Accepted Edits – The Pre Season Mash-up Edition

Another week (or maybe two) has wizzed by in our busy lives as adults who enjoy boarding, and with it came a bunch of videos we watched and didn’t hate. If you like snowboarding, you might like them too.

It’s a Canadian extravaganza, begining with a half-length movie full of inside jokes and some solid manuevers.

Edited by : Dawson McLachlan

Featuring Mark Goodall, Chris Fellner, Cooper Dykeman, Dawson McLachlan, Quin Ellul & Daniel Glibota

Pink Floyd – Pigs
Kodak Black – My Wrist
6 Dogs – No Savage
Cousin Stizz – Headlock

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Proof that you can make an early season without the use of tubes. 

 This video was filmed outside Kelowna B.C. by the same boarders that are in it. Featuring: Aiden Hryciw, Mat Wanbon, Corey Kowalski, Dan Pandzic, Pat Hrivnak, Brayden Kirby, Seb Judge and Mike Rowan. The oven has been preheated, let’s get baked.

Song: Fuzz – Let It Live

If you can make it through three minutes of bullshit about living in a van, there are definitlely some shots worth watching in here from Boreal DAY UNO. 


Ahh Okemo. Despite the cold and eastern ice, it’s always soft and cuddly like kitties.

Riders: Josh Barr Joe Gould Randall Reynolds John Garoutte 
Music: Will Steller

More Canadians, taking corrugated tubes to the next level. 

Pre season boardn with Geremy G, Bryce Bugera, Tommy Van, Aiden Hyrciw, Mathew Wonbon & Malcom Eppinger

Filming/Editing – Liam Hall

Meanwhile, in the land where the season never begins or ends, flips to rail seem to be the new indoor standard.

Event was hosted by Bart Falhaber, video by Kasper de Zoete – results HERE

O.P.C: Wasted Youth: The Sequel

Because working hard on a Friday is harder than working the rest of the week, we bring you O.P.C. (that’s other people’s content) complete with the clever and hilarious write up from the guys who were likely inspired by the guys who made Whiskey. 

The movie the New York Times has so far been tight lipped about, WASTED YOUTH: The Sequel, is a raw and gritty look into the lives of the Revelstoke snowboard crew. Having made a name for themselves as being tree-burning-cigarette-smoking-whisky-drinking-red-neck snowboarders, they have once again pushed the limits of DIY snowboard film-making. After the success of their first full length snowboard movie, WASTED YOUTH had nowhere to go but down. Fortunately for themselves and their fans they have managed to once again raise the bar on what is considered “decent snowboarding”. This movie will surely be remembered by someone, somewhere for something; probably not for the snowboarding though.

Keith Martin
Taylor Roberts
Seb Grondin
Chris Boyd
Ben Bilocq
Jess Kimura
Sean Barrett
Johan Rosen
Friends: (Tommi Ollikainen, Samu Mikkonen, Jopi Elooranta, Johan Nordag, Shreddie, Nick Khattar, Twan,
Danger Leblanc, Justin Cahill, Andrew Clark, Karl Jost).

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The Bugatti Compilation 2k16

A Historic Hump Day with Jon “Boy Air” Boyer

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.56.21 AM

By Mike Estes

I can simply say that Jon ‘Boy Air’ Boyer cracked me up. He loved to make people laugh and I was his biggest customer. Fortunately for me, he was also my Barfoot Factory Teammate for many years. I can fondly remember seeing him take his first run in the halfpipe at the Breckenridge World Champs in 1986. He soared. Immediately other riders where hooting and hollering in support. Jon had one of the BEST backside airs, he hung with Roach, Palmer, Kidwell and Kelly in that aspect. He styled out every grab. Photographers loved him, and what’s not to love about a good to honest, Canadian-raised, hockey-loving, hard-working, ethical human being. Jon and I haven’t talked in a really long time, we are both Dads now. I noticed one day on my Instagram his funny URL- @500lbguerilla and DM’d him. He didn’t reply. So after a week I hastily bitched him out. Lo and behold Jon responded and apologized for not noticing my DM. I was relieved. I consider him family, we traveled extensively together in cars, buses, trains, taxis and planes. He’s always inspired me. I’m absolutely honored to finally get all this together for you to read. Enjoy:

