaun White. 100 bucks says that if he doesn’t win, he will at least get laid. This kid is so hot right now.

B Proddi Productions: The Full Length

Turns out the 21 editions of #BProddiProductions on Instagram were merely 15 second teasers for the full length movie, so to all you sad suckers that don’t follow Blake, here’s what you missed over the last year.

Hijinx by: blake paul, tommy gesme, spencer schubert, forest bailey, colin brophy, sam taxwood, forrest burki, butters, kyle martin, colton feldman, aaron blatt, mark “king” wilson, will smith, max warbington, nils mindnich, garret warnick, chris grenier, hans mindnich, rob balding, jon ray, jasper kahn, griffin siebert, jeff richards, dave marx, jon stark, gigi ruff, danny davis, jake shats, and a grasshopper.

Videograss at Woodward Copper

Joe Sexton, Jake Olson Elm, Chris Grenier, and filmers Sam Fenton and Justin Meyer spent a session up at Woodward at Copper and had the time of their lives. Bumpah boats, mini golf, snowboarding, foam pits, skateboarding, helmets and so much more.

Grendys’ Holiday Hammers at Wachusett

So Chris Grenier went home for the holidays and decided to hold a rail jam for the kids, cause he’s a nice guy like that. In typical East Coast fashion, the weather sucked, but everything about this video is pure awesome. Enjoy.


Chris Grenier’s Pull Fart

Go Pats!

Cameos: Timmy Ronan, Frank April, Chris Carr

Song: “Dark Allies” by Light Asylum

The Greenberg Files – Episode 1

Scott Stevens is like the snowboarding midas. Everything he touches turns to gold!

FMK: Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier and Bode Merrill


And we’re back with another exciting installment of Fuck, Marry, Kill, the game in which we select a threesome of riders and ask pro ‘boarders and industry types who they would, well, you know.

Desiree Melancon – Stevens is totally husband material, I hear Bode is well-endowed and Grenier would be way too weird, so he dies.

Cobra Dogs owner Cory Grove– Marry Bode, he’s already my heterosexual life partner. Fuck is hard and depends on the night. If i’m partying I’d fuck Grendys. If i wanted to do nice dinner and wine follower by cuddling it would be Scott, no question. I’d kill the other one at the same time as it’s already going to be a weird situation, so if I go, I go all out.

ESPN Snowboarding editor Melissa Larsen – Fuck Stevens, because he’s original and creatively inventive and imaginative, and, you know, chicks dig that. Not marrying any dude who can’t manhandle a big mountain and talk some serious shit. So Bode for the ring, obviously – also because he’s pro camber, and that’ll just always be hot, and ongoing hotness is what keeps marriages alive, right? Wouldn’t really want to kill Grenier, but it would cull the Utah rail herd, so his death would be useful I guess.

Peter Line– Bode-fuck, he looked pretty hot when he was dressed as a chick for my photo shoot a year ago.
Scott- marry, he’d be a sweetie pie and make me cookies
Grenier- kill, sorry Chris. I don’t have an option here. You just don’t cut it for me in the love department.

Preston Strout– Well, since they live in SLC, I’d marry all three of them.

Leanne Pelosi- Ok…disclaimer.. I don’t know ANY Of these guys so sorry if I offend any of them…  I would Marry Scott Stevens because he’s the king of everything. Love his style… Kill Bode Merill  and Fuck Chris Grenier.

Andrew Brewer: Probably kill Grenier. Marry Bode cause he probably has the most money and then bang Scott, just cause that’s the last option.

Oliver Dixon-Cider: I can’t even really answer this because it’s my dream four-way. My official answer is fuck all at the same time.

Nick Lipton – I don’t get a girl option? Hmm, ok. Fuck Stevens cause he seems the softest, marry Bode cause he’s got money and kill Chris because I feel fucking him would be the most awkward. Sorry dude, no hard feelings, literally.

Mikey Leblanc – Kill Bode because he’s already good at and achieved everything he needs in life, and now he’s just bored, so let’s put him outta his misery.  I’d marry Scott Stevens because he’s so out there we’d never have to hang out, and he’s nice. And fuck Grendys because he’s someone you’d fuck I guess… man that’d be a wild ride, shotguns and golf cart fuckin’, alotta beer, wow, blowing my mind thinking about that.

What Now: Red Neckin’ with Chris Grenier

This is just some good ol’ American fun, and since Chris Grenier is doing it, you might want to try it too. But don’t. Our friends at VGsnow urge you:

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!* All stunts were performed by un-trained professionals.


Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Take a Ride on Stevens and Grenier’s Boards

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the board under Scott Stevens or Chris Grenier’s feet? Me neither. But the crew at ThirtyTwo is showing you anyway.

At Home with Chris Grenier

Just before Thanksgiving Utah got hit with some snow so we headed there to meet up with Chris. While everyone was out trying to get some early season shots, we did the complete opposite and went to the Bonezone to shoot guns, burn some gas, and do a little snowboarding.