RIP Camp of Champions

Despite what President Cheetoh may or may not believe, climate chamge is definitely a thing and it has officially taken a casualty from the snowboard world. After 28 years, Camp of Champions can no longer operate on the Blackcomb glacier…

O'Neill Goes to Whistler / COC

Featuring Chris De Paula, Gab Jacques, Laurin Blouin, Frank Jobin, Seb Toots and more getting some Whistler summer.

Yawgoons Do COC

Wait that sounds weird.... The Whistler Glacier with Jesse Paul, Marcus Rand, Mark Goodall, Kai Ujeski, Brian Skorupski, Brodey Wolfe, Gradestone, Adam Franks, Mary Rand

David Lee at Whistler

David Lee spent two weeks at COC recently, getting his summer glacier park game on.

COC Bonus Tape - One TV

The One Tv crew hitting up the endless winter of Whistler, BC.


Kody Williams and friends at COC. Appearances by Bugatti Bugera, Keenan Filmer, Darrah Ried Mclane, Evan Stum, Tommy Van, Marcus Rand, Teilhard Volk, Mark Goodall, Colton Conway, Kyle Stainton.

Jody Wachniak and Scot Brown at COC

Just a couple of Man Boys doing the Glacier.


The RFLF team hits Whistler for some summer sun on the Glacier.

Darrah Reid Rips Shit.

With a switch back five this nice, you'd better do em well to impress her.

Camp Of Champions Soup

Better than alphabets or tomato, but not chicken noodle.


Whistler summer boarding memories.

Camp of Champions: Yawgoons Session

The summer hits just keep on coming.

Too Hard at Camp of Champs

Deez gurs be crayseh n duh brain mane

Knowbuddy was at COC

The last hurrah.