What was is like driving from Calgary to Breck in those early days of riding for Barfoot Snowboards?
Oh man, those were great times. Snowboarding was such a different thing back then compared to the show and glitz it is now. Ken Achenbach was this sort of pied piper of Canadian snowboarding back then. He would help all us young kids get hooked up with boards and clothes from US companies. Most people don’t realize it but he owned the first retail snowboard shop in the world. Before that you had to go direct from a board manufacturer or from Thrasher mag mail order ads in the back. I would turn around his shop all the time until he let me catch a ride with He had this awesome syncro VW Westy that we would load up and take turns driving through the night until we reached Colorado. We’d stumble out of that van at Scott Downey’s house smelling like a bum’s nut sack and barely wait until we’d hit the hill. Breck was an amazing time back then. That was the time when CK rode for Sims and Palmer was still called Mini Shred. We all knew each other back then and the pipes were dug by hand. Those trips were seriously some of my favorite memories of snowboarding ever. I can honestly say that my entire life, even to where it has ended up now, was shaped so much by the mentorship, generosity and brotherly love that I got from Ken Achenbach. I owe him everything.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.57.26 AM

How many years did you ride for Barfoot? How many signature models did you have? Who was/were the artists?
Christ, you want me to do math? I think it was from when I was 17 till about 25. By then I was kind of burnt out on being a sponsored pro. I always wanted to go to art school, and snowboarding was different back then. It wasn’t really a complete career option. I always wanted to tell stories and was into film and photography so by the end of my time as a sponsored pro I was really getting interested in writing and film. But my time as a pro was amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Geoff McFetridge did all my board graphics. He and I used to make a skate zine back in Canada and both ended up in LA. Geoff is an incredible artist who after doing my boards ended up art directing the Beastie Boys magazine Grand Royal as well as doing titles and art work for all of Spike Jonze films. He’s an incredible artist and awesome human. All in all I had 5 models. Near the end of my years as a pro though I was stoked to hook up new up and coming kids. My proudest hook up was first getting Devun Walsh sponsored. He was this local Vancouver kid who was quiet and rode unlike anyone I had ever seen. I don’t attribute myself to “discovering him,” but I definitely was stoked to see how far he went and how successful he became. Still, if I didn’t hook him up someone would have for sure.

Name all the brands you used to ride for?
Over the course of my “career” I rode for Barfoot, The Snoboardshop, Oakley, JT, West Beach, UGG… Fuck I don’t know, some other stuff too? I honestly can’t remember. Airwalk? Powerboat hooked me up with boxes of stuff for a few years too as did Swatch Watches. Nut Barefoot and UGG and Westbeach were the only ones who really paid me cash money.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.19.36 AM

Was your mind blown that you got an iconic slo-mo shot in Greg Stumps movie called the “Maltese Flamingo”? (Note to kiddies- go watch any Greg Stump Film)
Okay, I remember that day vividly. Stumpy was this weird film maker guy who was sort of this wizard of Oz character. This was kind of before snowboard films really started to take off and become a thing. Stumpy was the alt-rock version of Warren Miller ski films and back then if you got in a ski film it was a pretty big deal. I remember being in Breck during the 88 worlds (I think?) and he was shooting at the pipe. A shot of me popped up in his film later that year from that day and I freaked. It was kind of a big deal back then. Like you won the Willy Wonka golden ticket. Later that year up in Whistler, the was shooting Damien Sanders and some other Avalanche guys for his new film. Back then Damien and I were pretty tight. He invited me along to shoot for a day and that was that. Stumpy and I kind of became friends for a while and I would shoot with him now and then. He was weird guy but I liked him.

What’s your fondest memory from snowboarding?
I have so many so picking my “fondest” is tough. I liked when I lived with you that one winter in Portland. We had some good times. But honestly, my entire journey in snowboarding back then was really great. Snowboarding doesn’t really have as good a sense of its own history like surfing and skateboarding does. Now days it seems it is more like freestyle skiing and less about the freedom and ingenuity of how we saw it back then. I love what the Frends crew are doing with the Friendly Gathering though. They seem to have it down. It makes me want to be a part of it you know? The rest now seems to be all about glitz and money. I get it though. I love how people are making a living off of doing something they love. But back then it wasn’t about that. It wasn’t about the status like it is now. Of course the evolution of the sport and the Olympics have made it a world wide thing, and that’s really a great thing, but I love the fact that I was part of something during it’s inception. Back when people would see us on the ski hills and ask us; “What is that thing?”

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.05.20 AM

How many covers did you earn?
I think it was 2. Definitely the TWS cover and I think one other. I was there the day Guy Motil was shooting for the very first TWS magazine. Dave Achenback got the cover. It’s so awesome. No one in this entire sport knows who he is and he has the very first cover of TWS. How about that? It kind of shows you how little anyone in the sport of snowboarding cares about the original history of the sport they love. It’s unlike surfing or skating which completely honors and remembers the sports trailblazers. But I think it’s getting better. At least I hope it is.

