Weather Mtn x Lowe Quality Feat. John Silk

Featuring: John Silk with Nick McCarthy, Jackson Happ, Cody Amstead, Randy Garfield, Ben Denard, Tristan Cornelis, Dan Leary

Twisted Ep. 3

Butternut laps featuring: Scott Stevens, Luke Alexander, Jeff Harvey, Dan Leary, Ben Denard, Tim Denard, Tristan Cornelis, Bill Quick


Butternut spring looks featuring John Silk, Cody Amstead, Tim Benard, Rick Jennings and Dan Leary

Film/edit: Connor Lowe

In Motion

Follow cams from Butternut. John Silk, Nick McCarthy, Jackson Happ, Cody Amstead, and more.

People’s Court: Grayson Grazia vs Nick McCarthy

Two kids from Connecticut, filmed by one man, shred it out to see who’s got the best maneuvers. Grayson thinks Nick will take it, Nick thinks Grayson will. Who will really be the victor? You decide.

John Silk’s Part That Almost Wasn’t

One day in the late spring, about a month after the mountains closed, John and myself looked over all urban footage from last year to John’s disappointment. He had looked at all his clips and was discouraged with the amount we were able to log. So, John in a very polite and humble way asked me not to use them.”We can probably film more next year.” he told me (paraphrasing). I felt terrible because John worked as hard as he could for this part and I’d be motivating him at spots with the promise of a dope part at the end of the season.

Last season, John was a full time student and also worked 6 days a week at a horse feed store. Meanwhile I was an hour and half away being a full time student at UConn. We were not prepared for filming a part and neither were we prepared for the amazing winter we had in CT this year. We had no money, a crew divided, and especially no drop-in ramp, plus with John’s absurd schedule we could only film on Sundays when his teacher didn’t shaft him with an essay. So, we’d ride around to film rails that “wouldn’t look THAT small on film” so we could shovel a drop in and get shots. Of course we were kicked out of more spots then we actually hit. Some nights were nothing but failures due to lack of resources. However, we learned a lot about the process and managed to come out with about 1:30 of urban clips, which I was more stoked on then John.

Being a snowboarder out of Western CT is hard when you not a wealthy, privileged kid for a lot of reasons. First there is not a single core snowboard (or even skateboard) shop in the area. There is no united snowboard scene. John and I are from a small town of about 1,500 people called Sherman where our little crew of riders is one of the only snowboard crews for miles. It doesn’t help that the parks in CT suck. Ski Sundown is overpriced and Southington is steep and tiny. That’s how we found ourselves at Butternut, MA where Rick Jennings and the boys build a proper park (just ask Stan — I know it’s his home mountain).

(last paragraph) If you do remember John Silk it was probably from the Butternut Volumes, you guys used to post on the site which is why I’m emailing Yobeat first. The fact you just posted those was huge for us in our senior year of high school, but college divided our crews in the winter and the kid that used to make them quit filming snowboarding, which was heartbreaking for me. So, John fell off people’s radar just as quickly as he got on. But I’m emailing you guys and girls hoping that you’d post this part. It really mean a lot to me but it would mean a lot more to John Silk, who may not be snowboarding next year for lack of funds. I thank you for your time and patience with this email and I hope you enjoyed the part. – Connor Lowe aka Lowe Quality

Soulcation: East Coast

As much as I tell myself and others that I am an East Coaster ’til death, this trip truly tested my patience. The East Coast certainly wasn’t different, I was different, and I adapted differently. They say the West Coast spoils you and it’s true — long gone were the memories of a powder day being the best 6 inches I ever had (That’s what she said.) That said, it was amazing and humbling to reconnect with those living on the East Coast and loving every second of it. And most importantly, I survived multiple nights in a Honda Fit with no sleeping bag, AND made it to the top of Massachusett’s highest peak. All in a week’s work, really. THURSDAY 2/28 7:45 am: I take my leave for the East Coast, I am positioned between two chubby versions of Wille Nelson on the plane. I suspect they are brothers. Their pudge makes for a nice pillow on the way home. 4:11 pm: Land in Boston and get a voicemail from marketing at Butternut emphasizing excitement for positive coverage on Butternut. Come on man, what you think this is? Yobeat? 4:16 pm: I step of the plane to hear the purest Boston accent I’ve heard in years. The inner Terry Dactyl forces me to literally hug the airport employee. Better get outta here before I get a boner and TSA finds me. FRIDAY 3/1 11:45 am: Arrive at Butternut three hours later than I intend, luckily I still have enough time to hit every trail at this place before close. The mountain is still owned by one family and has $25 dollar lift tickets on the weekdays. It was heaven to me growing up, and it feels like heaven today. Talking prime East Coast spring conditions. butternut1 11:50 am: I get a 100 on the park pass test! 11:55 am: I mention to some locals that I am with Yobeat. Several kids secretly text their friends about a “big-time” Yobeat filmer. I fail to mention to them how much I suck at using a GoPro. 12-4 pm: WE BOARD OUR BRAINS OUT MASSACHUSETTS STYLE. butternut2 4:15 pm: That dude has his helmet on backwards.

Tomorrow I hike the tallest Mountain in Mass. Keep reading by clicking here.

Butternut Volume 6: The Thaw

June-uary is real.

Riders: Nick McCarthy, John Silk, Ross Weiller, Dan Leary and Aydan Crumrine

Cameo: Cody Amstead

Shot and Cut: Drew Sauer

Butternut Volume 4


How ’bout that 80-degree weather on the East Coast? Hopefully you’re all enjoying your tank top collection, even though it’s still March. Enough about that. The season in Mass is clearly a wrap, so here’s the ender ender from the gang at Butternut.

