Three Months Later: Blackcomb Ender – the Video

Today on Yobeat Jeopardy, the category is “Edits that were submitted three months after they were made.”

We’ll take that one for $200, Alex.

::Trebek voice:: With a glacier that’s receeding but not yet gone, these North American snowboarders had all the fun last summer on the Blackcomb Glacier.


Who are Bensen Frapiccini, Tim Otten, Steve Cox, Zack Fontaine, Chase Baines, Mike Beaulieu, Tim Crighton, Derek Livingston, Mikey Ciccarelli, Ryan Manning and Cody Shepherd?

::TREBEK:: Correct! You really know your Canadians! And I should note Cody Shepherd put this edit together as well as riding in it.

Camp Backflip: The Summer Movie 2017

Camp of Champs may be dead, but summer boarding at Blackcomb will never be! Camp Backflip forever and ever and ever.
filmed & edit by Colter Heard
Riders:   Lucio Doglioni Majer, Nick Elliott, Bryan Bowler, Martyn Vachon, Coulton Conway TJ Koskela, Derek Molinski, Ben Bilocq, Keenan Filmer, Matt Butel, Taco, Marc-André Séguin, Kody Yarosloski, Quin Ellul, Mark Goodall, Matt Heneghan + more.

Call for Shots

The man in yellow, Kyle Stainton, at Whistler park.

White Weekend

It’s a nice day for a White Weekend. Quin Ellul, Trenton Louie,Tom Whittaker, and Hayden Edwards.


Put it in the Bowl does Mt. Seymour. Geremy Guido, Death Hixon and Teilhard Volk
Filming/Editing – Liam Hall

Shred ESC Ep. 1 // Only Temporary

Locals riding the Edmonton Ski Club Early Season Park. Featuring: Conner Felix, Matt Engele, Layne Treeter, Nathan Roy, Keaton Chalifoux, John Graff and Spencer Rennie.

Slug Season Teaser

Forthcoming movie from the Nasty Slugz of Western Canada. Featuring: Aiden Hryciw, Trenton Louie, Jesse Sorenson, Kylan Verhaeghe, James Senger, Broox Coble, Jordan Bell, Mike Rowan and Friends.

Adrian Hrabarchuk – For Shreds by Shreds Part

Manitoba locals getting at the park and streets

BLP at Rab Lab

Rabbit Hill temp park in Edmonton with Michael Modesti, Eric Martin, Spencer Rennie, Matt Tam, Jack Cherniawsky, Nathan Roy, Taco, and Manu Calvo.

Seb Picard – Confused Full Part

From the latest Headstones movie out of Quebec called “Confused.”

Pizza Party – Preseason Tubes

Corrugated tubes and such in BC with Pat Hrivnak, Corey Kowalski, Gabe Ostapchuk, Aiden Hryciw and Corsen Braham.

Bite Down – Nasty Slugz Spring

Jesse Greer 2016

COC Bonus Tape – One TV

Kyle Stainton – Ryan Wilkinson – Mat Wandon – Tommy Van – Bryce Bugera – Aiden Hryciw – Teilhard Volk – Kyle P. – Kylan Verhaeg enjoying and endless winter out in Whistler BC!!


Aaron Santos. Harrison Grey. Liam Stevens. Beil. Ben Pochemon. Darcy Sharpe. Brodey Wolfe. Kody Williams. Mar Rand. Markus Rand. Keenan Filmer. Lucio DM. Jenna Blasman. Sean Miskiman. Sam Weston. Kai. Miles Fortoloczky. Spenny Rennz.