Win: Collector's Edition Defenders of Awesome Kit

CAPiTA x Union Bindings, Defenders of Awesome and more, all free!

Defenders of Awesome: Mike Rav

Three tricks, Michael Ravelson

The New CAPiTA Site is Live!

There's nothing like that shiny new site smell.

Defenders of Awesome: Dan Brisse

It's Tuesday so here are three more tricks from Defenders of Awesome.

Defenders of Awesome: Phil Jacques

The snowboarder, not the cricketer.

Defenders of Awesome FULL TEASER

It's like a full movie, but just a teaser. But it's better than the other teasers, cause there's more than three tricks.

A Minute with Dan Brisse and Cale Zima

Sorry kids, no one really wants to watch YOUR "B footage" edits. But I think Mike Thienes is now reaching into "C footage" for this little video of Cale Zima and Dan Brisse, and it's still good. These guys can 'board.

Ten Years of CAPiTA Party Pics

CAPiTA celebrated its 10th anniversary in style on December 17th with a party at the Showbox in Seattle and some sounds from the Supersuckers. Without being there, we can be pretty sure it was a good time, but the CAPiTA crew delivered the…

Happy Birthday CAPiTA!

The ten-year thing became official at SIA for CAPiTA Snowboarding and they celebrated in style with a countdown, champagne, noise makers and funny hats. The Dangerzone crew was in effect all show, and of course there were there to get it all…

Hardass Hump Day with Laura Hadar

Cooking is for girls. Cole Barash photo. Interview by Jack Boyd One of the nice things about conducting and writing a feature on a female snowboarder is that you know everyone is going to read it. Dudes are a given because they have…