You traveled the world, name all the countries you got to visit?
All through Canada and the US, Japan more times than I can count. Germany, Switzerland, France, France and more France. Austria. New Zealand and Argentina and Chile. Australia, which was funny. It was the best education I ever had. Traveling the world. It gives you a humility unlike anything else.

If you could go to Japan and ride that unreal powder with a group of 10 riders from any era of snowboarding- who would you take?
Fuck me, there’s a question. That Japanese powder is unlike anything I’ve ever ridden. I would pay cash money to go back there and ride it again it’s that good. I would definitely go back there with Craig Kelly. I had a few powder days with Craig in my past. He really knew how to ride powder. It’s funny isn’t it? You see so many pros today and for some reason they ride powder with this weird style. Except Travis Rice. That kid can seriously ride. But really what I’d love the most is get my original Canadian whistler crew; Alex Warburton, Morry, Dano, and have a weekend at Bald Face Lodge. I’d seriously love that.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.10.13 AM

Your boards seems heavily collected by vintage snowboard collectors, do you have a stash to show folks?
I have a good collection that are all up at my sister’s house in Canada. I actually don’t have a photo of them to share. I have a few other sweet boards from friends like Brushie and Craig. I always wanted to get Palmer to give me one of his mini boards but it never happened.

How long have you been living in LA?
I moved to North County SD almost 17 years ago and moved to LA about 11 years ago. I have a love hate relationship with LA but lately I’ve been loving it more and more. I had to get out of SD because I wanted to move on from Action sports. I miss that world a lot sometimes but I realized that as you get older, those sports are harder to sustain a lucrative living unless you start a company that gets bought by Quiksliver or Billabong. Those days are kind of over it seems though. I always wanted to tell stories and when I transitioned from snowboarding to film making I always knew I wanted to eventually make movies. Moving up to LA was my way to make that next move. I got into commercial directing for some years and then started writing. After muddling my way through a learning process I wrote a feature screenplay which I had planned to direct myself. One thing led to another and now I’m repped by WME and have four feature films in development. I’m currently adapting a NYT Best Seller titled: The White Tiger and have another movie about to go with the producer from Life Of Pi producing. It’s strange, I never saw myself as a writer but now here I am. Hello pajama job.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.11.30 AM

Bring us up to speed on your family? I see you got 2 daughters, twins?
Twins, yes. And they’re a headache. The best kind of headache ever. My wife is from Canada as well. I had dated enough crazy LA girls I had to import. She keeps me in line and makes sure my ego doesn’t get out of hand. Seriously though, I owe everything to her. She grounds me and knows how to bust my chops. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Snowboarding is such an incredible thing. It’s a giant part of who I am and who I have become. I love seeing the progression of snowboarding and how it has become such a global sport. It is strange though for me to see how much competitive snowboarding is almost like freestyle skiing these days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible what these guys do in the pipe these days,and I’m in total awe, but it just seems too flawless now. Too perfect. There’s no one that really is “on the edge” so to speak. I think I still love the free riding aspect too much. It’s the purest form of snowboarding I think. But I’m not that get off my lawn guy, really. I just came from a different time. I think I would just like to see snowboarding recognize its roots more than it currently does. Sure we came up in the 80’s when style was a little whack, but it’s what it was and we were all blazing new territory back then. Without all the neon, and bad hair, and bizarre graphics, snowboarding wouldn’t be where it is today. I really believe that. It was a special time being part of such a great sport. A sport that gave me everything and introduced me to a lot of unique and amazing people.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.53.22 AM


Another one from our favorite Canadians!!

THE G’s- Ollie Adams, Qboy Talbot, Jody Wachniak, Cody Wilson, Alex Beebe, KP, Colter, Brodey Wolfe, Brin Alexander
song- riding high Michael Daks Aftermath productions


Some seldom seen sunny days at Seymour.

Featuring: Sean Dino. Geoff Stinsen. Mike James. Dave Emann. TJ Koskela. Matt Butel. Logan Haubrich. Alex Stathis. Russell Lee. Darren Smith. Ray Bishop. Matt Heneghan.

People’s Court: Russell Chai vs Justin Shore

This week we got two kids, who I am almost 90% sure both ride somewhere in Canada. But I’m not sure, so I won’t make any Canadian references. Both these kids rip, but there can only be one winner. No participation medals here, eh?

