OPC: The 2017/18 Park Edits Have Begun!

The latest from Trollhaugen, Sun Peaks, Big Boulder, Carinthia, and a bonus Powsurf Edit with NO PARK AT ALL.

Love/Hate: Max Lyons

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The tallest snowboarder in Southern VT takes it to the streetz.

C Sessions 7.4

Featuring: Shaun Murphy, Jake Gaudet, Levi Gunzburg, Savannah Shinske, Rory Bruder, Steve Lauder, Kevin Raksnis, Joey Leon, Jeremy Ellenberg, Casey Willax, Timmy Sullivan, Max Lyons, Wes Heffernan, Tyler Mengel, & Nate Haust

Shirefit @ Carinthia

Nate Haust, Austin Esposito and Levi Gunzburg doing Mt. Snow's Carinthia Park.

The C.O.M.P. 2017

Casey Willax, Max Lyons, Jeremy Ellenberg, Maggie Leon, Storm Rowe, Wess Heffernan, Zeb Powell, and a host of others slay the course at Carinthia in the hopes of taking home a chunk of that $8,000 purse.

C Sessions 7.3

Featuring: Max Lyons, Lauren Tamposi, Kevin Raksnis, Timmy Sullivan, Shaun Murphy, Rory Bruder, Steve Lauder, Casey Willax, Storm Rowe, Nate Haust, Jed Sky, Jesse Gomez, Levi Gunzburg, Jake Gaudet, and Jeremy Ellenberg shredding Carinthia.

RevTour Rejects

Carinthia park with Alphonse Esposito, Alex Schoff, Ben Hojnoski, Nate Haust, Jacob Al-Husseini, Lucas Ferry, Jack Szkutak

C Sessions 7.1

Vermont hits. Featuring: Nate Haust, Shaun Murphy, Levi Gunzburg, Max Lyons, Casey Willax, Rory Bruder, and Steve Lauder.

PreSeason at Carinthia

Pre-opening hiking and nibbling at Carinthia in Vermont. Shaun Murphy, Rob Black, Jeremy Ellenberg, Tyler Redes, and Rory Bruder

The Week End Round Up

Four videos for one click!

C Sessions: 5.7

Wild in the park at Mt. Snow