Recoup: Cam Pierce

Cam Pierce 2014

Killa Cam holds it down for the South with one hell of a well-rounded video part.

The Brighton Perspective- Cam Pierce

Cam Pierce has been riding Brighton for a long time. He knows every spot and every transition and rides with a powerful, irrefutable style. So giving Cam the opportunity to shoot at Brighton for a whole month was a no brainer. And coincidentally the park has been on point and firing. This outta be pretty good.

Mia Lambson who shoots all of The Brighton Perspective video parts had this to say about Cam, “throw some Beer, hip hop, Tinder, a few bad jokes and snowboarding into a proverbial blender, and pour yourself a tall glass of Cam Pierce. Spending just a few moments with this Justin-Timberlake-looking rascal, it’s clear that he’s all about a good time. When there’s work to be done, however, a switch is flipped and you can watch Cam’s rowdy energy being channeled into laying down some seriously ballsy maneuvers. Weather you’re laughing on the chairlift, or watching him snowboard, Cam knows how to get people stoked.”

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Thursday’s at the Office: The All-Knowing Catfish

The Catfish is an internet blogger whose diligence towards chronicling snowboard videos has made him somewhat of a celebrity to snowboard nerds. The Catfish came in to teach Stan a thing or two about making a proper snowboard edit.

Guest Appearance: Cam Pierce

The Exciting Sponsor News Continues!


-Scotty Wittlake might not be a “pro snowboarder” any more, but he is getting free socks from stance as part of its “Punks and Poets” program.


-686 signed Sammy Leubke. Now that we’re trying to trick you guys into liking “real mountain” riding, we should probably give that guy a Hump Day. Shit, shouldn’t have said that out loud.


-Rusty Ockenden brought things back to his motherland, and joined Endeavor. The enterprising Canadians also signed Cam Pierce and Kareem el Rafie to their Professional Snowboarding team.


-Pat Moore is making moore moves, and will be a good person to hit up for free shoes, as he’s now riding for Vans.

For those of you who were all like, oh man, Jed Anderson’s blowing off Airblaster for Nike money, well actually he’s still on the Ninja Suit team and also enjoying fruits of Bonfire money. We heard his check comes out of Colleen’s salary though. That, or he replaced Bode.


Flow picked up Kotaro Kamimura, because those Japanese kids are RIDICULOUS.


Jamie Anderson got a real big time agent, and now she’s on Oakley.

If you want to read press releases about this stuff, they’re mostly on Boardistan. Another good plan for keeping up with this crap is following brands on Instagram. It’s the new press release, really.

Pro Dudes 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

NYE_ArticleThe year 2013, some said it would never happened, and they are stupid. Moving forward, changing the calendar and pretending to lose weight are now on the horizon. So what resolutions are being made in the snowboard world? The results will probably not surprise you. Some will try to improve while others will continue to fuck off, around and in anything they can. Here’s a smattering of answers from some of Yobeat’s favorite personalities.

Famed photographer and bike enthusiast Tim Zimmerman said, “My only resolution is to listen to way more Pink Floyd. Might as well take advantage of the new weed law in Washington, right?” making the Yobeat staff wonder what it’s like to be high in a helicopter.

Forum dude Cam Pierce said, “I didn’t really make one. But, if I had to pick right now it would probably be to stop worrying about  stupid little things.” Does he mean little things like 10-stair rails which Forum traditionally has no time for, or like the fact that his main sponsors just went out of business?

All around good-time-guy Niko Coffi said, “For GBP/Gremlinz to take ova’. I wanna be rich an’ laugh at all the other petty industry people an’ go to Bora Bora wit’ my baybegirl.” Check urban dictionary for a quick translation.

Recently engaged Nick Visconti said, “Keep Jesus IN Snowboarding.” Which is either more of his super I love Jeebus nonsense, or a witty remark regarding our once great “Keep God out of Snowboarding” shirts.

The filthy, yet lovable Billy Mackey said, “Get fat as shit, have a pet bear, move into the woods and never talk to anyone again.” and while we think that is rad, we don’t want to see him go just yet.

Intern of the Year and now Poler bad boy Alex Burton said, “Disconnect from friends that don’t matter, sell my shitty track bike, save money, get better at what I do, call grandma and get some teeth pulled.” Maybe Alex and Grandma can bond over false teeth?

DWD Pro Ben Bogart said, “I think I might save my New Year’s Resolution for 2014 and piss off for another year.” and we couldn’t be prouder of the guy.

Finally, Durell Williams said, “Hook up with as many white girls as humanly possible.” which is such an odd thing for a handsome black snowboarder to say, right?

Do you have a resolution worth mentioning, or is it simply, “Gosh I hope I lose this tire of human flesh from my gunt this year.” If so, post ’em below. The best one might get a free sticker pack, if we remember…


JAPMOB Summer Rewind

Head back to a happier time when Austin Sweetin and Cam Pierce didn’t know their snowboard careers were in jeopardy.

Doin’ Things with Alex Andrews, Cam Pierce and Friends

There’s more to summer snowboarding than Mt. Hood (or the Euro glaciers as we learned last week.) In fact, sometimes snowboarders stay home. Here’s a simple collection of video clips and sound bytes. Boarding, bikes and guns. Have a look in to the lives of Cam and Alex, doing the awesome things that snowboarders do. Snowboarding, skateboarding and homies shooting the shit, while literally shooting some shit.

Additional hanging out action provided by Aaron Brimhall, Brandon Hammid, Justin Keniston, Mike Sarge and Sean Black.

Soup Kitchen 16

The Gremlinz road trip from Rutland to Tahoe. Colorado, SLC and finally Alpine Valley, this episode has it all!

Vacation Week Terrible Tuesday: Make Beer with Cam Pierce

Beer is one of the key ingredients in any good vacation, unless of course you’re straight edge, on a diet or in wine country. Cam Pierce shares with us the art of home brew in SLC, and no, this is not 3.2. Tunes are Cam’s group know as The Beer Goons.

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Vacation Week is brought to you by Vacation, the new team film from Forum, Special Blend and Foursquare, premiering Sept. 28th in Huntington Beach, CA. Click on over to for the full North American tour schedule and teaser.

Terrible Tues Tips: Make an Early Season Park at Brighton

Mouse and his park crew minions show you internet haters the hard work it takes to make the world’s most fun early season jib park. Off duty park crew members Ted Borland, Cam Pierce, and Cale Zima bring the heat.