The Sophisticated Gentleman’s Board Review: Capita Slush Slasher 143

The Sophisticated Gentleman cracks a cold one (or four) and goes for a rip on the Capita/Spring Break Slushslasher 143, a collaboration between Corey Smith and Capita Snowboarding.

Available Sizes: 143, 147, 151
MSRP: $369.95

A Quickstrike Quickie with Peter Line

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.50.11 AM

The super limited edition Capita Peter Line Rainbow 153 Quickstrike officially hits store shelves tomorrow — although based on Instagram, hungry board collectors have already started snatching them up. The graphic features the iconic rainbow, which Peter first used on his Division 23 pro model in the mid 1990’s, as well as some more modern accouterments such as pizza, boobs and cigs. Spanning 20 years, the rainbow graphic is one of snowboarding’s most memorable art pieces and we caught up with the man himself for a little history lesson.

What was the original inspiration for the pink rainbow graphic on your Division 23 board?

I think it was a Sean Sheffey skate graphic of Hello Kitty or something pink and I just thought it was awesome to have a girly graphic. Not sure where the rainbow came from or why I didn’t do white polka dots. I can still do those on my re-re-re-issue board in a few years.


How many different variations of the rainbow have existed over the years on your pro models?
Only the three D23 originals, the Forum 10-year reissue and this one. I think on one of my other Forum graphics, I had a hand drawn rainbow and they may have made an icon from it at one point, but I can’t remember.

Has there ever been any homophobic blowback over the years? Any issues with sensitive retailers?

I don’t think so. When the D23 one came out in ’95 or ’96, it really wasn’t a known logo for the gay community. Later, when the rainbow logo was more prevalent and known, I think some people were thinking I was gay because of my graphic. I really didn’t care, I didn’t know of the rainbow meaning when I used it as my graphic, now I think it makes it even better. I love pissing off homophobes.


Forum 10-year reissue. Photo: Alex Swords

Do you feel given the current climate of acceptance for gay marriage and trans gender individuals in America, this graphic holds the same impact it once did?

Probably not, especially this new version. Cigs, pizza, boobs and pills? It may have its own impact far aside from having a rainbow on it.

In all its glory. photo: Jason Chuma

How did you team up with Capita? 

I’ve been friends with Blue since the D23 days and I’ve always respected the Capita brand. And plus, it’s here in Seattle, so even better.

What else are you up to these days?

Oh, stuff. Designed Jess’s graphics for Capita again, designing the men’s outerwear for Dakine, shooting product photos and writing for Snowboarder Mag. There’s this three-part documentary about me coming out one of these days soon. I have a goggle with Electric coming out that carries a similar theme, as well as a shoe with DVS. And maybe some other stuff, but I can’t remember. And hoping it actually snows this year!

The Peter Line Rainbow Quickstrike is available at select retailers starting October 20, 2015. Hit up your local shop soon if you want one!

Yawgoons: Mt Hood

Campita 5 on hill activities 2015.

Featuring Marcus Rand, Mike Rav, Mark Goodall, Jordan Small, Cale Zima, Jess Kimura, Harrison Gordon, Brendan Gerard, Jesse Paul, Scott Stevens, and Kevin Backstrom

Film/ Edit: Dr.B
Additional Filming: Mark Dangler, Ashley-Dawn Byrd, Marcus Rand

Music: Bibio -Fire Ant
America -Sandman

This Kid Wrote a Song About Yobeat

Normally when we do a giveaway that requires any sort of creativity, it’s a challenge to pick a winner. Too much good stuff, blah blah blah. But Patrick Gorman won the shit out of the Union x CAPiTA bindings and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree he deserves it. Enjoy the new foot retention systems Patrick, we liked your song!

CAPiTA Snowboarding 2013/14 is ALIVE!

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 5.49.58 PM

Capita UK Tour

Legendary snowboarders Tarquin Robbins and Joni Makinen hit the UK with Jess Kimura and Scott Stevens. Four riders from three generations together on one unique road trip. Just watch.

The Outsiders: CAPiTA Team Edit

Well, well, well, it looks like CAPiTA just rounded out one of the best teams in snowboarding. Don’t take our word for it though, watch this edit.

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Phil Jacques FULL PART

This will conclude our regularly scheduled CAPiTA Tuesdays and what better way to wrap things up than with the ender ender himself, Mr. Phil Jacques. If you want to see more parts from Defenders of Awesome, just go download it on iTunes RIGHT NOW.

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Brandon Cocard FULL PART

Mountain man, nice guy and all-around good snowboarder Brandon Cocard is the star of this week’s free full part from CAPiTA’s Defenders of Awesome. If you’ve already seen it, watch it five more times. You won’t be mad, we promise.

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Laura Hadar FULL PART

If you think Laura Hadar is just some jibber, think again. She took home some solid silver duct tape at the Banked Slalom, and that requires no rail sliding ability. Check out her full part from Defenders of Awesome courtesy of CAPiTA to celebrate.

Hmm. Seems the Youtube jerks want you to go watch this there. We’re working on a solution, until then, enjoy some Ghandi Shit.

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Jess Kimura FULL PART

Rider of the year, video part of the year, and reader’s choice award from some award show we didn’t go to because they told us we “might be able to get VIP wrist bands at the door.” But enough about us, fuck yeah Jess! Enjoy her full part courtesy of CAPiTA Snowboarding.

Defenders of Awesome Tuesdays: Dan Brisse FULL PART

In addition to leaping buildings and what not, Dan Brisse’s also in ESPN’s Real Snow contest, which goes live today. Go check out his entry here, that is, after enjoying his full part from Defenders of Awesome, courtesy of CAPiTA Snowboarding. Get the whole damn movie on iTunes now!

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