Riders: Nick McCarthy, John Silk and Ross Weiller

Filmed & Cut: Drew Sauer

Arnette Crew Clash: Stoop Kids vs SoLame vs Butternut Crew

We teamed up with Arnette and Mt. Bachelor to bring you the Crew Clash, version 2.0. This year the winning crew will receive $1000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Mt. Bachelor, so we got lots of entries. In fact, we ended up with an uneven number which means for this first battle we’ve opted to just let in three crews. Your vote will determine who makes it to the next round so watch the videos and choose wisely, or just click the button for the crew who told you to come vote.

Stoop Kids

Riders: Ryan Lanham, Griffin Lancaster, Jake Flood, Ben Hannon, Matt Bernard, Nicky McMillen and Jamie Orkin.
shot/cut by Seamus Foster & Matt Bernard
Additional Filming by Tyler Bello
More videos:


Location: Souix Falls, SD
Riders: Andy Glader, Dan Nix, Terril Van Hemert, Ethan Olson, Alex Lockwood, Mikey Roynesdal, Matt Hiemstra, Derick Lang.
Filmers: Tyler Hitchcock, Jonathan Otte
Editor: Tyler Hitchcock
More Videos:

Butternut Crew

Location: Butternut, MA
Riders: John Silk, Ross Weiller, Dan Leary Nick McCarthy
Filmed and Cut: Drew Sauer
More videos:

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The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every Monday and Thursday and run for three days each.

Butternut Volume 3: Sunny Daze

We think you’ll enjoy this latest installment from the crew at Butternut. Seriously, the first ollie alone is more than enough to make up for anything else you might dislike.

Riders: Ross Weiller, Nick McCarthy, John Silk and Dan Leary

Filmed and Cut: Drew Sauer

Butternut Volume 2

With cheap mid-week tickets and a quad that laps the park, it’s hard not to love Butternut. In fact, I unsuccessfully convinced Vermont kids that we should take shred trips to Butternut about as many times as I was unsuccessfully convinced that Phish is the new Grateful Dead.

Anyway, these dudes are doing it right over in Western Mass.

State of the Shred: Massachusetts

With several big names in the shred spotlight coming out of Massachusetts, It’s no surprise that this state has more to offer than annoying redsox fans and “wicked” shitty drivers. Most of the resorts worth your time are located on the west side of the state, a gnarnia amidst the rest of the concrete jungle surrounding Boston. As a local of the west side and a mass-hole at heart, here’s the lowdown on spots to check out.

Best Park: Ski Butternut, it’s a small mountain but the park crew sets up over thirty features choc-full-o’ log jibs, sketchy snake runs, rails, and hips.

Best powder: The Thunderbolt Trail. It’s an old ski trail cut into Mt. Greylock and maintained by locals. Sorry, no lifts, you gotta hike it!

Best place to spray NYC city slickers: Butternut on any weekend.

Best chance of convincing people you are a pro snowboarder: Bluehills, seriously, a friend of mine’s hat fell off and little kids started fighting over it.

Best Shred Store: Eastern Border, they’re all over the place!

Fastest lift: Jiminy Peak has a high-speed, six person chair.

Best Place to talk shit about the Redsox: Bluehills, It’s only twenty minutes from Boston!

Best Night riding: Wachusett has 18 runs, including its park, lit up.

Easiest resort to think of pick-up lines while on the lift: Butternut, “Yo Girl, wanna butter my nuts?”

Best handrail: Butternut, but you gotta find it yourself!

Blue Hills

Located just outside of Boston, try to not get lost at this resort. With seven whole runs and a whopping 309-foot vertical, It’s no wonder this place is breeding pros like horny rabbits, oh wait, its not. Either way, I’ve got love for any mountain that gets you to the top on a slow double-chair that takes three times as long to ride up as it takes to shred down.

Ski Butternut

Located in Great Barrington, this 1000-foot vertical mountain boasts 22 trails and most importantly, the “twisted terrain park.” Big names that can be spotted taking a day trip to the nut are among the likes of Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Scotty Arnold, Lane Knaack and Lucas Magoon. One thing you should know: you have to buy a park pass if you want to shred it. It’s $3 for the day and $10 for the season. Oh ya, call it “the nut” and everyone will think you’re local.

Jiminy Peak Resort

Jiminy Crickets! The biggest mountain on the List, Jiminy Peak has 1150 vertical feet and 44 runs, one of which is 2 miles long. According to them, they are one of the only resorts to generate most of their power from a wind turbine. That means all you environmentalists can shred guilt free! This mountain offers some pretty difficult terrain as far as Massachusetts goes, which is probably why they still have a leash law, no joke.

Wachusett Mountain

Flood. East Coast Invitational. Awhile back.

If you’re in Boston and Blue Hills just isn’t cutting it, you should probably check out Wachusett. This resort has 22 trails, 2 high-speed quads, and a park that will keep you coming back. At about 1,000 vertical feet, and night skiing on 18 trails, you can certainly get some good turns in. Interesting fact about Wachusett: There is an old Growth Forest in the woods off of the trails. Trees that are 350 years old look pretty radical. Bad news is, you’re not supposed to go there. If anyone catches you, say goodbye to your pass!

Blandford Ski Area

You cannot mention snowboarding in Mass without mentioning Blandford. Home mountain to a few decent riders — you know, Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford and Austen Granger. With a whopping 22 trails, 2 terrain parks and 11 lit up, you can ride into the night, which makes it perfect for those snowboarders who have to work 9-5’ers. Yeah, there may only be 465 vertical feet and a top elevation of less than 1500ft, but that can be forgiven since it is a club-owned ski area. And that means you can BRING YOUR OWN BEER, stash it in the park and grab’em on the way through. With season passes starting at $169.00 anyone can afford this place.– Tommy Brothers

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