Tech Nerd - Capita 2018 DOA

Tech Nerd's Take: The 2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome

We took the 2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome for a spin, press, carve and tweak - and our official review is in!

A Quickstrike Quickie with Peter Line

The Capita Peter Line Rainbow 153 hits stores tomorrow!

Yawgoons: Mt Hood

Random board-related activities.

Capita UK Tour

Three generations collide.

The Outsiders: CAPiTA Team Edit

With a very special announcement...

CAPiTA Snowboarding 2013 is live

All the new boards and even an opportunity for some sexy talk. Right now at

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Phil Jacques FULL PART

A little French Vanilla never tasted so sweet.

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Brandon Cocard FULL PART

CAPiTA brings you another free full part from Defenders of Awesome.

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Laura Hadar FULL PART

A little Valentine's day present for all you boys from CAPiTA.

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Jess Kimura FULL PART

Imagine what would have happened if she was healthy all season...

Defenders of Awesome Tuesdays: Dan Brisse FULL PART

CAPiTA bringing you joy, every Tuesday for the next two months.

Win a CAPiTA DOA Kit from

Thinking about buying a new CAPiTA Snowboard? We thought you might be. And if you buy it from this month, you're automatically entered to win one of the coveted Defenders of Awesome Limited Edition kits, including a pair of CAPiTA…