This season, the People’s Court is brought to you by So-Gnar. Winners will received a super limited So Gnar x 686 Coaches jacket.  Want to take part?  Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder – you can be sponsored, just not getting paid, son. Send your edit (hosted on Youtube of Vimeo) to [email protected] 

People of W4LM4RT

We’re not sure we get it, but we kinda like it anyway.

The 2015 Yobeat CANADIAN Awards, EH!


Since people did in fact seem to care about the Yobeat awards this year, we figured we’ll keep this party train going and throw a bone to our neighbor to the North. With the lack of SBC, Canadians generally have to count on themselves to hear about other Canadians doing things, so we’ve recruited Kody Yarosloski to do just that. These are his picks for the standouts of last season, not voted on by the public, but definitely correct, eh.

Boarder of the year: Nick Elliot

This is just one guy’s opinion, but Nick got it done last year. From defying the laws of physics boardin hefty kink rails in his standout part in the Pocket Figures’ video “Beyond Compare” to opener in the Footyfiend video, I couldn’t think of a better candidate.

Video of the year: Footyfiend

The Whistler based, trap music loving Footyfiend crew put out arguably one of the year’s best videos. The likes of Adam Franks, Nick Elliot, Braedon Wheeler, Kai Ujejski, and Brin Alexander along with a gang of homies supplied the flame and some very top notch boarding. That, along with a ruckus sound track made one hell of a film, it’ll leave you feelin some typa way, guaranteed!

Part Of The Year: Layne Treeter – Videogracias

Following his last year’s performance in “Duh Mixtape” The dude went absolutely mental! He Made a bush to rail look easy, and jumped off a bridge high enough to consider getting 12 to come and talk him down. Personally I felt that this part was a bit underrated and maybe should’ve been ender? But that’s none of my business. Either way well done, dawg

Best Switch Game: JJ Westbury
Switch is no game, but it’s child’s play for the homie, JJ. See more switch and regs wizardry from JJ and the rest of the SRD squadron in “Volume Three

Most Average:

Goddamn these fools were average! But don’t fret, word around town is they’re comin in hot with a sequel that doesn’t have any ABD songs!

Most anticipated video: Trash League’s “Play’d”

I’m sure the anticipation is killing you to! When it drops (it will) please drop everything and watch it immediately.

Most French: Nowamean

You know it’s true.

Buck Hunters FUNction: Darrah and Kyle

Two Darrah posts in one day? Oh you lucky Internet, believe it!

Duh Bolts Bear Takeover

Duh. What else needs to be said, really.

Riders:Eman Anderson, Jody Wachniak, Derek Molinski, Ryan Tarbell, Lucas Magoon, Rhett Haubrich, Bret Wilkinson, Johnny Miller, Anthony Mazzotti and Kody Williams.

Filmed by David Brocklebank and Rob Lemay.
Edit by Derek Molinski

Lucio DM Park Footy 14-15


Filmed by: FootyFiend, Colter Heard, Alex Biel, Seb Judge and Garret Read

Shoulda Danished’s Scrambled Yegs

In anticipation for the season, our favorite Canadians compiled a bunch of footage, filmed by all sorts of filthy yeggers.

Layne Treeter
Dylan Vachon
Matt Tam
Spenny Rennie
Fin Westbury
JJ Westbury
Tom O’reilly
Will Fraser
Dale Bailey
Mike Senger
Eric Martin
Craig McMorris

Kody Williams Pretzels his Way Through Hump Day


 A  21-year-old ripper fresh out of London, Ontario, Kody Williams moved to Big Bear to improve and show off his many talents on a snowboard. Aggressively savage on a snowboard, he currently holds the official title of “pretzel king,” along with being one of the coolest dudes in town. We sat and  chatted for several hours and let me tell you, this kid is a riot. From peeing on friends to dropping hammers, he will be someone to look out for in the near future. So without further ado, I introduce to you, Kody Williams!

RF: How did your career start?  When did people start to notice you?

KW: It felt slow at first.  But, that all changed when I moved from London, Ontario to Big Bear, California.  You see, Alone Snowboards had been hooking me up at that time but were not too stoked when Gnarly started hooking me up with gear.

RF: Why did Alone have beef with Gnarly sponsoring you also?

KW: Hahahaha.  Well, I stopped wearing their gear all together and just got down with the Gnarly program.  One thing led to another and they dropped me.  Trust me, I wasn’t too upset about it to say the least.

RF: After Alone dropped out, how long did it take you to acquire a new board sponsor?  And how did it happen?

KW: Basically a year.  My homies were giving me their old boards to ride for a while.  Then, Brandon Cordell from Burton noticed that I was riding a bunch of different boards in my 2k14 edit and asked what the deal was.  A little bit before last year’s HDHR, Brandon hooked me up with fresh gear and decks.


