Chris Brewster Joins Dinosaurs Will Die

Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards is real damn pleased to welcome its newest AM, Chris Brewster.

Terrible Tuesday: SF DTTD RAW!

Nothing but snowboarding. Finally.

AMMO: Chris Brewster Full Part

ThirtyTwo's Am movie, part whatever.

Ammo: Intro

ThirtyTwo's Am video begins.

Terrible Tuesday: Cabin Fever with Chris Brewster and Johnny Miller

Brewster and Johnny have put in some work up at the Bone Zone. Check out their handmade crib and the sick park that's right out their front door. Snowboarding appearances also from Anton Gunnarsson and Deadlung.

Videograss at Brighton Opening Day 2010

Sweet dudes take some laps at Brighton on opening day. Stunts: Alex Andrews, Johnny Miller, Ben Bilocq, Dave Downing, Chris Brewster, Dylan Thompson, Jonas Carlson, Parker Duke, & Anton Gunnarsson. Edit: Eddie Grams/Videograss

Learn Something: Lipslides with Chris Brewster

Chris came all the way from Alaska to teach you losers how to properly lipslide. Please note: you can also do this trick with a normal width stance, if you so desire.

All the Way from AK it's the Chris Brewster Hump Day

At 20 years young Chris Brewster might not be in the spotlight yet, but his future is looking bright. HCSC backs him, they even gave him a digger position, the Think Thank video crew has him filming a part and he's Alaskan, obviously making…

Animal Farm Showemus Teaser #2

, If you are deeply offended by animal poaching, or Mike Jones, don't watch this teaser. Otherwise, enjoy snowboarding by Chris Brewster, Ted Borland, Torrey Lyons, Cody Voit, Noah Hausknecht, Ben Farrell, Parker Duke,…