matt wainhouse

Love/Hate: Matt Wainhouse's 2017 Video Memories

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Stevens Pass, Washington's favorite blonde bombshell on powder snowboarding, pillow lines, road gaps, snowmobiles, powder surfing, cascade concrete and real concrete too!

Capita: 15 Years in 14 Minutes

A brief history of badass

Yawgoon: Marcus Rand

A collection of Mdot's footage from 2014/2015

Jon Koch's Firey Hump Day

Dirty Jersey's best helmet-wearing ginger snowboarder.

Yobeat's 12 Most Chill Board Graphics of 2016

Hand picked by our resident expert.

Winner Announced: A Capita Quickstrike Peter Line Rainbow 153

Simple Internet Research = Your ticket to a free snowboard!

Ryan Collins Street Part 2015

Making new drivers everywhere proud!

Behind the Board: 2015 CAPiTA Ultrafear

Snowboards don't just materialize out of thin air.

Deadend - J.O. Truchon

Crazy Kinks and Urban Doubles

Capita in Euroland

Dome and dry slope action with Stevens, Jaques and Cocard

Win: Union x Capita Stay Badass Bindings

We received a pair of the Limited Union x Capita Stay Bad Ass edition bindings, with the simple instruction to see that they make it into the hands of a child prodigy. Since Dangler didn't specify what sort of prodigy we're opening it up…