RF: So, let’s talk Burton.  What are your thoughts on Burton dropping the Knowbuddy team?  Was it spontaneous or was it something everybody saw coming?  Is Burton still sponsoring you?

KW: It’s totally fucked.  The whole Knowbuddy team was sick.  Basically, one day a mass email was sent out that read “R.I.P Knowbuddy.”  Yeah, it was pretty much out of the blue.  I am still sponsored by Burton.  They actually just sent me a new snowboard.  I spray painted “Knowbuddy” on the top and called it a day.

RF:  So, word on the street is that Burton is having their riders exclusively model their gear instead of featuring them actively performing in it.  Is this true?

KW: Haha, yeah. It is true.  I was kicking it with Wilkyboi not too long ago and he actually had to leave to do a photoshoot for them!  It’s all good though.

RF: Kody, every time an edit drops- you are always in a new city tearing it up.  How do you finance these trips?  Does Burton fund any of your travel expenses?  

KW:  No, they don’t.  They just hook me up with product at the moment.  I also work for a professional roofing company.  My boss, Jamie Bates, should definitely start snowboarding again.  Also, my parents are a huge help and they support me 100%.  It’s super tight!

RF: Do you have an exercise regimen?  Do you do yoga and eat kale?  Because you must have hips of steel, the way you have been pretzel-ing out of rails.  I feel like they should have blown out by now?

KW: Naw, I actually should probably get into something like that.  Like maybe start stretching or something…

RF: What is it like being black in a predominantly white sport?

KW: It has actually helped me.  Haha.  It has turned me into somewhat of a commodity… Like a black hockey player.

RF: I heard that you are featured in the upcoming Footyfiend movie, is that true? Do you know when Jordan will most likely be dropping that fire?  And, is there anything that we should know beforehand?

KW: Know this- you guys aren’t ready for the all out fire that’s going to come out of it!  Hahaha.  And, it could drop at any moment.  No one knows when he will do it.  JUST BE READY!



RF: How was your experience at HDHR this year?  Care to share some insight on what happened with your gear? 

KW: Well, throughout my first run of the competition, I could feel that my binding was acting goofy.  All of a sudden, it broke!  I asked Wilkyboi if there were any that I could borrow.  He found a pair, but unfortunately it didn’t work with my board.  So, Lucas Magoon gave me his deck, which was so big.  It was a sketchy ride, to say the least.  In the end, it all worked out though.  The homie, Justin Mulford, ended up loaning me his board, which was a much better fit.

RF: So in an early edit of you, I peeped you making out with a gang of females.  Do the females flock to Kody?

KW: Hahaha.  NO.  Not at all.



RF: Tell me the most embarrassing moment you have ever had with all the homies?

(LENNY MAZZOTTI chimes in)

LM: I’m going to just lay it on you plain and simple.  When Kody gets drunk, he likes to pee.  One night, we went to Sonora Cantina.  We had a few drinks there.  Then we went to the AV nightclub where we continued our consumption.  By the end of the night, Kody was shitfaced.  I had to carry his ass home.  Haha.  Well, that was a big mistake.  Right before I could get him into bed, he started to unleash hell on my shoulder.  And, when I mean hell, I am talking about the hottest piss stream that I have ever felt! Hahaha.  But he will always be my best friend.


RF: Well my brother, it has been a pleasure interviewing you.  I will be rooting for you as you climb your way to the top.  Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out too?

KW- Yeah, Yeah.  Shout out to my parents for putting up with me despite all the stress that I am constantly putting them through.  Haha.  They never know where I am.  Should out to my aunt, Neat!  She always hooks me up and lets me know what’s good.

Shout out to the homies that I grew up riding with back in London- Chris Fellner, Jeff Howlette, Sean G, Kirby Kustok, and probably more that I am forgetting… And shout out to the homies from Ontario too! Pocket Figures krew!




Pocket Figures Beyond Compare FULL MOVIE

Two rival gangs terrorize the streets of Ontario on their snowboards. While neither is armed nor dangerous, both are forces to be reckoned with and don’t you forget it. Here’s a look at the territory claimed by Pocket Figures last winter.


Brodey Wolfe
Austin Hutchings
Cooper Dykeman
Daniel Glibota
Hayden Edwards
Ben Poechman
Joel Vachon
Nick Elliott
Geoff Bowler
Graham Hodder
Martyn Vachon
Colter Heard
Adam Franks

Filmed and edited by Joel Vachon